Cuoco Photo Leak: Kaley Cuoco Talks About Nude Photos


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More than one hundred celebrities found themselves victims in the 4chan nude photo leak, with Jennifer Lawrence being the most talked about. While learning that such private photos were shared with the world certainly came as a shock to the celebrities, one actress in particular is taking everything in stride--The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. Cuoco opened up on the photo leak during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The photo leak happened at the end of August when a user on the website 4chan shared pictures of Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Cuoco, and others that were obtained from the celebrities' iCloud accounts. Actress Kaley Cuoco first heard about the nude photos via Google alerts that she has sent to her phone, but thought they were fake at first because she gets false alarms every day.

"I totally have Google alerts that come to my phone, so anything that my name pops up it comes to my phone because I'm, like, obsessed. I need to know what's going on," Cuoco told Kimmel. "So every day, every day there's like 30 'Kaley Cuoco nude photos' [alerts]. It's been going on for years. There's all these fakes ones."

Unfortunately, this time the alerts turned out to be the real thing. Cuoco's family and friends started emailing her about the leaked photos. “Then I started getting emails like, ‘No, there are some real ones going around,’" Cuoco said. "So I looked and I was like, ‘Oh my God, there are some real ones.’”

Check out Kaley Cuoco's interview with Jimmy Kimmel below.

As upsetting as it was to learn that these photos were floating around for everyone to see, rather than let it get to her, The Big Bang Theory star did what she does best--she made a joke out of it. "It was just a really bad situation but I took it in my own hands and make a joke about it because what are you gonna do?" Cuoco said. "You gotta make fun of yourself."

Cuoco posted a photoshopped picture of herself and husband Ryan Sweeting to Instagram.

“What a fun day that was, frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico! Feels like we forgot something?” the photo caption read.

In the meantime, Kaley Cuoco has her sights set on the eighth season of The Big Bang Theory, which will return to CBS on Monday, September 22.