Comic-Con Death: Twitter Reacts to the Tragedy

    July 14, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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The Comic-Con death of a dedicated “Twilight” fan in San Diego on Tuesday has prompted Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment to issue a joint statement on the matter. “Lionsgate, Summit and the entire Twilight community are saddened by the death of a Comic-Con fan today due to a traffic accident during the hours leading up to this year’s convention in San Diego. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the victim’s family and friends.”

The 53 year-old victim, who has been identified as Gisella G., was struck by a car while waiting in line for the “Twilight” Comic-Con panel that is scheduled for Thursday. Since seating is limited, it’s not uncommon for fans to start waiting in line days in advance. Although her death is sure to be on everyone’s mind before the panel — which include Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed, and director Bill Condon — no one knows whether or not Gisella’s death will be addressed.

The victim was apparently crossing the street against the red light in order to keep her place in line when she was struck by a car. Although Gisella noticed the vehicle was not slowing down, she tripped on her way to safety, which ultimately resulted in her death. Witnesses say that the victim was “bleeding profusely” as paramedics whisked her away to the hospital. The 67 year-old driver was detained at the scene for questioning. No charges have been filed.

To express their condolences to Gisella G.’s friends and family, tons of folks have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts with the world. You can sample some of their reactions to this unfortunate tragedy by investigating the posts you see below. And if you’re at Comic-Con this week, for the love of God, people, please be careful.

  • Chris

    Maybe she should have waited for traffic. I bet if she did she woulnd’t have died. At least one more intellectually inferior person gone. If this keeps going on we might actually have a surge of intelligence in this country.

    • K

      How do I report this comment? It needs to be removed out of respect for the family.

      • Kristine


      • Pokey


      • Noitall

        Might as well report mine also, you fucking cock sucker.

      • E

        Hey, folks, the truth is painful. I mean no disrespect to the family, nor even to the memory of Mrs. G, as the needless death of an innocent is always tragic.
        That said, the fact cannot be ignored that she WAS in violation of basic traffic law (most people don’t know what Jaywalking is anymore, but SHE WAS OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER).
        Also not to be ignored, the fact that her behavior is typical of too many people these days; no attention paid to their surroundings, because “everyone else should be watching out for me”.
        And finally, the most glaring fact is the complete lack of common sense. As previously stated, she should’ve known better than to cross on a red light, especially with cars approaching.
        Sorry if this offends anyone, but its the plain truth, and a major “DUH” vote in my opinion.

      • GrammarNazi

        I find your request of censorship to be offensive and insensitive; your post should be reported.

    • Shalimar

      She lived near me and was not only intelligent,
      but a loving friend and devoted to her family.
      Sad that you would write poorly of someone you
      never even met. How ‘unintelligent’ of you.

      • GrammarNazi

        Apparently she wasn’t THAT intelligent.

  • Ray

    ummmm if you walk in traffic, you get hit by a car….. Really???

  • Ray Bottorff

    I have been the the Comic-Con before and anyone who has ever crossed the road in front of the convention hall knows, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. I have never seen such a busy trafficked street intersected by ground level ahd heavily-used crosswalks. The city of San Diego should have long ago built pedestrian bridges or tunnels to safely get convention goers across the road from Downtown to the Convention Center.

    • carlos

      maybe the convention center should build the bridge. why does the city have to build it?

      • A-Ha

        I thought that the Convention Center is owned by the city?

      • http://internetexplore julie johnson

        I concur..Absolutely!!

    • Noitall

      Even better, they can just hold their conventions in the Alameda Insane Asylum. It was designed to keep raving lunatics from hurting themselves.

  • JustVisiting

    I’m no fan of Twilight or “Twi-tards,” but this is sad. Poor woman just wanted to have fun.

  • James

    I’m sorry but charges need to be filed. That driver should have seen her and slowed down. Not mindlessly driving past an obviously crowded area without keeping an eye on people who might get in the way. That’s the problem, just because it wasn’t done on purpose doesn’t mean there is no accountability to be paid.

    • Pokey

      She was crossing against the light. The driver is not at fault when somebody literally falls in front of their vehicle when they are obeying traffic laws. It’s called survival of the fittest for a reason, folks. If she would have had the smarts to cross at a crosswalk, she’d have been fine. It’s unfortunate, but stupid is as stupid does (and in this case, stupid died).

    • monkey

      standing in the road because you’re ‘star-struck’ should ALSO have some sort of accountability, don’t you think? if you want to start pointing fingers……you better point at EVERYONE involved.

    • GrammarNazi

      “Sir, you are under arrest for obeying the traffic laws. Since the ‘victim’ was stupid we are required to punish you for her stupidity.”

      Yep, that sounds real nice.

  • john carter

    that’s what you get for liking “twilight”, especially if you’re a die hard,lol, fan. too bad it wasn’t the writer of “twilight”.

    • Nathan

      Go fuck yourself.

    • Kristine

      Wow, that’s cruel. She deserved to die, that’s what you’re saying. I’m sure you like things other people don’t like, but I’m sure they aren’t saying you deserve to die for it.

    • Noitall

      To Nathan and Kristine. If you are expecting true sympathy from a post on the internet, then you are both as stupid as the twilight fan who couldn’t cross the road.

      • Nathan

        Just because we shouldn’t expect sympathy doesn’t give you an excuse to dole out disrespectful comments saying her death was justified by what she likes.

    • Amber

      To idiot that posted ” that’s what you get for liking twilight” I really hope your just some stupid kid that cant help but to make an ass of yourself. An adult that would say such an ignorant thing after the death is mentally disturbed and should be locked up. If indeed you are an adult I truly hope you do not have children.

  • Chuck

    Red lights mean “STOP” Obviously not everyone is aware of this.

  • http://internetexplore julie johnson

    The man who didn’t see her crossing, with all the crowd..should have his liceince revoked until he takes a full exam with DMV…starting with eye exam, written exam, and driving to prove he’s he capable of safe driving and being aware of such situations & have full attention to the road ahead.

    • GrammarNazi

      So you want him tested because he obeyed the traffic laws and the “victim” willingly disregarded them? Wow! Check your meds.

  • mike

    to the person who said “that’s what she gets for liking “Twilight!” why don’t you do us a favor and get hit by a car. I’m not a fan, but this sucks, somebody who was on their way to something joyful ending in a sad tragedy.that’s like the kid in the 70’s who was on his way to Detroit to see KISS, only to be killed. whether we are fans of something or not, we shouldn’t be like this jerk-wad who thinks it was ok for a fan to get killed attending something they were passionate about.khrama is a you-know what! nobody deserves to die regardless of your feelings of certain franchises, and people do drive like idiots, they need to enforce speed limits.

    • http://jemcynsloneoineshetlands.net Cindy M

      You are 100% right!!

  • http://jemcynsloneoineshetlands.net Cindy M

    I am her age.I know how she felt. I too am a fan of Twilight! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. There should be a cop on duty where alot of folks are seeing a convention. ComicCon is a place whitch draws alot of the BIG STARS so should have policeing. This death should never have accoured ever!!

    • Noitall

      You’re 53 and can’t spell occurred?

      • Swami

        She also doesn’t know when to use ‘a lot’ instead of ‘alot’ and doesn’t know how to spell ‘which’.

        • GrammarNazi

          She also spelled “policing” wrong.
          In addition to that, these folks weren’t really “seeing” the convention as much as they were “attending” the convention.
          Furthermore, in the last sentence, she uses the word “ever”. This causes unnecessary redundancy since she already used the term “never”.

          • MD

            I laughed pretty hard.

  • http://internetexplore julie johnson

    Man needs to have his licence revoked until he takes a full exam with the DMV..to prove he still has the driving savy to judge when to follow speed & when to slow down.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/MartheevManor Jason (MartheevManor)

      Well considering he had the green light I’m not sure why he should be expected to “slow down”. Why wasn’t this woman expected to not “cross against the red light”?

      • Michaela

        Exactly what I was thinking! Also with the large number of people around, it is easy to be distracted, no matter how old you are. However, it is still a tragedy.

    • Louisa Benson

      No, the man was not at fault. He had the right of way. The light was green, the pedestrian crossing light was red. Of course he expects the pedestrian to stop and wait for their turn to cross.

    • ynx

      uhh, HE”S got to prove he’s competent? the driver was driving through a green light while and this woman,14 years younger than him, was jaywalking.

  • Mack Hopkins

    Seeing as how it was a twilight fan, I really wouldn’t call it a tragedy.

    • Nathan

      It’s amazing to see how people like you value stupid YouTuber propaganda over human life.

      • Noitall

        Youtuber propaganda? A 53 year old woman was completely obsessed with a teenage girl film adaptation of a teenage girl vampire romance novel. Natural selection my friend, natural selection. Now go back to your pokemon cards

        • Mitch

          ^^^^^^^That whole conversation just made me lol so hard.

          • avs895

            natural f****** selection? clearly you need to retake bio you moron. there is nothing the slow process of evolution has against someones tastes. i hate twilight too but i dont complain about its existence. you people are called special snowflakes. sarcastic insult, because snowflakes all look the freaking same.

      • Mark

        I think they are just concerned about the ability of humans to survive another 100 years. Just went down 10% with her death.

  • lol

    her parents probably never told her to not cross the street in a red light she should have waited it’s not the driver fault

  • Duff

    53 years old and a die hard twilight fan? Let’s not state the obvious here.

  • Mike

    Probably tried to stop the incoming car with her hand and failed.

  • Obama

    Always remember. No matter what you do, someone else is always at fault.

  • Misty

    Such a shame, no matter what her age, that she is gone so soon. My condolences to her family. Even more of a tradgedy that trolls read this article and belittle her after her death. You should all be ashamed for your rude and hateful comments about a lady you never knew. My deepest sympathy goes out to everyone of her friends and family members.

    • lol

      right but mabey if she had looked both ways before crossing and/or looked at the traffic light she would be ok

    • Carrie

      You know something…you guys are ruthless. Who gives a crap what she likes. I’m only 5 years younger than she was and I am a huge fan of the twilight saga. My point is simple, the woman is dead. It really doesn’t matter how or why. You can go on for days back and forth about red lights, green lights, old drivers, “stupid twihards”. Leave it alone and say a prayer and be done already. God Bless Giselle and her family as they deal with her loss.

    • Mark

      Not really gone to soon. 53 is considered old. Probably getting confused that she was younger because she was a Twilight fan. Just reported that San Diego CSI analyzed a traffic cam and the car never struck her. When she fell, she landed on a wooden stake coated in garlic. Then the first responder was a priest and set his bible down right next to her. Woman never had a chance.

  • http://FUCKYOU.com Why is this news?

    Someone got hit by a car while waiting in line? So Twilight gets more headlines on this tragedy…your that desperate for headlines? So someone got hit by a car. How many other people die each day? It’s not like they were more special than someone else…And when did twilight become a feature at Comic Con…Last time I checked the book was for young adults…make your movies and books, but stay out of COMIC Convention. It is stupid for people to stand out in large queues anyway…sell tickets before hand and it will stop the need to rush and/or be in a long line way before something opens.

    Plain and simple there are many people dying each day, in tragic ways,and some not so tragic. THis helped out Lions Gate and others who want this to be a damn headline. What about he drunk driver who killed the family of four including the family dog and 2 chilrend and a family friend while trying o attend the funeral of their youngest daughter who died of cancer? That make the news? No just Miley Cyrus getting some tattoo and a TWILIGHT FAN DEAD AT COMIC CON headline…

    For those of you who want to want to try and criticize me for being insensitive… ask yourself this: Why isn’t it ‘Victims name dies while waiting to be let in” and the article goes on to say what a great person she was, and mainly about this person…then lions gate and comic con and everyone else in a single conclusion paragraph saying how it was unfortunate how someone died while waiting in line at their event….But instead it’s a tragedy for Comic Con’s twilight and it’s not their fault but instead someone else…which Twilight at Comic Con is doing this at this location…

    Journalism and Internet stories…always about the catchy and trendy articles and never about honoring the person or giving us a story that might hurt someone’s feeling. How detached, distant, and attractive the news is these days…I ask again, Why is this news?

  • J

    “The victim was apparently crossing the street against the red light in order to keep her place in line”…Gisella noticed the vehicle was not slowing down”…..Her place in line was worth dying for?!?

  • Sam

    I’ve always wondered why they say peds have the right of way. She was crossing the street on a red “DO NOT WALK” to save her place in a line for a comic-con!?!? The driver was not to blame…and i feel that if a ped gets hit by a car and does the car more damage then his/herself then by all means..they SHOULD have the right of way..if not..DON’T WALK INTO TRAFFIC!

  • dmc

    Tragic. But I think the driver is more of the victim in this case. He was obeying the traffic laws and boom a woman strikes his car by disobeying the traffic laws. Now he has to live with the fact that he has taken someone’s life! The woman could have prevented every bit of this. Let this be a lesson to everyone, there is NO celebrity in the world to risk your well being for. It is sad that people look at celebrities as god-like, especially an adult. I am not sure what was going through this woman’s mind at the time if anything at all but “I cant lose my place line!!” Tragic for both jaywalker and driver.

  • G

    this is just plain old stupidity.

  • joshua

    Wow I know how she feels, i die a little every time i hear stuff about twilight, wtf is a 58 year old doing at a twilight convention , i feel sorry for the person driving the car , their insurance rates are going to be through the roof , just like the old broad she hit.

  • Tara

    Wow, some of y’all here are such freakin’ losers…the woman died, have some sympathy. Geez!

    • GrammarNazi

      I thought I had sympathy; but it was only gas.

      • screw twilight

        lol @grammarnazi

        and it was a twilight fan no sympathy there

  • Robin

    she crossed against the light, and was hit by someone who had the right of way case closed. It’s a tragedy to be certain, but that’s what happens when you walk out in the middle of a high traffick area. I feel for the driver who is probably going to get charged for her irresponsible behavior. Comic-Con should in no way be held accountable for this, nor should the driver.

    • Gambit

      A green light actually means yield, and pedestrians always have the right of way.

      • screw twilight

        @gambit are you stupid?

        • ;ajdhfa

          Pedestrians have the right of way at all times, regardless of who had right of way first.

  • Xian

    Even though she was in the wrong for crossing during a red sign, the driver should had enough common sense and humanity to slow down.

    • GrammarNazi

      Maybe he did slow down. Besides, when I’m driving to an intersection that has a green light, there is no law that says I must slow down.

      • ObviousResponder

        Yes, it is a law. California Vehicle Code 21950. Educated yourself before posting.Here is the exact subdivision: (c) The driver of a vehicle approaching a pedestrian within any marked or unmarked crosswalk shall exercise all due care and shall reduce the speed of the vehicle or take any other action relating to the operation of the vehicle as necessary to safeguard the safety of the pedestrian.

        • screw twilight

          laws varies accordingly to state educate yourself -_-

          • ObviousResponder

            Comic-Con is in San Diego, which is in California. Try downloading Google Earth.

          • ObviousResponder

            Also, you might want to visit your local library or adult school for some grammar lessons.

        • Janice

          your correct eds have right-of-way in Ca. As well as most other states

        • GrammarNazi

          But was she visibly in the intersection when he approached or did she run out in front of him. By the information given in the article, she ran in front of him unexpectedly.
          Educate yourself. Investigate with an open mind.

  • Robin

    Humanity? Humanity, along with patience becomes very thin for those who have to travel through areas that attract large amounts of tourists because there is no other way to get to you destination. Pedestrians do NOT have the right away in every situation; just as bicyclists do NOT own the road. The driver was probaby frustrated with having to maneuver around other event goers that were crossing against traffic as well. An alternative to this story is, man slams on car to avoid the woman at fault for walking out in front of him. Her negligence causes a multi car pile up that could have taken out more lives than just one.

  • Lone Gunman

    I cant believe someone was hit by a car while waiting in line.
    also i cant believe someone 53 watches twilight. now she can watch underworld with jesus.

  • Jeon Sang Young

    twilight fan? no real loss.

  • Taylor

    So many of you are sick and inhumane. Have some respect and a bit of humanity. I hate Twilight and everything it stands for. But that doesn’t give me the right (or want, for that matter) to say this woman deserved this. That is disgusting to think that some of you are saying such things. Death is tragic, no matter who it is. If you’ve lost a loved one who was close, you can understand the pain. There is no reason to mock someone’s death simply because they are a fan of a certain movie/book. Your inconsiderate, immature nature does not make you more intelligent, better, more attractive, superior, cool, or however you think you seem.

    • http://thepeasmaker.blogspot.com Joshua

      Maybe she thinks Edward will turn her into a vampire anyway…

  • ma

    Why did that make me laugh?

  • Billy Pilgram

    Although you must excercise all caution when a pedestrian is crossing the road. You must be aware of all the idiots that will cross the road not even at a crosswalk in front of moving vehicles and not even flinch or hurry. Sad this woman was killed but I’m surprised it doesn’t happen much more often.

  • Cynthia

    I think its very sad Twilight fan or not. Now onto what I think is horrible. I can’t believe people actually say such horrible mean things. Really? What if that was your mom or your sister or best friend how would you feel? Bottom line she was crossing the street does not matter if it was the right time for her to cross or not, I feel sorry for everyone involved in the accident. The driver who has to live with knowing they killed someone , which I would assume was not out that day to go kill a innocent person crossing the street and the person who died and their family and friends who have the reminder that they lost a loved one this way. You people who talk mad trash right now make me sick , wow I am ashamed I live in the same country as you as far as I am concerned I think you all deserve to be arrested and thrown in jail for the way you have talked and expressed publicly to thousands and thousands of people that this person deserved to die because they are a Twilight fan or because they crossed the street at the wrong time. People speed all the time ,regardless if its one mile over the speed limit or 100 miles over. I think you all are sick and I feel sad that you all talk the way you do. But its all good you have to live with yourself. Because the horrible mean comments you have expressed this family who is dealing with the death of a loved one might read it or someone who has gone through a situation simular to this. I just cant believe how cruel people are and if I could press charged against you I would because you are all horrible people who wished death on a normal person who just was not paying enough attention and we are all guilty of that. Wow I am just sad to read these comments and I am ashamed I live in a world with people so full of hate.

    • http://WebProNews Victoria Hauer

      You captured my thoughts clearly. 2 families are suffering, the victims and the drivers. The driver will be serving a life sentence of guilt. It was a tragic accident. I can not believe how petty and paranoid people can be. I am glad to know that there are people out there who can see clearly the anguish of others.

    • Spencer

      Thank God for people like Cynthia and others like her. So many days I feel as if I’ve lost believing in people in USA, but then comes a person like you Cynthia that has the guts to express others wrongs toward others. This is a tragic event. A woman lost her life, and all some can do is judge her?!?!? Please God let more people like Cynthia express what you gave them: Love for others, family and friends.
      Peace be with this family for their loss.

  • Laura

    What a tragedy. My prayers go out to her family during this time. And for all you people making cruel jokes because she was a “Twilight” fan and you are not, are sadistic. She was a human being just like you. How would you feel if someone you knew was killed tragically?

    • Antonio Aceves

      I cant believe people are joking about this…….. Deepest thoughts and prayers…

  • Zeiram

    I think the #%%$^ killed her for publicity for the film. Shameful really, those movies #%%$^# s t i n k.

    • Zeiram2

      Makes sense.

    • Julian Jacobs

      Seriously! That’s such a sick thing to say! Skrew off! Asshole!

  • fod_xp

    Well, it’s called heed the traffic lights and don’t j-walk around a convention area when a huge event like Comic Con is going on. Regardless, rushing headlong into a busy street over anything at Comic-Con is utter nonsense. I myself am a huge comic book nerd, but I wouldn’t risk my life to get an autograph from my favorite comic writer or something similar. Also, down town San Diego traffic can be dangerous on a regular day. It was a silly, but fatal mistake, and a lesson for us all.

  • Antonio Aceves

    :( RIP and atleast we all know she is in a better place looking upon us…my prayers and most deepest condolences to the family….

  • ruben

    that’s so funny, only funny because the lady who was speeding was old and probably had no control of whats she’s doing so she’s speeding, I still think this is very tragic that the lady got hit and died.