Dan Marino And Shannon Sharpe Are Leaving CBS’ NFL Pregame Show

    February 19, 2014
    Tobias Roth
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After several years on CBS’ NFL pregame show, Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe will both be leaving the panel of experts. As former NFL stars themselves, they always had a lot to say about the game.

They will not return in the 2014-2015 season, and they will be replaced by only one person, Tony Gonzalez. It did not take Gonzalez long to find a new job, and the veteran tight end will join a panel that now consists of Bill Cowher and Boomer Esiason, and is hosted by James Brown.

Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe were both longtime analysts on the CBS’ The NFL Today pregame show, and in their absence, the network has decided to go with someone younger–hoping to appeal to the current state of the league. Marino had spent 13 years on the show, while Sharpe had been on for the past 10.

A statement from CBS chief Sean McManus in regards to their departure read “Dan and Shannon are true Hall of Famers on the field and in front of the camera. As they pursue other professional opportunities, we thank them for their hard work and dedication and wish them nothing but the best.”

Tony Gonzalez will be a fresh face for the network after officially retiring just last month. It was previously reported that he would be playing his last game at the end of last season–of course it is never official until it actually happened. He had previously made statements that indicated retirement in recent years, and not followed through with it.

He played in the league for 17 seasons, and is the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdowns and yards for a tight end. Speaking on his decision to become an analyst, he said “About three years ago I started to think more about retirement and I started to do more television and I said to myself: ‘This is fun.’ What a great way for me to stay connected to the game and give back to the game.”

The younger Tony Gonzalez, who spent several seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons, will be an interesting transition for CBS’ show that has been hosted by Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe for such a long time. Their contracts were up, and CBS has recently fallen short to FOX in terms of ratings. The network hopes that Tony Gonzalez can change that.

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  • Jack Bone

    Because Gonzalez is so much younger.

  • Larry Greenwalt

    Isn’t this age discrimination? Perhaps Obama and Holder should look into this

    • LordofBoom

      its different, you may need to look up some of the discrimination laws

      • Larry Greenwalt

        geezzzzz its a JOKE

  • Blow me

    Hey Larry walk much? wow if fat were brains…..

  • WVF

    I think CBS made a mistake by getting rid of Dan Marino, but Shannon Sharpe always came across as somewhat ignorant and not very well spoken. I hope Dan works with the Dolphins in some capacity. I think he would be a good addition to the team.

  • Mark h

    Well I started watching cbs pre show because of its cast of characters Marino kept it real and shannon kept it sharp and funny I will be tuning back to the fox network and we should start a boycott of cbs pre game!!!!

  • john

    It is not a matter of racism, Shannon Sharpe was just plain inarticulate and many times dressed(e.g. his bowties) like a fool. They like sportscasters that “go after” some of the players, coaches and gets into the soap opera dramas(mostly in Dallas and New York). Marino never got into that like; that was for former players like Joe.

    I do know one thing that ugly discussion that you can not be great unless you have been a QB on a winning Supper Bowl team(as if you would take Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson because they as been on Super Bowl winning teams). You could tell that discussion got under the craw of Marion and Boomer Esiasian.

  • papanick

    Translation. We want to reach into more Latino households! They are the fastest growing segment of the population. Actually, something needed to change. The show sucks compared to the others.

  • VanPastorMan

    Luckily today there are a lot more options for Sportscasters. They can go to another tv network,radio,internet, and perhaps others. Good luck to Dan and Shannon.

  • Bruce Damesly

    Shannon Sharpe was an excellent panelist – knowledgeable and articulate on the subject of pro football. I don’t see Tony Gonzalez being an improvement.

  • Leroy Kelly

    13 years is “several years?” Only to this kid, Tobias Roth. Hey, Roth, your degree is in English. I think that makes you qualified to be able to use a dictionary.