Dina Eastwood: What next for Clint and kids?


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It is no secret that Clint and Dina Eastwood's love has fallen apart. For last few days, internet has been awash with news that the split between the aging Hollywood veteran and his partner of 17 years is more or less permanent.

Yesterday, another nail was hammered in the coffin of Clint and Dina's relationship when rumors started circulating that Dina has rekindled romance with 50 year old basketball coach Scott Fisher, who happens to be her high school sweetheart.

So what now for Clint and Dina's family? What will happen to their daughter Morgan? What will happen to the love between Dina and Clint's eight children he had with other women during his career?

Already the Twitterverse and other social media has been rife with speculation that Clint was his old self in how he treated Dina. Perhaps there was infidelity involved? We don't know what happened behind the scenes and who dropped the ball, but Dina showed class when she took to Twitter. And she had the warmest, kindest words for the famous actor:

Earlier, during August, Dina seems to have spent quality time with her step-kid Scott Eastwood, and proudly took pictures with the handsome hunk. (image)

This lead to uproar in social media that Dina might be a cougar, whatever that means! Can't we all relax, spare all the nasty thoughts and leave the Eastwood clan alone, so they can heal the rifts and misunderstandings tearing them apart?

From all the twitter activity emanating from Dina's account, it appears without doubt that she loves her step-kids as much as any other mom in the world. And apparently the kids have returned the love as much if not more. The kids have inherited Clint's passion and talent for creative arts and their future appears bright.

So what now for the aging patriarch who seems to be thoroughly relishing his role as movie director? Clint no doubt remains a popular and in demand figure, despite his age. If pictures circulating during the long labor day weekend are any indication, Clint was laboring hard with a mystery blonde.

So life goes on. And so does the Eastwood saga, now in its 83rd year!

[images from Dina Eastwood's official twitter account, cropped/modified for clarity]