Dannielynn Birkhead To Appear On “Wife Swap”

    May 5, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Dannielynn Birkhead, the 7-year old daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead, will reportedly appear on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap soon with her father.

The show–which usually switches two moms out for a week to let them see how another (and, unsurprisingly, opposite) household works–will feature Larry’s sister because he is unmarried.

“I am not married so I swapped my sister with the wife of race car driver Hélio Castroneves,” Birkhead said.

As for life with the very famous child of infamous model and reality star Anna Nicole, Birkhead says their home in Kentucky makes it easy to stay out of the spotlight until they want to.

“We live in Kentucky and it’s kind of a paparazzi free zone,” Birkhead said on Today. “I’m being both parents, so I think that I just try to give her a good foundation and try to just be there for her at all times.”

The dad-and-daughter duo recently appeared in a documentary on E! about life after Anna Nicole’s tragic death and what it’s like for Birkhead to be a single dad. He says it’s difficult to do all the things a little girl wants to do with her mom and know Dannielynn will never have that; however, his family is nearby to help in trying to give her a “normal” life.

The 7-year old is now a model for Guess Kids after following in her famous mother’s footsteps, but Birkhead says he makes sure she’s grounded.

“15 minutes after she was done with the Guess photo, she was back on book reports,” he said. “For her it was something cool. Her mother was a Guess girl and now she is a Guess girl.”

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  • penguinonice44

    Despite Larry’s efforts, I see this child ending up just like her mother.
    I add: She’s way too young to be modeling. That was a DUMB choice by Larry, her father.



    • ItoldyouIwontbesilenced

      Sadly I agree. He is already getting her used to the cameras and red carpets.

  • ItoldyouIwontbesilenced

    hate to sound mean but this kid is gonna have some serious issues when she starts to realize all the truths about her mom



      • ItoldyouIwontbesilenced

        I get the impression that Larry tries to give Dannielynn the impression that he was Anna’s true love when in fact he was just one of many guys who anna screwed anna but he was the lucky one who got her pregnant. Soon enough Dannielynn is gonna realize that.

    • andrea hughes

      Dani Lynn is only gonna have issues when she reads the crap that people like you write about her mother. Who cares about any of the truths about her mom. We really don’t know all the truths about her mom just rumors that people like you start because they are jealous of her beauty. It’s so sad that people have to start crap for a child to later read that none of us know for sure if it is true. I think Larry is an excellent father and he takes fantastic care of that little girl and watches everything that she does and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her in any way shape or form. She gets better care than most kids do today in the US. He will never let anybody hurt theat little girl in any way. You see how he dresses himself, and how he dresses his daughter. She is dressed like a little princess and he dresses like he doesn’t have much money to dress well because he spends his money he Dani Lynn. Larry will make sure that Dani Lynn knows how much he loved her momma and how that lawyer took advantage of her momma and that is why they weren’t together. That Lawyer was trying to get all Anna’s money and trying to claim Dani Lynn as his own child and he knew the truth from beginning. You people need to stop writing crap and quit tryng to say bad things about a beautiful women that is dead so you don’t leave bad legacy for Dani Lynn to read about as she gets older. How would you like someone doing that crap to you and telling your kids you were a bad person and that you were sleeping around. Go find something negative about yourself to talk about, cause I’m sure you have plenty of negative stuff to talk about yourself like how you put down an innocent little girls dead Momma so she has nothing good to remember about her. Now take that and stick in you pipe and smoke on it a while you Jerks.

      • ItoldyouIwontbesilenced

        First of all, if you are going to try to “teach” me on Anna Nicole Smith, why dont you try to spell her daughter’s name right first. its spelled- Dannielynn
        One of these days its going to dawn on her that she was born in the Bahamas because
        A: her mom tried to keep her away from her father.
        or B: her mom truly did think another man was her father. ..You dont think that might give her some issues??

        No one else has to take advantage of Dannielynn because larry has been doing it just fine himself. He has taken advantage of that kid from the very moment he got her. Seriously, Access Hollywood cameras where with him when he brought Dannielynn away from
        the bahamas for the firs time. Ive been a fan of anna’s for a long time so I obviously pay attention and I can tell you that Larry has Never gone too long with out having Dannielynn in front of some sort of camera.

        You truly live in some sort of weird “anna and larry true love always XOXO” fantasy world if you think that it was anna’s lawyer who broke them up.
        You might not like hearing it but anna was an adult and a grown woman and she was the one who decided who she wanted to be with.

        Btw, anna actual friends werent too impressed with Larry. If I recall correctly….they thought he was gay, he annoyed anna, (according to at least one friend) anna wasnt sure he was the father, and he jumped in front of the cameras

        • Rosemary Meister

          are you serious! Stupidist comment yet..of course anna knew who the father was thats why she was hiding out in the Bahamas. Howard was so worried she would contact alarry that he kept her doped up..

          • ItoldyouIwontbesilenced

            1. Next time it is on watch The Life and Death of ANS on the E! Channel. One of Anna’s freinds said that she wasnt sure if Larry was the father or not.
            2. If Howard was so controling of Anna how do you explain Dannielynn’s mere existence?

  • lindy west

    And so it begins. Sad to see her being paraded in front of cameras already. Let her enjoy the rest of her childhood.

  • SandyLynn

    I give Larry credit, he’s not pushing her in front of the camera’s or paparazzi people as much as other celeb kids (we see new Suri pics almost daily compared to Dannielynn). And so what if she did a quick stunt modeling for Guess? Do you know every child’s picture you see in an add is a child-model? Every child you see on the posters in the store is also a model and some kids you see numerous times compared to Dannielynn…

  • G-Man7

    Yea, my father killed himself too, drugs and alcohol this was when I was 7 years old.
    I turned out ok in fact I have a pretty awesome family of my own that is free from the chains that killed my father, she will be ok I can see it in her eyes the she has an awesome family and support structure. sadly sometimes the best thing that can happen to a child is the death of a parent that only cares about themselves when it comes to drugs and alcohol, My father is my hero as he taught me what not to do as an adult and what I should be doing.