Dog Fighting Ring: Raids Lead To Arrests, 367 Dogs Rescued

By: Amanda Crum - August 27, 2013

At least 12 people have been arrested in connection to a dog-fighting ring that spanned areas in Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama, and police have seized around $500,000 in cash that was obtained from illegal gambling operations. More than 360 pit bulls were rescued from the organized ring, which the ASPCA believes is the second-largest in history.

Federal, state, and local authorities worked together in the raids and say that the condition some of the dogs were in was deplorable, with several needing medical attention. The animals have been placed in shelters for the time being.

“In one yard, 114 dogs, the majority tethered to heavy chains, sat in 90 degree heat, scratching at fleas, with no fresh water or food visible anywhere on the property. Some appeared to have no access to water at all, and many exhibited wounds, scars and other conditions consistent with dog fighting,” the ASPCA said in a statement. “Makeshift, filthy dog houses — many improvised from plastic and metal barrels and others made of chipboard with rotting wood floors and rusted metal roofing — provided the only shelter in the sweltering heat and humidity. Some dogs pulled at chains and cables that were tethered to cinder blocks and car tires. A female dog did her best to tend to six puppies, just weeks old, with no food or water, in a pen littered with trash and feces.”

“It’s really a sad day to me and a sad day of affairs in the state of Alabama to have to even indulge in this type of criminal activity and prosecution,” said U.S. Attorney George L. Beck Jr. “I believe if Dante were alive today and were rewriting ‘The Inferno,’ that the lowest places in hell would be reserved for those who commit cruelty to our animals and to our children.”

Among those arrested were Donnie Anderson and Michael Martin, both of Auburn, Alabama; Demontt Allen of Houston; William Antone Edwards of Brantley, Alabama; William Oneil Edwards and Robin Stinson, both of Elba, Alabama.; Lawrence Watford of Adel, Georgia.; Ricky Van Le of Biloxi, Mississippi.; David Sellers of Opelika, Alabama.; Sandy Brown of Brownsville, Alabama.; Carlton Tippens of Georgia; and Irkis Forest of Theodore, Alabama.

“These dog fighters abuse, starve and kill their dogs for the supposed ‘fun’ of watching and gambling on a dogfight. Their behavior is deplorable, will not be tolerated, and will be punished to the full extent of the law,” Beck said.

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  • Oh Boy

    Here comes the outrage again. I like animals actually, but I think this is all just very hypocritical for two reasons. 1) No one cares about the chicken, the pig, the snake, or the possum. But God forbid something happen to a kitten or puppy. We our outraged because those animals are cute. 2) The very same people spending hundreds of dollars on their pets won’t lift a finger to help a human being either. We have kids going to bed starving in this country but people give more to animal causes than to people causes. It doesn’t make sense.

    Like I said, I don’t like dog fighting, but I also don’t like hypocrisy either.

    • D

      The problem “Oh Boy” animals are helpless, humans are not!

  • Dreama

    The guilty parties should have to tend to these animals for the rest of their lives, be tied by chains and forced to fight and win to eat with their open wounds left unattended. Pieces of garbage.

  • Gail

    let me be the first to respond to your comment…..First of all, you don’t see animals fighting each other willingly, unless it’s for food to survive…or unless Humans put them in a ring to fight one another……and I’ve heard all kinds of reports on cockfights……snakes and possums aren’t heard of because it’s generally not an issue…..but you can be guaranteed that every horrible slaying of an animal is caused by the human touch……and to say that people won’t give as much to humanity causes than animals is just crazy…….I work at a grocery store where there is more than $10,000.00 donated to different charities 4 times a year……and that’s just my store……I will admit that I donate only to benefit animals because they are the ones that are truly helpless and innocent…..what happens to humans is the result of humans, what happens to animals is the result of humans…..Now you figure it out….The Human race is failing and sometimes it seems that the only good thing left in this world are the animals who give themselves unconditionally no matter what you look like, what you act like, etc….It all makes sense to me !!!