David Chang: Let’s Raise $6B on Kickstarter and Buy the Redskins

    December 10, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Could the Washington Redskins’ name controversy, front office troubles, and generally horrendous football woes be solved with a new, crowdsourced owner? World-famous chef and successful restaurateur David Chang (of Momofuku Noodle Bar, Má Pêche, Milk Bar, Momofuku Ko, and many more) has an interesting plan and it involves Kickstarter.

Check this out:

Seriously? Well, he says so. $6 billion might be a bit of overkill, but hey, you never know.

Kickstarter responded with this little population tidbit:

Who’s to say that Chang wouldn’t run the Redskins better than Snyder? Since buying the team in 1999, the Redskins have lost 55% of their games and have only made the playoffs three times.

And that whole name controversy thing? Please, Chang is probably the only person who could make this idea work:

Image via and Twitter, hat tip UPROXX

  • http://ryanharrell.com Ryan Harrell

    I think the math here is fuzzy, if everyone in the DC Metro area chipped in a “few bucks” he would be billions away. Everyone in the DC Metro area would have to chip in over 1k each, which is a tall order,

  • Fantasy?

    Let’s raise 6 billion dollars… build housing in every city for the homeless and the hungry …. we could build 6,000 one-million dollar facilities. It is a start.

    I was an athlete that played at very high levels. I won’t tell you exactly because I don’t want some fool bugging me. I love sports. Playing sports was my life. But at the end of the day, sports are just damn games. I also could be considered a minority. I don’t give a damn about derogatory words. They are just stupid words used by fools. I care about relieving real suffering of real people. The sick, the hungry, the homeless, those souls suffering in prison needlessly.

    Every problem in this country could be solved overnight, if we just re-evaluated our priorities. God gave us all we need to make this world better. Smart people, hard working people, and kind people. We just focus on bullshit and waste money. We wasted $24 billion on a needless shutdown that solved nothing and then took the money out of food stamps.

    It is okay America. Let some idiot billionaire be an ass about his team’s name. At the end of the day, his billions won’t save his ass. Find a project in your community….. find an ethical leader …. fund the project ….. give up a couple of dinners at a restaurant …. or a case of beer …. that is how you make things better.

    It will take the little people of this world … the good down to earth people … the rich don’t give a damn …. not all … but most. Why else would you need to buy an 80,000 car when a 15,000 car would do. You could have put that 65,000 to much better use.

    I believe in Christ. You don’t have to. But the whole point of the crucifixion was this. You give up something of yourself to save others. That is the lesson. Christ gave his life for us. Whether you believe in God or Christ — it doesn’t matter. The lesson is still the same and it is a good one.

    The Redskins play 16 games a year. That is it. They don’t solve problems. They exist to make money. Let’s focus on more important things.