Dentist Removes Ex’s Teeth: Twitter Reacts

    May 3, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Dentist removes ex’s teeth isn’t the sort of headline you read everyday, so excuse me if I find derive some demented glee from this sick little story.

Here’s some solid advice: If your significant other is a medical professional, you might want to consider treating them right. If, for some reason, the two of you decide to split, it might be in your best interest not to use their services should the need arise. Unless, of course, you don’t mind losing pieces of your body in the process.

Such is the case of poor Marek Olszewski, a 45 year-old Polish man who decided to let Anna Mackowiak, his ex-girlfriend, address his increasingly painful tooth ache. Although the two had recently parted ways, he felt he could trust the dentist to maintain some sort of professionalism during the procedure. Big mistake. Instead of assisting Olszewski with his condition, Mackowiak pumped him full of anesthetic and removed every single tooth in his head.

Afterwards, Mackowiak wrapped her ex-boyfriend’s jaw in bandages to hide her work from Olszewski, who didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until he returned home. His new girlfriend, horrified by his sudden lack of chompers, decided she couldn’t date someone without any teeth. In short, Olszewski is now alone and toothless, though he does intend to get implants as soon as possible. That whole paragraph is beyond sad.

His ex-girlfriend is currently being investigated for medical malpractice. She could face up to three years in jail if found guilty of the charges.

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  • chris

    You use the term “medical professional” quite loosely in this case.

  • Betty

    How stupid is he to go to his ex for dental work. What a psycho she is. But at least she didn’t remove something else.

  • Gordon Speake

    And you wonder where the term,DUMB POLOCK, comes from!

    • xx

      This story is not true this never happened. Somebody from england creat this story … but some dumb people believe in everything what media will say…

  • Gordon Speake

    And you wonder where the term, DUMB POLOCK, comes from!

  • Snoochy

    He was stupid,but she shouldn’t have removed all or a lot of them.I’d understand if she removed 2 to 4 teeth,though.Don’t dentists have assistants in the room with them?

  • Jan

    I hope she gets prison time…. that is just very crazy and mean and rotten….

    • JSun

      not as mean and rotten as him cheating on her then dumping her. Granted, it doesn’t explicitly state that he cheated, but given the context that he went to his ex for her services just days after dumping her, and his “new” girlfriend just dumped him over his lack of teeth, one can gather that he cheated before dumping his ex. He totally had it coming.

      • Doles

        Jsun…what an idiotic statement. I assume you’re a girl, because if it happened the other way around, you would be recommending a life sentence for the guy if he was the dentist and she had her teeth removed.

      • steve

        what a stupid thing to say. you are obviously just as psycho as her if you think its ok to remove someones teeth out of spite. grow up love.

  • http://yahoo.com Anthony

    Well as wrong as she was for pulling out his teeth, why would this dude go back to his exgirlfriend who nonetheless is his dentist and PISSED off about the break up.The main part is did he break up and leave her for another woman and he told her which just poured gas on the burning fire already?Either way, she goes to prison,probably get her ass sued for millions,he gets a free set of dentures from her practice and he writes a book to earn millions more as well as endorsements. This guy will next be doing commecials for colgate CHA CHING!!!!! If there are any female doctors or dentists who want to pull my teeth or do a lorena bobbitt I am in NJ but we would need to set up a contract so i can make some money also. Obviously I AM JOKING!!!

  • shannon

    Its funny at first!! Then you realize teeth don’t grow back. I feel sorry for him. Hope everything works out!!!

  • s

    i think hes dumb and shes nuts

  • Lilly K

    When you live in Poland… You do not have the option to request a Dentist. You get whom you get. This was not a good day for him! Now that’s a Woman with some Balls!

    • Keiko

      Wrong! In Poland you choose the dentist you go to. And it’s all about one jerk and one furiuos female, it could happen everywhere. Hopefully won’t happen again.

  • D.E.M

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..

  • D.E.M

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..

    Meaning: A woman rejected in love can be very angry and dangerous.


  • jaybird369

    That Marek dude should have found himself a new dentist after he and Anna broke up. Anna…who is clearly VERY BONKERS!!!!! I would NEVER EVER let that crazy-ass Anna chick get anywhere near my mouth!!!!! IF it somehow didn’t occur to Marek that Anna was out for revenge, then he’s WAY DUMBER than I thought. Most of all, I think that Marek’s BIGGEST MISTAKE was trusting Anna to put her anger and all aside and trusting Anna to treat Marek just like another patient. At times, some men are CLUELESS FOOLS!!!!! And women are UNAPOLOGETIC when it comes to getting revenge!!!!! For Marek’s own sake, he needs to hope and pray that his next girlfriend isn’t in the medical field. LOL!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!

  • dede

    This man got wat he deserved for cheating on her! All the men who have cheated on their girlfriends should burn and suffer!

    • Tracey

      are you crazy too? NO ONE deserves that. I guess he can be thankful she did not run over him several times with her car and he is still alive. But, what she did is just plain nuts. She should be in a mental ward. He moved on, she should have too.

    • steve

      just because ur extremely ugly and no man wants you

  • lala

    Now she gets to lose her license and she get to do jail time? that was not worth it, she should have let her be. I understand how frustrating it is when a man hurts a woman,but mistake of sweet revenge its not worth anything.

  • Judysea

    Someone told me dentist’s have a very high suicide rate. It seems she took out her anger on her patient.

  • tunde

    wickedness taken to a new level. consolation: better to be a toothless bulldog then get castrated

  • Tena

    This world has become a very sick place. People hurting people only destroys. People helping people only builds. People caring about people produces caring people.

  • anne

    First off she was wrong,wrong,wrong and should lose her license…but let me add what a idiot he is….they were only broke up for the shortest amount of time,cheated on her,and was arrogant enough to think it didn’t matter. It only shows how bitter some people can really be and a man’s true cluelessness into the phrase”watch how u treat someone”. I hope she has to pay for all his implants. By the way what a girlfriend he picked to walk out on him.

  • mscmp

    well at least he won’t have no more toothaches?

  • chealsie

    I would have done the same and also would have exchanged his pinky with his dick

  • Tammy Rinaldi

    The best case yet for cheaters getting their just dessert.

  • polish

    The funniest in this story is that is a lie. Some English newspaper made up it and everybody just fallowed …. hahaha…. nothing like this happened in poland. Police never heard about it and Anna M doesnt exist … joke on everybody. But good to know that news first checking everything and later inform people :)