Did NASA Spot A UFO Near The Sun?

    April 26, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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The UFO chatter has really been picking up in the past few weeks. First there was the one at the Chilean air show, then the one that was filmed by the South Korean airline passenger. Now we have another really weird sighting. The ones in space are usually the ones that are skeptical when NASA or the military tries to convince us that it isn’t real.


This time a UFO was spotted by a camera on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and then posted on YouTube. The object looks like a boomerang style ship and it is very close to the Sun. So close indeed that it is impossible that it is man made, because anything that close made by humans would have burned up by now based on our technology. “The streaks in question are consistent with energetic particle (proton) impacts on the CCD, something which is apparent in just about every image,” said Nathan Rich, lead ground systems engineer in the NRL’s solar physics branch.


I’m pretty tired of every single so called expert saying that this is routine. If this is routine and found in most pictures, then please give me proof. Like I said, the ones on earth, I can understand if they are fake or optical illusions, but ones in space? It will take more than a guy like this to tell me that it isn’t real. I want a real explanation.

  • Malaysian

    Why did the aliens miss Earth ?

    • william hyres

      What better place to hide out and observe our planet than near the sun? Duh!

  • Rich Gruber

    Well I’m sure that NASA will try to explain this away with some lame explanation . The size of this thing has got to be huge. The resolution of the picture is very good. It almost looks like it could be Veger. About time to admit that we are not alone out there in space.

  • John G.

    We must temper our enthusiasm, there have been many such images of objects near the sun from NASA that turned out to be simply optical or camera artifacts. So, treat this like scientists looking for the Higgs particle, you must absolutely sure that every possible element of error has been eliminated. Everything from optics, electronics, communications, etc to make sure that the obvious has been eliminated.

    We must avoid what happened to the faster than light neutrinos experiment, a loose cable resulted in what appeared to be faster than light neutrinos. Without looking at all possible explanations AND given that I can’t analyze the camera, or look at the potential solar flares and other phenomena, or that I haven’t received and processed the signals from the satellite with my own equipment, I cannot say whether it is or isn’t a craft. Chances are that if NASA has hyped it, it has a mundane explanation.

  • Jason

    Its just Capt. Kirk saving the future.

  • skuta

    Nothing to see here people, it’s just a weather balloon. Go back to watching TV and wait to be told what to believe next. 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000204811731 apollyon mc’risen

    this particular insect had long antennas with bulges all along the antennae…. this UFO/ little & huge creatures do appear when you try to commune to GODs (???)…. and they do appear as when you think about real people…. better UFO rise from the real known friendly people though….

    I lost my interest in them, when we realized, that we had been praying to Lizards, spiders & other creatures for help…. and most try to live through the praying host…. the whole thing was bit confusing even for us…..

    the people nearby do show up as fiery limbs attached to the solar disk, with their faint halo at times…. even other alien non-human life-forms do show up there at times….. don’t bother about these reports…. they ain’t ever hurt the other humanoids…..

    even their faces do appear on those soho satellite images…. went into social isolation to paint a collection there…. this one happens to be the facebook profile of Dr.Richard C. Hoagland….


    further the images on the surface of the sun & in the clouds down here are somewhat similar….


    But they the space gazers want you to indulge in unprovoked astral violence against the sun/people from the sun….. even I find it bit amusing, why the faces of the people I see down here appear there on their satellite…. but then that is it….. it proves nothing….

  • william hyres

    Don’t listen to the anti-hysteria propaganda. We need to prepare for real contact, and prepare to defend ourselves if necessary. Get a clue people!

  • Shawn


  • mark

    riight. so why would an alien travell light years across space (witch its impossible) avoiding everything, like stars, meteorites, micrometeorites, taking hundreds or even thousands of years alone to come into the sun?

  • Mary