Diane Sawyer: Slurring Causes Drunken Rumors

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Diane Sawyer, like most news anchors and reporters, was exhausted last night. But Sawyer, who covered Hurricane Sandy in depth right before election night, may have taken too much onto herself, and it showed in a big way on air last night.

Sawyer is battling rumors today that she was drunk or high during her coverage of the election after she slurred her words, repeated herself, and mispronounced Obama’s name. Reps for ABC say she was simply extremely tired, which accounted for her propping herself up on her hands against the desk at varying points during the broadcast.

“Diane’s been up for days and she’s had many sleepless nights. She was covering the hurricane and then preparing for the election broadcast. If you knew Diane you’d realise she’s one of the hardest working people on television. She likes to cram things in, she likes to have every fact at her finger tips…and I think that came at the expense of the broadcast,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Sawyer wasn’t the only exhausted person covering the big night; Brian Williams seemed to have a bit less patience than usual during interviews, hardly cracking a smile all night and letting his professional news anchor guard down a little when he talked about “weed all over the ballots”. He also reamed Donald Trump, who was live-tweeting during the election results, saying, “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance and peered into something closer to irresponsible here, is tweeting tonight.”

Diane Sawyer: Slurring Causes Drunken Rumors
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  • AM

    I feel bad for her; the scary thing is that I am 44 and about 5 years ago had a TIA and was terrified after I was told I was slurring my words and I was tired at the time too after work and then working out; I didn’t even know I was doing it…and I WAS NOT drinking. I think it’s sad that people jump to think she is drunk vs. maybe worrying that she was having a medical problem..how sad…I don’t know what the actual reason was but would never presume to make fun of her b/c what if she was having a medical problem…like I did….how sad..

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    I have a lot of compassion for that woman, but if she was genuinely ill or suffering from total exhaustion, she should have stayed home, let somebody else cover the election, not tried to work and set herself up for all these cruel accusations. To Ms. Sawyer’s acusers, I say “Shame on you.”

  • http://yahoo Louise

    I cannot believe that anyone could say that about Diane Sawyer. She is too much of a professional and a lady to be drunk on TV and I doubt anywhere. I am sure the network would have stopped her if she was. She had been working many hours between Sandy and the Election and was extremely worn out. I would like to see anyone else keep up that pace. She travels all over, going to ungodly places to show people what is going on elsewhere. People are cruel. The woman kept going doing her job, as tired as she was!! Get Real!!

  • http://yahoo Louise

    I cannot believe anyone could say that about Dianne Sawyer. She is too professional and too much of a lady to be drunk on TV or anywhere. I am sure the Network would have stopped her if she was. This lady worked day and night between Sandy and the election that it would wear any normal person out. She has gone to places that no one else goes to get stories and has always done her very best. Why someone could accuse her of such is horrible. I am sure she was exhausted or possible had a medical situation that caused the slurred speech but certainly not drunk. Get real people!!

    • Tom Brown

      If ANYONE is to blame for this one, it should be the execs at ABC! for not forcing her to go home! This woman has an EXEMPLARY record and for all those couch potatoes who have nothing better to do than point fingers, perhaps you should get off your collective asses and see what it’s like to walk in her “moccasins”! SHAME on all of you finger pointers!!!

  • Frances Mendez

    Ah-ha…the media protecting their own. An unfavorable news clip/video on one of their own and they remove it…reason: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ABC News.” I thought their job was to report “news” whether or not it is negative. They would have had gone on and on if it would have been any other person. I like Diane Sawyer and admire her accomplishments but if she was slurring her speech, she was slurring her speech regardless of the reason.

  • Steve

    Hey Amanda, before you start bad mouthing a professional journalist about her mispronunciation, maybe you should look at your own spelling(realise)really?

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