Developers Get New Google Wallet Pricing

    July 3, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has made some changes to the Google Wallet for Digital Goods API (formerly known as the In-App Payments API): new pricing and subscriptions.

“First, we’ve heard feedback from developers that 5% transaction fees are great for microtransactions but not as attractive for larger transactions with higher order value,” says Google Wallet product manager Pali Bhat. “To improve your experience selling higher priced items, we’re introducing 1.9% + $0.30 (or local equivalent) pricing in addition to the current 5%. Google will apply the option that charges you the lower of the two possible transaction fees for that order.”

“We also know that many orders happen on a recurring basis rather than just once,” says Bhat. “At Google I/O we demonstrated how to integrate with the new Google Wallet for digital goods subscriptions feature, which is now available in sandbox.”

In case you missed the Monetizing Digital Goods With Google Wallet session from Google I/O, here’s the entire thing:

Google says there will be a forthcoming announcement, alerting developers when subscriptions will be available for external use. You can sign up here.

At Google I/O, Google aso launched new Google Wallet Save To Wallet APIs. More on those here.

  • http://www.theokaynetwork.com Steve G

    The only reason I haven’t signed up with a Google Wallet account yet is I’m waiting for the first couple rounds of problems and for Google to fix them before I’ll give it a try. I actually would welcome another provider than Paypal simply because Paypal one day decided they would hold back 20% of my money for 60 days and refuses to release the hold even though I haven’t had a single chargeback or issue in well over a year. Even then, the chargeback was for money that still was in the account that I was not notified of receiving. So the customer asked for a refund from Paypal, got it, and then due to 1 chargeback I get a 60 day hold of 20% of my money. Eventhough I’ve done thousands in transactions since then, they simply refuse to release the hold. So I hope Google Wallet runs into issues, they fix them, and then I’ll be able to revisit looking into signing up with them as a merchant.