Dancing Robots Get Down To Korean Pop

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While everyone is currently convinced that recent acts of cannibalism committed across the country point to the imminent zombie apocalypse, I'm maintaing my due diligence regarding the real threat to our civilization as we know it - the imminent robot uprising. All of this face eating and stuff? It's just the distraction that they've been waiting for.

In the last year or so, we've seen plenty of examples of how the human race is orchestrating their ultimate destruction. First, a group of saboteurs scientists developed a robot that can solve problems using past experiences. You know, LEARN. Then, in an attempt to make sure that they are powerful and physically capable of genocide, scientists created an anthropomorphic sweating, push-up-performing robot that can move like a soldier.

Then there is all of that business with soft robotics (warning: nightmare inducing, NSFL content be thar). Those creepy crawly bots can move via low-pressure air and can fit into small spaces.

When you couple all of that with the concept of trying to replace the world's prostitutes with human-like sex bots, you can see why "apprehension" is an understatement.

Today's viral robot video screams cute, funny, and harmless. It falls in line with any number of recent robot dancing videos like those little guys moving to Thriller or those choreographed moves from some little robotic luchadores. Check it out, I mean, they do show off some pretty sweet moves.

Little robots dancing to K-pop? What could be cuter? Trust me, guys - it's just what they want you to think. Distract them with cuteness, destroy them with impunity. You can enjoy this little demonstration from the Korean Yeosu Expo all you want, just don't let your guard down.

[h/t BuzzFeed]
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