Despicable Me 2 Blows Lone Ranger Away


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Despicable Me 2 opened on Wednesday and promptly shot straight to the top of the box office. The Dreamworks sequel brought in $34.4 million on opening day, and a total of $142 million for the whole weekend, claiming the coveted July 4th weekend crown with ease.

Meanwhile, the other major film to open during the July 4th weekend - Disney's The Lone Ranger - did a credible impression of a wet bottle rocket, bringing in a mere $48.9 million for the entire weekend, despite taking second place for the Friday-Sunday timeframe. Of course, that may seem like a decent haul, and for a lower-budget picture it would be. But The Lone Ranger cost Disney $225 million to make. That means that those of you who were hoping for a Lone Ranger 2 (all 12 of you) are likely to be disappointed.

But The Lone Ranger wasn't the only casualty in Despicable Me 2's holiday weekend rampage. Monsters University, the latest installment from the mighty Pixar, took a massive hit, dropping 57% and landing in fourth place for the weekend. On the bright side, Monsters University now stands at $216 million domestically and almost $400 million worldwide, making it the eleventh of Pixar's fourteen movies to pass the $200 million mark. The film cost roughly $200 million to make.

Rounding out the top 5 are The Heat and World War Z. The Heat, which stars Sandra Bullock, took in $25 million, while World War Z made $18.2 million for the weekend. Now in its third weekend, World War Z has brought in $158.8 million, and is moving steadily toward its break-even point (it had a budget of $190 million).