Dennis Rodman Fired From Celebrity Apprentice

    April 8, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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On last week’s Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump spared Dennis Rodman because of the redemption story forming around the athlete, and fired reality star Omarosa Manigault instead. This week, the basketball star was back in the boardroom, but didn’t fare quite as well with Trump as he did last week.

Rodman, as the leader of a team tasked with creating a promotion for a beauty product, was pulled into the boardroom with country music singer Trace Adkins. At issue during the boardroom meeting was a misspelling on an ad Rodman’s team published. In the end, Trump brought up the fact that Rodman has been in the boardroom multiple times, though the business mogul did say he was “proud” of Rodman.

Rodman is now the sixth celebrity to have been fired from the current season of Celebrity Apprentice. He was also part of the eighth season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2009. During that series, Rodman was the fifth contestant fired.

  • http://Yahoo Lee Allen

    Big F%#King deal !!!!!! The guy is a has been, loves North Korea and I can’t believe the press even follow him arround, let a lone Donald Trump allows him on his show, which I do not watch. To bad he didn’t O.D on some of his drugs years ago. He was probably stoned when he was in the NBA. As you can probably tell,I have no use for the guy ! Bury him in that wedding dress, when they put his sorry ass 6′ under !

    • http://rodman victoria

      No reson for this artical

      • Wanda Lust

        Victoria, you must’ve gone to the same school as Rodman, “article” is the way to spell it, not artical and what would you expect from this freak, he’s got more piercings then teeth and he barely can speak so to spell, please and the show along with trump is horrible

        • Mike

          Wanda, in your response to Victoria about Dennis Rodman, you used the phrase “more piercings then teeth.” The grammatically correct phrase would be “more piercings ‘than’ teeth.”

          • http://www.facebook.com Albert

            Wanda, Are you speaking in tongues? I cannot understand what you wrote. Illiteracy in this country runs rampant.

      • http://www.facebook.com Albert

        Go back to school and learn how to spell.

    • Lee Allen’s IDIOT

      Get a life Lee! Your Trailer is calling.

      • http://WebPros Teelou

        Wanda Lust, While you’re correcting it’s than not then. Judge not.

    • Diana

      You are an asshole for sure! Maybe you should be 6 feet under!!!

      • Diana

        Lee Allen

  • james

    I think he needs to go to north korea and stay with his buddy

  • Nick

    When you are rich you can say or do anything you want…The sad part is it only has value is you are rich! The average person can try hard to make it through this life with no meaning except to those who love him…maybe that is the true riches of life!

    • http://yahoo.com JT

      Mr. Rodmans country needs him right now regarding the North Korean threats!
      He has a bigger roll to play other then hanging out on Celebrity Apprentice!
      Mark my words he will be influential in resolving that matter!
      Dennis there is a Nobel Peace Prize waiting for you!

      • http://yahoo Christine

        JT..you’re crazy! Just what the U.S. needs….a kookoo person (Rodman) who is kissing the feet of another crazy kookoo (N. Korean dictator). This country should try him for treason! He’s a nasty freak. Just my opinion.

      • sn

        you are joking, right?

    • Doc

      He’s not “rich” you moron. He’s as poor as a man can be. No character. No soul. Just a loud-mouthed punk with a full wallet. In my neck of the woods, that would make you a…target.

  • Wendell Fountain

    Rodman couldn’t get a job at any fast-food place about which I am aware. In fact, I can’t imagine any company hiring him if he has to interact with the public. He looks nasty! What’ wrong with Donald Trump? Why does he think he needs trash like Rodman on his show?

  • bate

    I think we could use him NK to calm his new found friend.

  • d

    what a freak

    • bill

      i agree!!

  • Dolores Clark

    When and who will fire Donald Trump ?

    • http://none Ricky good vibes

      Always wondered why that was done. Informative, thank You!

  • jim bob jumpback

    we used to put rings in a hog’s nose to keep it from rooting up the ground.

  • Phillip

    I have given up on that show and no longer watch it. There is just too much trash to wade through, and who really needs all that conflict and yelling? And Dennis Rodman???? Oh please, Mr. Trump!

  • Gina

    I had the misfortune to be in the same restaurant as Dennis a few years ago. He was drunk out of his mind. He got up and made a loud announcement that he could have any f!@#$% woman he wanted and he’s f!@#$% hundreds already. My husband and I were the only other people in the place. Dennis left a lasting bad impression on us. Hopefully this low class, dirt bag will never be on that show again. I’m sure he’s “trying” to make his life better. He has to, he’s a train wreck and just gets more disgusting every time I see him.

    • http://yahoo Donna

      Denis is the biggest fool and disgrace to the black race as a black man. He needs to crawl back under his rock.

      • Doc

        It is unfortunate he is seen as a typical person of the black race. THAT, is the true misfortune. NO discipline, big mouth, jackazz, and doesn’t have enough dignity to know when HE is the insult to humanity.

    • http://none Ricky good vibes

      YOU are so correct, and thank you. Rodman is an alien from outer space!

  • Christopher Bowen

    Don’t worry, Dennis, being fired from that lame show is like a badge of honor.

  • sshoney4u

    For the life of me, I hate, with every atom to the core, a white racist, coward, cracker, redneck motherfucker. Amen.

    • http://none Ricky good vibes

      What ever happened to Real Hero’s like Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King, Gordy Barry, Muhammad Ali’,Roger Banister Folks like that? These people were or are REAL TRUE AMERICAN HERO’S! Not some over paid NBA star that I personally do not care for, that travels over to North Korea where the Highly oppressed population is 70% and starving weren’t it for countries like the United States of America to help feed. Where has the real love and respect for our youth and elderly gone to? All people of real worth and leadership abilities seem to have vanished! So what is Trump? A zillionaire money-grubbing freak that is held in high esteem and has some stupid money-grubbing freak television show with clowns that can’t neither use the proper English language properly nor even spell a simple word like “Duh”.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and more money – more money. It’s all an allusion!..W.T.F?

    • http://Yahoo Saboo

      yoo go gurl! yoo be smart

    • Doc

      Typical spook, dumbazz. Go go back to your slum and throw a spear at a brother. Moron……………..

    • Doc

      Yeah, dem cracker izzz all ’bout keepin’ duh black man down!!! Yeah, come rake my lawn,idiot! But God forbid the blacks should quit dreaming of fast food long enough to see that a stupid man may have food in his hand but not have the sense to eat it himself.
      Blame whitey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    First Kim Il Un, now Donald Trump. Dennis is not showing much taste in choosing people to hang with. Bad as his playing days, when he was pals with Isaiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer. Of course there was Madonna!

  • Chicago Jim

    What I weak episode. A simple two page ad. For Mrs. Trump’s me-to product. With no professional critque. And the great blunder is to misspell the wife’s odd name. Come on. The audience disserves better.

  • vincent batyr

    Liked watching the show, and enjoyed all involved except Amerosa.
    If it were not for the others, I wouldn’t have watched.
    Amerosa is like the mosquito in your bedroom. The woman that every man should stay clear of.
    The anxiety,stress, and annoyance she brings forth could make you heart trouble.
    I was thrilled when she was fired.
    Trump had a good show, with the majority of characters including gary, who is real enjoyable period.
    My suggestion to Trump is one series of unknown celebrities, everyday people, who stand out in their communities. That would bring up the ratings big time Trump!

    • http://none Ricky good vibes

      Heard that!

    • Doc

      Queens…probably the biggest gathering of trash along the whole darn seaboard. Queens???????? The only reason they aren’t living in trailers there is because they can’t get them up into their yard,lol. Queens…that’s rich!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!

  • Mark

    Why doesn’t Trump bring in Jane Fonda and praise her a hundred times on her treasonist acts against our nation? He did Rodman. I like Trump nd have agreed with everything he has said up until praising this treasonist. I can only hope this show was taped prior to Rodman kissing up to the little whacko, fat dwarf that wants to nuke everybody. How about some clarifacation on this Donald?