Dan Rather Not Involved in NBC’s JFK Coverage

By: Jennifer Curra - November 5, 2013

Legendary journalist Dan Rather was instrumental during the original coverage of the JFK assassination; however, CBS has not asked him to participate in coverage for the 50th anniversary. Rather reported for CBS in 1963 on the day of the assassination and was involved in the coverage of President JFK’s initial visit to Dallas. His commentary (such as the voice over in the video below) during the actual tragedy will be used.

Rather left CBS in 2006 after conflict escalated between the network and himself over a 2004 story relating to President George W. Bush. The popular journalist spoke about his anticipation at potentially reconnecting with the network in lieu of the upcoming anniversary coverage.

“I held off doing anything for anybody else for a while, thinking I may be asked to do something (for CBS). I can’t say I had any reason for that hope,” he said.

Rather filed a lawsuit for $70 million against CBS, but the lawsuit was thrown out in 2010. Regardless of the snub, the 82-year-old is still going strong with his present involvement in the news outlet, Dan Rather Reports. The show’s Twitter page even recognized Rather’s continued enjoyment at participating in a good story on his most recent birthday.

CBS may have let the chance to interview one of the actual reporters during the assassination pass by, but another network did not miss the opportunity. NBC’s Tom Brokaw conducted an extensive and exclusive interview with Dan Rather, which will air on the actual anniversary (November 22) of JFK’s assassination.

This news will do nothing to quell the lingering rumors of tension between CBS and Dan Rather.

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  • Good

    Good! I remember watching a Kennedy Anniversary story and he completely ignored all the new data regarding the assassination. He even said that he will only talk about how the official government position was right. There is so much evidence that the official government story was nothing but a fairy tale, yet he wants to continue the official party line.

    Heck, congress in 1976 even said that the death was the result of a conspiracy. When will we finally learn the truth? Probably never.

    • http://None Emmett McMahon

      I’d say that Dan Rather would prefer to report what he knew was the news.

    • You Are Right

      Yes, you are right. Everyone knows the official story was a lie. Yet, some people out there still cling to that lie. That is why they have bought every lie the government has told them since the Kennedy death. Only a fool would believe the official story.

  • Constance Harpeer

    I think Dan Rather is an Icon and I will always respect him for his coverage of the JFK Assassination in Dallas, TX., I have followed him most of my life. He is a true real journalist, professional and respectful. That stuff with then Pres. G.W. Bush was a bunch of crap, and I cannot believe the way CBS treated him. CBS has lost its true core value, and integrity when it comes to situations like that. The news is suppose to be about truth and not covering up lies because you favor one group of people over another no matter their status. Job Well Done! Dan U.S. Navy Vet

    • http:midnightbookworm.net Vin Smith

      …I agree with you, 100%. Fortunately, Dan is giving us some great investigative work on Mark Cuban’s cable network.

  • bill ding

    Up until Dan Rather tried to compete with Heraldo Rivera He was cool. after that, just a joke.

    • Kevin

      It’s Geraldo, not Heraldo.

  • http://recourse-loans.com Gary Anderson

    Perhaps Rather would have exposed the truth about LBJ’s involvement, as he has nothing to lose. I don’t know that for sure. But maybe. And he did not cover up the 9/11 explosions and probably got fired for that.

  • Jlnum

    Dan Rather was exposed as a crook. He faked documents regarding GW Bush. Several news organizations including CBS discovered the truth. Dan Rather kept talking about seeing and hearings ghosts in the CBS building. Dan was a arrogant pompus jackass who got what he deserved. Booted out of CBS. So long, you deranged liar.

    • @Jlnum

      And the Bush family has lied to America about 9/11. They all lie. Remember it is all about getting the “evil doers”.

      It is all a lie. America was built on them.

      • cliff clavin

        Obama continues in that tradition. In fact, he has raised the bar.

        • @Cliff

          I agree.

  • Peter J. Chilos

    As I recall Dan Rather once describe the day JFK Assassination “I was in NY coming out of the Subway Station there were no surrounding sounds it was eerie”

  • Peter Wirz

    Who instructed Jack Ruby to kill Oswald? The new
    NSA could tell you today, but at that time, what was the involvement of LB Johnsen´s entourage?

    • @Peter

      Everyone around Oswald was CIA or ex-CIA. The list of CIA people since his military days is quite crazy. There was even some FBI people in Oswald’s life before the shooting. That man was sheep dipped from the beginning.

  • Natalie Skyler

    Wasn’t it Dan Rather who said he was once accosted by some thugs that said to him, “Kenneth, What is the frequency?” Gee, what a reliable source he is. Kennedy assasination conspiracy? All in his head. There was no conspiracy. Show me the FACTS, Kenneth. Not speculation.

  • Don’t Know Rather

    I don’t know Rather so I can’t comment on the man personally. However, I have studied the JFK assassination and I can say that the official story is a lie. It always has been. What happened in 1963 was a government coup.

    People from that generation were brainwashed so much that they actually believed hiding under their desks would save them from a nuclear bomb. The government has lied to us hundreds of times since then, but people still believe and ask for more. Everyone, who has studied the assassination, knows that the official story is fiction.

  • Rather was Selective

    Rather was selective in how he reported things.

    When Oswald was arrested at the theater, the Dallas police sent 8 squad cars and 17 police to arrest a man who didn’t pay a 25 cent movie ticket. Remember, at that time, no one knew what Oswald looked like or even that he was the killer. It was only an hour after the shooting. All the police were told was a man didn’t pay for a movie ticket.

    Now the President was just shot, the Governor was just shot, a police man killed, and the city was in a panic — yet the police are going to send 8 squad cars and 17 police to deal with a man who didn’t pay for a movie? This simply doesn’t make logical sense. Oswald was set up like he said he was. He was told to go to the movie theater by his handlers. His handlers then sent the police to get him. This implies that there is more than one person involved. It was a conspiracy.

    But people like Rather will never bring these questions to light. They stick with the party line.

  • http://Yahoo Steve

    Prior to the retirement of Walter Cronkite I would not miss CBS Evening News. I watched it every night. Cronkite set the standard for fair and accurate reporting. Then along came Rather and it all changed. He became a mouthpiece for liberal causes and caused CBS to lose its creditability. I don’t blame CBS for not asking this shill back. he deserved to get fired and he should just fade away

  • R

    CBS, shame on you. Dan Rather has earned the right to be there. In fact he has earned the right to be at any function where he reported. You people need to rethink your position.

  • The Real Issu

    The real issue is that the majority of people do not believe the official story. We were lied to and if we were lied to back then, we are being lied to now. Just how deep do the lies in this country go and how many innocent people have suffered because of them? The death of Kennedy fundamentally changed the course of this nation.

    The problems you see today are a direct result of the lies you saw in the past. If the public won’t stand up for a beloved President that was killed, they won’t stand up for anything. Remember, in a very real way, Kennedy kept us from getting destroyed in a Nuclear War. We owe him to find out the truth.

  • Charles

    On November 22, 1963, a coup d’état by Lyndon Johnson and the highest echelons of the National Security State was accomplished with the brutal murder of President John F. Kennedy. Andrew Gavin Marshall has written an excellent and concise online summary article, “The National Security State and the Assassination of JFK,” which compliments the definitive, path-breaking research of author James W. Douglass in JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.

    The “smoking gun” in the cover-up of the assassination is found in CIA Dispatch #1035-960 (available online). This was the crucial covert directive to the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird elite media assets to vigorously denounce critics of the Warren Commission Report as “conspiracy theorists.” This is when that particular derogatory term of denunciation and disinformation entered the national conversation in an attempt to cut off and stifle informed debate on the president’s murder because the path of evidence would lead directly to those elements behind the sinister cover-up.

    These facts are discussed in detail in Lance deHaven-Smith’s authoritative Conspiracy Theory in America (Austin, TX: University of Texas Press). Dr. Smith is a widely published scholar in peer-reviewed academic journals and is Professor in the Reubin O’ D. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University in Tallahassee. DeHaven-Smith has appeared on Good Morning America, the Today Show, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather, the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and other national TV and radio shows.