“Criminal Minds” Star: DUI Comes After Barricade Crash

By: Amanda Crum - January 7, 2013

“Criminal Minds” star Thomas Gibson was arrested early on Sunday morning under suspicion of DUI after he crashed through a half-marathon barricade in L.A.

The former “Dharma And Greg” star was stopped for driving through the area, which had been closed off for the safety of the runners, and after police smelled alcohol on his breath he was given a breathalyzer and placed under arrest. He was eventually released on $15,000 bond.

The race–which included a half marathon, a 5K race, a kids’ fun run and a health and fitness expo through downtown landmarks–shut down several streets and created traffic jams over the course of several hours.

Gibson wasn’t the only star celebrating the first week of 2013 a little too hard; actor Josh Brolin was arrested on New Year’s Eve for public intoxication. He wasn’t cited, however, and won’t have to attend court.

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