Diane Sawyer: Slurring Causes Drunken Rumors

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Diane Sawyer, like most news anchors and reporters, was exhausted last night. But Sawyer, who covered Hurricane Sandy in depth right before election night, may have taken too much onto herself, and it showed in a big way on air last night.

Sawyer is battling rumors today that she was drunk or high during her coverage of the election after she slurred her words, repeated herself, and mispronounced Obama’s name. Reps for ABC say she was simply extremely tired, which accounted for her propping herself up on her hands against the desk at varying points during the broadcast.

“Diane’s been up for days and she’s had many sleepless nights. She was covering the hurricane and then preparing for the election broadcast. If you knew Diane you’d realise she’s one of the hardest working people on television. She likes to cram things in, she likes to have every fact at her finger tips…and I think that came at the expense of the broadcast,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Sawyer wasn’t the only exhausted person covering the big night; Brian Williams seemed to have a bit less patience than usual during interviews, hardly cracking a smile all night and letting his professional news anchor guard down a little when he talked about “weed all over the ballots”. He also reamed Donald Trump, who was live-tweeting during the election results, saying, “Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance and peered into something closer to irresponsible here, is tweeting tonight.”

Diane Sawyer: Slurring Causes Drunken Rumors
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  • withaC

    Diane is a sweetheart. Isn’t she 60+? The lady is in great shape for her age. She was tired people! Poor thing, I hope she’s getting some rest now. THE ELECTION IS OVER & THE BEST MAN WON….BABY BABY!

  • Carole Long

    I don’t care what Diane Sawyer does, she will always be better than any of the air head, screetching blondes they have out there. You can understand every word she says and she reports the news in a well modulated voice. She doesn’t sound like she is about to wet her pants when she is reporting an especially horrifying event.

  • http://Yahoo Edna Mae

    The slurring WAS NOT from her just being tired – the public deserves a “I am sorry” from Diane – her performance speaks for it’s sself

    • PN

      Sorry sweetie – but Diane Sawyer doesn’t owe you a thing. Just because she works in television doesn’t mean she needs to apologize to you. If you don’t like what you see, change the channel.

  • FredZilch

    Let he who has never been high throw the first stone.

    • Nancy Evelyn Pais

      You are soooooo right. Nothing like not looking at the abundance of goodness. Let someone who is otherwise very responsible, accomplished, and respected fall….just once….and the wolves are set loose to satisfy their blood lust.

      Hang in there Diane, this too shall pass.

  • Nancy Evelyn Pais

    Whatever you are dealing with Diane, I hope that you are well. This too shall pass dear one. Hang in there.

  • joyce

    Oh gee…give her a break!! She is a great journalist who had been working her butt off the past few days….you try not sleeping for a few days and see how you feel. Im sorry that she has to be subjected to these ridiculous comments people are making about her. She is an awesome talent who was exhasuted from all the hard work she had been doing…cut her some slack and leave her alone.

  • reason


  • reason


  • Walter Cronkite

    She’s a drunk, always has been, always will be, but I like her that way cause she’s loose. 😉

  • http://webpronews Marcia Ellis

    Diane! Are you OK? That is important, please be encouraged as you keep on moving forward.

  • bridget seaman

    What, you people have never been exhausted and then punchy? Please, give us and her a break. The only difference between her and any one of us at certain times is she had a camera on her.

  • Doug63

    After last night we should all get drunk.

  • CajunQ

    She is a better anchor dog tired ,than most are at thier very best. Please stop bullying! You are adults aren’t you!

  • Gone Mad

    I found her to be very entertaining myself. Especially with Bone head winning another undeserved 4 years in office. Diane was the highlight of the evening.

  • comment guy

    i’ve always hated that tight eyed shoulder shrugging new commentator

  • comment guy

    i’ve always hated that tight eyed shoulder shrugging news commentator

  • Sharon J

    OOh,Ouch,that was painful to watch,

  • Really

    OMG, there is no way in heck that she is intoxicated. That is just media BS trying to make her look bad because she is female and handled the entire group of morons. If anything she should get an award. Bunch of jealous jerks!

    • Donna

      I agree with you completely!!!!! She was not drunk.

  • sarah

    sounds like she has a cold, she only drank nyquil, people!
    or could it be she drank whiskey…….maybe just wanted to celebrate being alive! did she drink? oh the horror! lighten up people? you only live once! wow

  • jill johnson

    Long hours, and people who look for drama when it doesn’t exist. Diane, get some rest and blow off the people who want to jump on the ‘impaired’ bandwagon. You’ve always been professional. Now people know you’re human <3

  • Cassie

    She seems sober to me. Diane just sounds like she has a really bad cold though. She is too aware of her surroundings to be drunk anyway. She is on cue with everything, and she also seems excited and happy to bet there which is great. Leave her alone people, however it would make a good parody on SNL….just saying.

  • Fir

    Who efin cares

  • Fir


  • julie

    whatever! IF she was in fact drinking, she sure had a reason watching and providing coverage of that idiot getting re-elected.

  • julie

    well if she was drinking, she sure had a reason with having to provide coverage of that idiot being re-elected.

  • Maria

    It makes me a very sad sober woman to see this video. It is one thing to be punchy from being exhausted, but that is not what I believe I saw. I wish her well and pray that I am wrong.

  • Theresa Coleman

    Diane Sawywer, in my opinion , has always been one of the best news journalists out there. As a health care professional, I think we should be cautious about judging her news commentary last night. She, did seem giddy, to say the least, but there may have been somthing else going on medically.But, if she did have a toast, what’s the big deal? As for, referencing Mr Obama as an idiot,one thing for sure, he didnt buy his title; he was voted in; I hope you are not calling the millions who voted for him an idiot.If so, you, yourself are in need of therapy.He deserves and has earned , obviously the right to be where he is and to represent diversity in this diverse culture in which we live. Pray for him , for his responsibility is phenominal.

  • Don

    They probly took away her teleprompter and she forgot how to talk. Can’t stand her she is an emotional robot and just reads the news and the moron network executives pay her millions.

    • Mary Ann King

      Has anyone on this blog ever tried to work…I mean “work’ for two straight days? I have…and you do get giddy. Due to issues of dehydration and mental fatigue you actually start to act like you are drunk or demented. She is a professional, and one who would not put her job in jeapordy, especially on Election Day.

  • Theresa Coleman

    Have you no respect? That type of attitude is nauseating, for it speaks to your lack of discipline. Shame on you. he does not deserve that.

  • wakeupamer

    I have never responded to an article before (although I’ve wanted to). This is absurd. Diane Sawyer is a legend. The fact that people even have the audacity to criticize is shocking. She juggled about eight analysts, commenters, fact checkers alone within the room she was sitting. Not to mention the, at least three, on-site correspondents. For hours! I would love to see someone do half as well as she did. It’s easy for on-lookers to say ‘oh, she messed up’. Look at the bigger picture! Are you intelligent enough to handle all that? I doubt it. All you did was write a grammatically incorrect Twitter post with 140 characters. Have a little respect.

    • http://webpronews.com Carole Shackleford

      I’m with you wakeupamer, couldn’t have said it better.

    • http://ruts.org Jj

      Really who cares! At least she didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction

      • wakeupamer

        A wardrobe malfunction? That’s your comment? The basis of this article, posts, comments, etc. is a personal attack on someone’s character. However, wardrobes are most likely outside of the individual’s control. I think we are still missing the main issue here. The Internet, while a lovely steroid to the first amendment, still can hurt. Look at the entire story. Not the one that makes the daily headline.

  • http://webpronews Jon

    Honestly, I have to say she seems intoxicated. This is a professional opinion as I work in an outpatient facility. I also instruct law/correctional officials on how to identify someone who is under the influence of substances. For me however, the most disturbing part of this is that nobody else in the studio intervened and took her off the air (if even for a short time). This would have saved the network as well as her much embarrassment.

  • http://webpronews Tim

    I completely agree with Jon. I too have had to undergo training to spot abusers. She certainly shows all signs of alcohol abuse. Most likely her exhaustion of the long day with maybe no more than a glass or two of wine with dinner. Somebody should have been courageous enough to save her the embarrassment. Pretty sad.

  • Carole

    I think whoever voted for Obama was drunk! How much debt does the country have to incur, how high does unemployment need to be, how many folks need to be on food stamps, before it is the incumbent’s responsibility? How long does this administration intend to blame the previous administration? How pathetic! The country is divided in half; this certainly was no vote of confidence for the president.

    • A

      Now you want YOUR party to be let off the hook for their 8 years of disaster. Look,,,any president takes on what was left from before his term. This president has done no better, nor worse with the debt. GW left him quite a debt to deal with. We have to hope and pray he does what is best…not pre judge him to doom.

  • joslyn

    Diane is such a hard working legend! I highly doubt she was drunk or high or on pain killers but rather tired is more likely! Notice, even though she may have repeated herself, or slurred somewhat, she never said anything outrageous nor did she not make any sense, which often is the case when people are under the influence. Their judgement is way off, their sensors and filters are off, none of which did Diane exhibit.

  • Carole Kurley

    I think the Obama voters were drunk! How much debt does the country have to incur, how high does unemployment need to be, and how many folks need to be unemployed and on federal assistance and food stamps before it becomes the responsibility of the president? How long will this administration blame the previous administration? How long will the mainstream media be “in the tank”. Anyone notice gas prices ticked up $.20 today? What a conincidence!! How pathetic. Who cares about Diane Sawyer, that doesn’t affect my life but a huge tax hike will. Actually Ms Sawyer and all the other high rollers in the media better get ready for an increase in their taxes; they are now the evil “wealthy”.

  • Susan

    she is not slurring she is clearly drunken – she is yelling and being ridiculous……good god

  • MIKE

    This seems to be just as much if not more an indication of how stodgy and out of touch Mit Romney is. Many more young people turned out to the polls than expected and to get their vote the candidate needed to be more with the times. Also the candidate needed to be more in step with women’s issues. I don’t know why it had to be Romney running, the party could have done better.

  • Stanley Mulaik

    Americans fail to realize that the federal debt is not the problem everyone makes it out to be because we have a fiat money system. The national debt is the result of new money being created from nothing and spent into the economy by the Fed, when it buys Treasury securities from private parties that had bought them from the Treasury, which used the money it got from them to deficit spend for Congress.

    The debt is just the accumulated amount of new money spent into the economy originating at the Fed
    in coordination with the Treasury’s issuing securities, over many years. If we embark on buying back the securities to cancel the debt, using money taken through taxes out of the economy, we will withdraw
    something like $2.2 Trillion from the economy, which would make the economy collapse. The debt is just the effect of deficit spending, which is necessary from time to time because of the growth in population, accompanied by growth in the economy, which needs more money to keep growing.

    If it bothers anyone that there continues to be a debt, the Secy of Treasury can order the minting of, say, ten $10 Trillion coins and depositing these at the Fed. The Fed will be required to credit the account with $100 Trillion. The Treasury can then draw down from that account the amount of the accumulated securities constituting the debt and buy back the securities. That cancels the debt. No inflation occurs, because no money enters circulation by buying back the securities, since it is just a transfer from one column to another in a spreadsheet at the Fed.

    The remaining $97 Trillion+ in the Fed account can be used by Congress in place of deficit spending, and it would have to realize that it must be judicious in use of this money so as only to use it when to do so is not inflationary, such as when full employment has been achieved. It should be used in a recession and a depression when there is unemployment and during war.

    The $10 Trillion denomination platinum bullion coin is currently completely legal in the US Code.

  • h. balassimo

    i think going to work at 4 am till mignight equates slurs-go get a job and find out instead of tweeting like a wounded canary.
    those who can do those who can’t tweet!

    • Belle O

      I’m with you! For those of us who work 2/3 jobs, 70-80-90 hrs week, then go home to families, children, and 10x more work… maybe an ailing parent or spouse… Work for days on end with mere hours of sleep, then see if you don’t slur, stumble, lean, lose your ‘edge’ and let go a bit. It’s a fundamental need for human physiology. Try it! You might get off of Obama-care!

  • http://Yahoo Judy

    I think our great country is going down deeper and deeper. With all the “same” promises that our president made 4 years ago, he did it all over again. What is this country trying to do. Our un-employment, the banks failing, and I understand that the service men/woman fighting for this wonderful country did not even get their ballots. Shame on this country. We really needed their votes!!!!
    A very bitter and sad citizen.

  • Hillary

    ABC defends that she was over worked and exhausted??? Who’s call was it to put her on the air then? I have always enjoyed and respected her reports but I said it myself out loud last night! Amused by this article that I wasn’t the only one. Diane, Go home take your makeup off and spend a few well deserved days off in bed!

  • John


  • Sally

    No one should judge Diane Sawyer. She must have been on the air working for over 24 hours and a tiny bit of celebratory champagne could have caused that. No to mention, if I were in her shoes, I’d be having a few glasses of wine to take the edge off, not that she did. Maybe she didn’t eat enough. We know she was over worked. Don’t hate on Diane. She has always been gracious and up-to-par but we ALL have our human moments. And we are allowed as many human moments as we need.

  • william stewart

    Pitiful…ABC going to let her go out like that.She was under the influ of something. ABC can spin it 360 but Diane is too much a pro to be allowed on air like that

  • LAM

    Perhaps if people would have turned off the news channels that worship Obama and turned on FOX News and heard stories about the REAL Obama, this country would have made a much wiser decision at the polls and saved our country from the ensuing disaster it faces.

    • Deidra

      Like you turned off your brain!!! NO THANKS!!

  • http://facebook Barbara Bambrick

    Dianne has too much class to be drunk on the air. Sluured speech can also be a sign of a Medical condition, such a stroke or hypoglycemia. Has she been checked out? Dont judge so soon. Also could be from pure exhaustion. Give her a break, she has always been so gracious and excellent at what she does.

    • AM

      Great post…I just posted kind of the same thing…I had a mini stroke a few years back due to a lot of reasons but stress from work and I had just excercised a whole lot…I didn’t even realize I was slurring at the time and it was a horrible experience, very scary…it’s sad how so many are making fun of it and not thinking or worrying about her..

    • Miranda Rose Smith

      Dear Ms. Bambrick:

      You took the words right off my keyboard.

  • Susie Q


  • John

    Alright….Nobody’s, and I mean nobody, is allowed to be human anymore !



  • http://yahoo.com dblessed1

    GW is sitting at home laughing all the way to the bank. with the taxs payers MONEY, You cant beat that we no who got the MONEY dont we!!!! The banks can steal eveytbody money an dont go to jail!!!! CAN I DO THAT AN DONT GO TO JAIL!!!!!!

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