Corey Feldman: Jacket From Film Finally Returned

    May 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Corey Feldman, who was one half of one of the most awesome ’80s duos ever, says he’s elated to have the leather jacket back that he wore in “Dream A Little Dream”.

The jacket was stolen from the House Of Blues in 2011 and, according to Feldman, was worth $100,000. When a Boston-area man found the jacket at a flea market, he returned it and was rewarded with a trip to L.A., where he was honored onstage at one of Feldman’s rock shows. In addition, the actor donated proceeds from his show to the charity of the man’s choice, which happened to be OneFundBoston.org, an organization that benefits survivors of the Boston bombings.

Feldman starred with his best friend, Corey Haim, in the 1989 film; the two would remain friends over the years and even appear on a reality show together before Haim’s death in 2010.

  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Susan

    The jacket was stolen from the House Of Blues in 2011 and, according to Feldman, was worth $100,000. When a Boston-area man found the jacket at a flea market, he returned it and was rewarded with a trip to L.A., “How did he know it was Corey Feldman’s jacket?”

  • Peter Anderson

    WOW.. Flea Market My Arse!!! He probably knew or stole it himself.. If someone “Stole” something so valuable would not be at a flea market.. sorry.. Get A CLUE! Which you already have.. Dur

  • Dennis

    Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are talentless ass clowns. This writer is blind to talent.

    • HeyHeyHey

      Corey Haim wasn’t….Feldman was cool in Stand By Me…but he’s been riding that gravy train way too long. How is Corey Feldman’s jacket news???

    • Ray rider

      And how many movies have you been in?

  • Seaner157

    It was worth that much according to feldman, himself. Obviosly when it hit the market, we see where it ended up. Good story, though.

  • Tom

    The man was “rewarded” by being flown out to LA to attend one of Feldman’s rock shows? I bet the guy wishes he never found that jacket or was “rewarded”. The person who stole it should be be the person to attend, but I guess that might be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

  • http://yahoo Gregg

    Great security at The House of Blues.
    How can something like that just walk out and no one notices?

  • Cara

    100,000 for a jacket…If every famous person would just donate their “swag” from movies and promos we could probably end world hunger. Or donate the money to the schools – give a proper education to kids who will never see 100,000 dollars in their lives, let alone own a jacket worth that much just because it touched a teen 80’s pop-tart’s body and was in a movie – a B movie, nonetheless. Honoring this kind of crap shows how our society is so wrapped up in the material and celebrity culture. Sigh, and, yes, I fully see the contradiction that I clicked on this article when I saw the name Corey Feldman on Yahoo news (and I use “news” very lightly).

    • Troyster

      You hit the nail on the head, Cara. If only the most-read headline stories were about the real people and issues that mattered instead of celebrities, swag, etc. If only it was as cool to be on top of real people’s stories and challenges. If only the news of those actively involved in solving our huge problems would go viral to the point that everyone is doing something. And no one would care about the arrogant mirage of celebdom.

      • Cory P

        I read an article not too long ago about how a doctor who makes $570,000 a year doesn’t feel rich. It’s because of his lifestyle. Celebrities have an outrageous lifestyle that they have to keep up, and which is why they don’t feel they have any “extra” money to give. I am by no means saying that this is right, just an explanation. I feel that celebs shouldn’t be paid the outrageous amounts of money that they get, but because people pay the premiums, they can get away with it. I mean people pay thousands of dollars to have a celeb just show up at a party! That’s insane! Movie prices keep going up to pay for the actors! The people behind the scenes don’t get a pay hike, and they work longer hours than the actors! I love movies, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like they have gotten carried away with themselves lately. I recently paid over $30 to see ONE movie, just me and my wife. I remember when I could have brought a friend with my parents (4 people) and it wouldn’t have cost as much!

  • laurie

    FELDMAN said the jacket was worth 100K. Active fantasy life, much?

  • theHyena

    who? what movie?