Denver Broncos - Are They Super Bowl Bound?


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The big AFC playoff game is coming up, Sunday, between the Denver Broncos and The San Diego Chargers. Although the Broncos lead the AFC, with much better stats and standings (Broncos 13-3 - Chargers 10-7), the Charger's have proved to be a challenge to the Broncos.

The Broncos though, start out as a 9 point favorite but that isn't saying much.

Their previous match ups with the Chargers have been unpredictable to say the least. The two AFC West teams are split, with the Broncos taking the first game in San Diego by a score of 28-20 and the Chargers winning the second game, 27-20.

It's anybody's game on Sunday, but lets not forget the game is being played at Denver's Mile High Stadium. The Bronco's are known for winning at home even though the last meeting at Mile High with the Chargers proved that theory wrong. But between the crowd noise and the altitude, it makes sense that they are favored to win this game, and to move onto their next challenge which will be just a couple of games away from the big game...Superbowl 2014.

Manning and the Denver Broncos are predicted to make it all the way to the Super Bowl in February. If you're a gambler, best to put your money on them.

If you ask Don Banks of Sports Illustrated - they think so too.

The Broncos will be heavy favorites in all four of their remaining games: Tennessee (5-7), San Diego (5-7), at Houston (2-10) and at Oakland (4-8). If there's a surprise loss lurking in there somewhere, I don't see it. The Titans and Chargers basically eliminated themselves from AFC wild-card contention with Week 13 losses, while the Texans just find a new way to lose every week.

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