Danica Patrick Crashes On The Same Day Go Daddy’s CEO Steps Down

    July 31, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Go Daddy girl and racing superstar Danica Patrick had a wreck at the Michigan International Speedway on Monday. While she has not updated her Twitter account or issued a formal statement, reports suggest that she is fine.

This was Patrick’s second crash in as little as three days. Here’s video from her crash at Saturday’s Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis:

The crash just happened to occur on the same day Go Daddy revealed that its CEO is stepping down from his position. Warren Adelman, who took over as CEO of Go Daddy, after Bob Parsons stepped down last year, says he wants to spend more time with his family. He will assume a new role as Special Advisor for Strategy and Global Policy at the company.

Scott Wagner has been named interim CEO, as the company’s Board of Directors searches for a new one.

As for Patrick, she was subbing for Tony Stewart in a Goodyear tire test in Michigan, according to The Detroit News. The test is designed to prepare drivers for the Pure Michigan 400 on August 19.

  • http://yahoo Jerry C.

    Shouldn’t she be taking driving lessons?

  • http://godaddy Dr. stubfoot

    I don’t have a go daddy acount because I am afraid it would crash more times than it would be up. Like Danica’s racing, she crashes more than finishing a race…….

  • dick

    Looks like 98 wrecked her but the headline implies that she wrecked herself. Its ok though because they showed a part naked pic of her although not far enough down. She has big ones to be able to race at 200 mph wheel to wheel and put up with all the negative press.

  • David

    Does she ever finish a race, she is crap and the only reason people even talk about her is cause of her looks and half naked commercials, not cause of her racing skills and that is sad for the sport and drivers that are actually good.


      I don’t think anyone is giving her a chance, Yes she is hot! and totally great looking naked! I think she wil be fine and she will once redeem her driving skills as soon as she stops going down on the officials.

  • brian koch

    Racing superstar? Or overmarketed car driver who relies on her looks and sexuality to be sponsored and do commercials?

  • Diana

    I haven’t paid much attention to Go Daddy adds but I think I will find out and see if I can support Danica in any way. Hey most agressive drivers do crash. She has done remarkly well in the time she has been at nascar.

    • Jim

      What have you been smoking. Done Well? When? Where?

      • Tony

        Top 10 in points, most of her crashs have not been her fault. Learn the sport before making an idiot out of yourself.

        • andrew

          Where does it say she is top ten in points??????????????????

        • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

          How many times has she been in the top 10? She is in the top 10 in points because most of them have declared in the Sprint division. You cannot do both. The standings then outside of the top 3 or 4 are a joke. Her 10th is a very distant 10th as well. For those who care about facts and not hype and spin.

  • AL


  • JEV

    So much press, about so little accomplishment.

    • Matthew Ota

      I would bet if she was butt ugly that the press would not give her any attention at all. She went as far as she could go with her looks.

  • Joe


    Start over and start a new profession and let the “Big Boys” continue to win…

  • Jack

    Danica is doing a great job in a sport that has been dominated by men…Go Get’em Girl!

  • JKM

    The way I see it the “Big Men” in NASCAR crash into her. They have made it well known that they don’t like her. If she were really that crash prone herself she wouldn’t have a sponsor. Get real guys, she keeps going because she is good and her sponsor believes in her.

    • Jim

      Where is her record? One shortened race in Japan and no others. And, Oh, she just started NASCAR. Where is her stellar record in Indy cars?

    • James

      She’s done her part in crashing other people as well.

      She has her sponsor because they make money off her whoring her ass out on the internet. Not because of her driving record. Without the softcore porn, she’s essentially Kurt Busch, check out who his sponsor is.

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

      The truth is they are racing her with kids gloves. The only thing that hasn’t happened is they make a rule that the other racers need to pull to the side of the track if she is within 100 feet.

  • tom

    danica wrecks….and thats news? real news would be if she didn`t wreck! hell it probably take her 4 cars just to make a round trip to the mall.

  • Benny

    Based on what I read she has won only one race in her career, an indy car style race in Japan.

  • Your Momma

    TIred of her, and her SH!T company that promotes lesbian porn.

    • Steve Hamilton

      I agree with Jim. Danica is only considered to be a “racing superstar” in her eyes as well as the media. When she was racing in the IndyCar series she was nothing more than a middle-of-the-pack qualifier and racer who always blamed the car or someone else for her lack of ability. As an IndyCar fan I am extremely glad she is now NASCAR’s problem. Since James Hinchcliffe assumed her Go Daddy ride in IndyCar he has taken it to the next level and has increased fan popularity for the IndyCar series.

  • Jim

    ” Racing Superstar “? In her own mind and that of the Media. She has one win in a shortened race in Japan and that makes her a superstar? Talk about Media hype!

  • http://riaz123456 riaz


  • Mitch

    Reply to “your mama” I like lesbian porn. Go Daddy Go! Danica is a great driver and she looks good in a bikini. “Bleep” you.

  • Tom S.

    You mean “wrecking yard” superstar? NASCAR, and CART, need to pull her cert. Before she kills someone

    • oh yeah

      She is top 10 in points people. You dont get there in your first year with no talent.

      • andrew

        Where do you get that she is in the top 10 in points? 26th maybe and that is because the the big name guys dont get points for their stuff so she should be around 36th

  • Dublindawg

    I don’t care if she can’t win every week, she is as good as 90% of the other “go rounders” in Nascar that just go out every week and go round the track. And she is Hot, so thats that. You got a hook you use it people, WE ALL DO. Don’t hate just because she is using hers.

  • Zorro

    If Danica were not a female, no one would pay much attention to a back of the pack racer in Indy or Nascar. Sex selss in the World.

  • http://n/a/ Denny

    Danica: Denny here. Remember I begged you not to go over to the “Dark-side” of car racing which is Napcar. I also warned you that “the good ol’ boys” would try to run you out of town. I also feel it’s not to late to go back to Indycar next year, Remember you heard it here first. Forever your favorite fan Denny

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

      She is doing a good job of running herself out of town. Nobody would be surprised to see her back in the other racing division.

  • http://yahoo ANNIE

    I think she gets so much more than she deserves. She is not a good driver a lot of other drivers should be mentioned before she is. Also what ever go daddy pays here it is for her body parts not her driving. Drop her she is sicking. does she ever do a race without crashing??? forget her. I would never have a thing to do with GoDaddy because of her. sex sells. how terrible for the people that actually try to race. What is she doing to be in the top 10 it certainly is not done on the race track

  • Sal Voce

    Face it, she can’t drive. She’s in it for all the BABE ENDORSEMENTS!!!

    • Sal Voce

      Patrick driving comments at wwwDOTfromwhereistandDOTinfo

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

      Sadly, so is NASCAR. Maybe they should start calling it sports entertainment, like pro wresting calls their “sport.”

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

    She is a “racing superstar” in the sense that she races, and she is a major star. She is much more recognized than many of her peers, regardless of whether or not she deserves to be. It’s just a fact. The term was not meant to describe her racing performance. She races, and she is a star. It’s as simple as that.

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

      NASCAR racer and celebrity would be more accurate then. Racing superstar makes it sound like she is a star at racing. That would mean that everybody who races is a star, which would be a pretty loose definition.

  • Juan Flores

    Danica Patrick is freaking hot. Everybody writing bad stuff about her driving and her is gay. and she does not even care she is famous.

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

      She does care. That is why she cries and blames everybody else when she screws up.

  • Rand

    She’s a horrible driver. How do you crash at a tire test? Ride the cash cow while you can, Princess Sparkle Pony!

  • Easy-E

    I’m just waiting for Jeff Gordon to start advertising mascara for Cover Girl…

  • JonnyontheSpot

    What about Dale Earnhardt Jr? Why does he still have a ride, with his drought of wins over the last 5 years? Only because of his name. So Danica has her looks. What’s the difference?

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

      He has actually had a decent career. Not great compared to the stars of the sport. Danica has done nothing. For all the hoopla she had only 1 win at Indy car racing and none in NASCAR. Her one win was a strategy call.

    • Russ

      looks like a lot of people are jealous of her,
      most of you can’t drive a radio flyer wagon, never the less
      a car. good for her, i say.

  • http://yahoo artdobosz

    cant drive for shit. quit racing, stay home and have babies.

  • Juck

    She didn’t crash in the Brickyard 400,,, she wasn’t even in that race. She crashed the day before in the Nationwide race. Great reporting though.

  • DaveyB

    There are better female drivers than Danica. One owns her nationwide car and another calls the owner “mommy”

  • http://yahoo artdobosz

    cant drive for shit. stop racing stay home and have babies

    • http://centurylink skepicsam

      How many races have you won in Nascar?

  • http://www.11phenomenon.com 11phenomenon

    Racing superstar? Who writes this stuff? Obviously not a sports fan. She had only 1 win at Indy car racing and none in NASCAR. Her one win was a strategy call. It is an embarrassment to the sport to make such a big deal out of her. Any other profession she would have been fired a long long time ago. Any other sport she would have been cut. She has taken away rides from a lot of people who actually have potential. Not to mention taken away attention from those who do race and do a lot better than her.

    • http://centurylink skepicsam

      you forgot about the finish in the top 5 at Indy 500

  • Jen

    All she does is hit the wall! take her out of the car already

    • jeremy

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Most pathetic driver out there. Has cost harvick atleast two wins because she drives too slow.

      • Hoosier

        I’m pretty sure that was Amber Cope. Good try tho.

  • http://Yahoo KMike

    She’s a ‘rookie’ driver in NASCAR. Period. She’s just like any other rookie driver with limited experience. She gets the press because she’s attractive and helps promote NASCAR to the casual racing fan. She isn’t an awful driver and she isn’t a good one either. One can debate her driving skills over some other deserving young drivers that can’t find a ride. Life ain’t fair and then you die. Bottom line, this is America where you market yourself to get ahead, and that’s what she’s doing. Hard core racing fans in a male dominated sport can rant on all day and it isn’t going change a thing. She’ll be around for awhile.

    • blinky1004

      Excuse me, but she’s been in the top 10 in points for the majority of the season which is a lot better than most of the series veterans are doing. Stock cars are some of the most difficult cars in the world to win in as exhibited by the performance of superstars in other forms of racing such as Juan Pablo Montoya and Marcose Ambrose who try to make it in NASCAR. Danica is a true racer, and has been for most of her life. She’s got the talent and the attitude to be a winner. She just needs more experience in these cars.

  • William H

    The only thing DP is famous for are the so-called sexy commercials she does ( and poorly so) for Go Daddy. What a joke!

  • http://centurylink skepicsam

    you don`t know the difference between Cope and Danica-you`re like the rest of these trolls-no brains