Drake and Josh: Drake Bell Files For Bankruptcy

    February 13, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Drake and Josh alum Drake Bell is facing financial woes. According to TMZ, the former Nickelodeon star has filed for bankruptcy. The court documents state that Bell is approximately $581,000 in debt.

The 27-year-old actor claims to only make $2,820 a month. However, he reportedly has monthly expenses amounting to more than $18,771. Bell is also upside down on his mortgage. His home is reportedly valued at $1.575 million, but he owes an estimated $1.597 million.

He also revealed the dramatic drop in his income from 2012 to 2013. In 2012, Bell reportedly earned $408,000. However, he only made a meager $14,099 in 2013. Then, to add insult to injury, the publication reports that Bell allegedly owes an undisclosed amount in unpaid taxes.

It’s definitely no secret that Bell’s career suffered a slight decline after Nickelodeon announced the cancellation of Drake and Josh. The critically acclaimed series, which Bell co-starred on, ran for four seasons with 60 episodes from January 11, 2004 to December 5, 2008.

While Bell has a number of other notable credits, the majority of his most recent work consists of voiceover projects for Marvel animated television series like Ultimate Spider Man, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, Avengers Assemble, and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. He’s also turned his focus toward his music career. Just last month, Bell released “Bitchcraft,” which is the first single from his upcoming album.

According to US Weekly, the unfortunate news of Bell’s finances comes shortly after his crass indignation toward troubled pop singer Justin Bieber. Bell took to Twitter with a message directed to Bieber sharing his disdain of the singer’s notorious run-in with the law over the infamous egging incident.

On Jan. 16, he tweeted, “@justinbieber instead of egging speeding around your neighborhood and defacing property like a little s–t you should practice your guitar!!” However, the tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted.

Image via Drake Bell, Wikimedia Commons

  • carmen

    Poor Drake, i love him

  • jamaal

    damn nigga!

  • Katisnotinthegame

    Bummer, had respect for him.

  • David Wirt

    Draike is right, beiber is a silly ungrateful little shitt.
    hes a guest here, you dont spit on citizens of your host country, drug and thugg, and drive drunk. his sorry ass should be deported..

  • allison

    here's an idea…stop living beyond your means!!! he made more money than i prob will in my whole life!!! no sympathy from me man….

    • Caroline Mcclain

      There are older adults that have been doing it for years. Are you going after them too, Allison? You get no sympathy from me for knocking people down when they are already down. Not everyone is great in saving money and not spending a lot.

      • allison

        oh please give me a break…dude had millions of dollars….and yes if anyone else that had a ton of money pissed it away on stupid cars and unnecessary luxuries then no i don’t feel bad for them…people who struggle everyday to make ends meet and have to file for bankruptcy as a last resort…well different story….

        • Caroline Mcclain

          Allison, question? How many millions did Drake have before filing Bankruptcy. We would like to know the exact amount he had before. Not all child stars make millions in Television. Hope you can answer the question since you know how much money others have made. And yes, everyday people get doped by the banks and credit cards companies everyday and have debt over their ears and spend years cleaning it up. So can Drake, who is like the rest of us, like you, HUMAN!

          • allison

            estimated net worth was 3 million dollars before he pissed away his money….

  • Alex Foreman

    he should of used his money more wisely, I think every star should, never know when you have your last gig. He was the guy when I was growing up good luck drake your still hot.

  • jules maclovin

    Still one of my favorite shows….love Drake….and Josh.

  • AppleJack

    I remember that show. XD

  • rez

    no worries, Drake. one day Bieber will walk this same path. it happens to all bubble gum, flash in the pan, one hit show wonders eventually.

  • Derek

    Damn, it must suck to be put on blast by the media like this. Drake Bell isn’t “hot-boxing” a plane like Justin Bieber ( which is beyond stupid because it could have led to a plane crash on the account of the pilot reportedly saying not being able to breath), nor is he out there making sex tapes like a lot of celebrities. He just has a lot of debt, and for some reason, people should know about this. It’s a damn shame.

    • Caroline Mcclain

      No shame in being in debt. He is not a teenage just starting out and at least he can do something about it. Best do it now instead of being in debt when you are reaching retirement. No fun being in retirement and being in debt. I was in credit card debt myself in my mid 40’s and got it cleaned up. Wanted to get it done by 50, been debt free for four years and going strong. Drake, get with great credit councilors and they will help you pay yourself out of the debt. Good luck.

  • Maximilian Paul

    I wonder how much of that debt comes from medical and other debt incurred when he had that horrendous car accident on PCH years ago. Hopefully, he can get past this situation too.

  • JenWent

    His show was one of the few I enjoyed watching with my son when it was on. I was secretly sad when they took it off the air! Both actors had great comedic timing. Hopefully, this will catch the eye of a Hollywood exec who is willing to cast him in a sitcom where his star can shine again. I will watch!

  • Frank

    Most likely he tweeted to get publicity.. He probably wish he was in JB shoes..