Companies Are Duking It Out Online For Consumers' Hearts And Minds [Infographic]


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Everybody is fighting to have you access the Internet on their hardware or software platforms. In fact, you may even call it a war. Some wars are more contested than others, but they're all fighting to gain your favor at the end of the day.

In a new infographic from KISSmetrics, the analytics blog breaks down every "war" and declares a winner based on current market share. If you've been following the contested market share battles over the last few years, you probably already know who the current winners are in each category. For example, 43 percent of the world accesses the Web via Chrome on non-mobile devices making it the number one Web browser. Other examples include Facebook owning 71 percent of social media market share, or Android owning 38 percent of mobile OS market share.

Check out the full infographic below:

Internet Is At War And You're The Prize

Like in any war, there are those who are always going to support the underdog. That's how Opera is able to stay so consistent. It may be in last place, but its fans ensure that it's never truly out of the game. It's what makes these "Internet wars" so fascinating.