BF3 Close Quarters Patch Pushed Through For PS3

    June 7, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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Anyone who either signed up for Premium service for Battlefield 3 on the Playstation 3 and hoped to play the expansion titled “Close Quarters” was in for a rude awakening because it was completely unplayable. Most got stuck in a never ending loop of trying to join or the maps just weren’t available to play on any server. So today when I switched on my PS3 I had a message waiting for me that stated:

“Our apologies to Battlefield 3 Premium members. An error with :close quarters expansion pack has been resolved. Please go into the PSN store and locate the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters” add-o. OInce there, re-download and install the add-on and then launch the game.”

There is an attachment link for the download in the email and the size of the download is 1142 mb so it is a redownload of the “Close Quarters” maps.

I have to say, at least DICE was on top of this. Most of the time with this game they ignore it for months on end without even recognizing the problem. Maybe they are finally listening?

Thanks to Banangy for the heads up on this!

Here is the launch trailer for Battlefield 3 “Close Quarters>’ In case you haven’t seen it yet:

  • John

    EA have always had the capacity to patch immidietly
    But let’s get this straight, there IS no dice, it’s EA.

    As EA, or grEAdy as we call them are contractually obliged to supply this DLC to ps3 they got their ass into gear and fixed it.
    No doubt there is some clause that would have cost them not to have it running.

    Sadly the rest of us pc/ Xbox don’t have that luxury, any problems for us and we have to wait for months them to be bothered to patch.
    This issue proves they have the resources but only a selective will to sort stuff out promptly

  • http://Xbox.com Mike

    Unbelievable . Screw pc n playstation. I and hundreds of others have to pay yearly on xbox. I spend enough damn money on this shit. There should never be a problem (it’s called service). I should be flying first class right about now

  • Bartasky

    Yea ps3 suks balls along with u johnny boy