DirecTV Petite Lap Giraffe Story Controversy

LongIslandPress.com snubbed a blog of a credit link regarding a fictional creature

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If you ever need proof that truth is stranger than fiction, simply give this story a read. It tells of how a newspaper site ripped off a blog over a story concerning the legitimacy of DirecTV’s viral campaign regarding fictional Petite Lap Giraffes.

Ian Dennis Miller runs a site called localshow.tv, a nifty music video player. He also writes on a personal blog, of which he released an article titled – “Petite Lap Giraffes: Real?” In the article, he writes about research he conducted to find out if Petite Lap Giraffes are real or not. He cites some specific research, concerning the Petite Lap Giraffe site’s URL registration, by way of a WHOIS query, and this photo which originated from a stock photo website.

The story becomes particularly interesting when Miller discovers that LongIslandPress.com used his research to release their own article , without a creditable link directed towards Miller’s website. As any blog owner would do in his situation, he called LongIslandPress out on their exclusion. He did so by posting a comment on the article, getting straight to point without being nasty.

Let’s see if you can guess what LongIslandPress did next, after Miller called them out. Did they:

A.) Admit to the link exclusion, apologize, and keep the story up on their site since it’s sort of funny in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way.

B.) Retract enough information from the original article so they could use information that is attainable through easy means.

C.) Take the article offline, and wash their hands of any wrong doing. Even after search engines crawled their site for content.

Sorry, it’s a trick multiple choice test. Answers B.) and C.) are both correct. The original article written by LongIslandPress included Miller’s research regarding the stock photo image. However, Miller kept up with the article and discovered the stock photo information was taken down. However, the WHOIS domain information, which can be discovered easily by anyone was left up.

Miller’s story caught a bit of steam, and was eventually posted on Slashdot. All the negative attention lead LongIslandPress to take down the story.

Go ahead and file this story under “Newspaper sites that aren’t ready for the internet“. While LongIslandPress is a regional paper and doesn’t have the attention of other major newspaper sites, it paints a portrait of how the needless fight between newspaper sites and blogs rages on. Miller could have really made more of his story, but instead had a bit of fun with it and kept everyone updated with the proceedings. The remarkable part of the story is all of this could have been avoided if they just posted a single link to Miller’s site.

If you haven’t seen the latest DirecTV commercial with the Petite Lap Giraffe being featured, here’s the YouTube video. It’s really quite genius.

UPDATE: It looks as though LongIslandPress.com has seen enough heat from the internet, and have now posted the article with creditable links attached.

UPDATE (04/18): The official Petite Lap Giraffe website has received a rather interesting update. The original video posted on the front page featured a recording, which could have easily have been doctored. They’ve now added a live feed, which has an up-to-the second time code in the top left corner.

The caption below the feed reads: See what our Bull Vladimir do around farm! If not see him, don’t worry he come back.

If people were ready to believe in Petite Lap Giraffes before, imagine how they’ll be fooled by a seemingly live video feed.

DirecTV Petite Lap Giraffe Story Controversy
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  • GQ420

    Do you mean this article? http://www.longislandpress.com/2011/03/28/petite-lap-giraffes-real-or-directv-marketing-campaign/ … seems it hasn’t actually been taken down….

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ John Vinson

      Interesting. Thanks for the update. It looks like LongIslandPress.com decided to do the smart thing and put the article back up with creditable links attached.

  • GQ420

    But the article now states at the bottom “This article contains information found at www.iandennismiller.com, www.petitelapgiraffe.com, thedailywhat.com, adfreak.com, www.whois.net, www.greyglobalgroup.com)”

  • brooke

    hey guys this stinks cuz there soooooooooooooo cute they riped us off go to sokoblovsky farms.com and they say you can get one & go to their farm thats a BIG lie in rusha

  • dick


    House Hippos

  • Kaley

    Still doesn’t answer the question. Are they real?

    • Mom Smith

      No, they’re not real. But I really wish they were because I love giraffes and it would be so much fun to have a little tiny one… ;~)

  • Guido

    Please, if you believe these are real, kill yourself. We need to keep the population strong with intelligent people.

    • http://arkanimals.com/how-to-train-your-petite-lap-giraffe/ Ark Lady

      So, I wrote a post in response to a journalist’s lament over the fact that people were falling for the petite lap giraffe and I am amazed at the number of people who really do believe it.

      • rachel

        C’mon! Its not THAT far fetched! The things they are doing these days in science, its believable. Of course, I was skeptical, but I wouldn’t have been to surprised if it were true.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/ John Vinson

        Just read the blog post. Great work.

        • http://twitter.com/ArkLady Ark Lady

          Thanks John–it gave me about two hours of serious amusement in crafting it.

          @Rachel maybe you think so but the lack of critical thinking these days is at epic proportions. Remember Bonsai Kittens–same thing. Discernment is key.

  • Jenn

    I’m just so sad to know they don’t exist.

  • Hayden pittman

    Cmon guys we all kno how far science/electronics have come in the past five years so it’s believable, it can be like a white big tooth tiger with only come ever 150 years or so, it might be a cross bread too! ( btw I’m not saying there real but I’m saying it’s believable!)

  • Ben

    You can tell that the “live feed” is a fake because of the time indicator at the top of the video. If it was a live feed, it wouldn’t match the time on your computer. Go to your computer settings and temporarily change the time a little bit by moving the clock a couple minutes ahead. When you apply the changes, the time on the “live feed” changes as well.

  • Tiffany

    All you have to do is refresh the “live feed” page. The giraffe magically goes from sleeping to standing in front of his pen in a matter of seconds.

  • kate

    Actually… all you have to do is read the care instructions… “grooming, bubble bath in bottled water once a week” hm yeah totally cute but totally, uhm, fake

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  • Dan

    Petite Lap Giraffes are as real as democrats that want to reduce spending.

    • Jennifer

      I love this comment. Oh so true.

    • Angelique

      More plausable would be:

      Petite Lap Giraffes are as real as Republicans that ACTUALLY CARE about any American that Earns less than $250K/yr

  • Stephanie

    It’s funny how in April (the picture you have here of the “live” feed) and the live feed now have the same lay out. The door is still open and the rake is still there. Lol
    Also! In the bath tub pic, that’s a normal sized bath tub. The “giraffe” in that tub has to be at least 3X bigger than the supposed petit ones.
    These people are dumb.

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