Cracked Argues With Itself About How Evil Google Is

    November 18, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Cracked has put out a new video called “The 5 Most Seemingly Sinister Google Behaviors”. It’s a humorous video in which a guy argues back and forth with himself about whether or not the things Google does are good or evil. Ultimately, he decides it’s a mixture of both.

It’s worth noting that Cracked is owned by Demand Media, which has felt plenty of Google’s wrath, while also being a major advertising partner for the company. The company recently reported a revenue decrease thanks to a loss of search referrals.

Today, Google agreed to pay $17 million to states over tracking Safari users two years ago.

  • JL

    Google is evil. I don’t think people fully understand that they are a lynch pin for domestic spying. Thousands of companies spoke out against CISPA, but the two biggest supporters were Google and Microsoft.

    I am an IT consultant and I truly don’t think people have a clue as to what is coming. None. I am not trying to be alarmist but really people in this country should be very scared. If you have young kids or grand children, you should be very concerned. I am not trying to scare people but to inform people. You really have no idea what is coming.

    • JaiGuru

      @JL: Then stop saying we have no idea what’s coming and actually inform us.

      Oh wait. You didn’t because you can’t because there’s no titanic threat on the horizon. You just want to sound dark and in the know when you’re actually just some pissant key pusher.

  • maireen mcdonald

    Hacked since March 25, I jumped through hoops but finally have my evidence with the FBI. Google is a diabolical, shameless corporation who knew roughly 50 accounts were taken from me, yet they elect to do nothing. Last night while using a “safe” device at Fedex, my attacker orchestrated theft and creation of Google + accounts, phishing me w/ a cryptic email from Apple (with whom I had reactivated my ID/ password a mere hour prior) and I sat astonished as 5 accounts were disabled via use of the Authenticator. The app widget on the screen. any recovery was futile, as my security questions were replaced and new cell number waved to my incredullous face.

    They were apprised in April. Nothing. I was even suspended May 26 as she surfed cyberterrorist sites on my web. “Google Alert”. 30 days- no discussion.

    Apps and Products are merely hacker havens to secure/ access victims, and store nefarious files. At my 5th wipe of the MacBook Pro, I know a little something. My attacker, devoid of a soul or conscience was an apt pupil at the ‘Google Institute for Intrusion and Crime”.

    If you act like it isn’t happening, maybe you can save a few bucks pulling Chat Moderators, right?