‘Colored’ Comment Apology Offered by Golf CEO

    May 23, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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On Thursday, the head of the European golf tour, George O’Grady, used the word “colored” to refer to minorities during a live television interview. O’Grady was commenting on a recent remark golfer Sergio Garcia made in reference to fellow golfer Tiger Woods. When asked if he would have Woods over for dinner, Garcia said, “We’ll have him ’round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

In a live Sky Sports interview, O’Grady stated that the European tour had accepted Garcia’s apology and that the “fried chicken” remark was a poor attempt at humor.

“We were convinced that he was trying to be funny,” said O’Grady. “We know the connotation in the United States. We accept all races on the European tour. We take it very strongly. Most of Sergio’s friends happen to be very, uh, colored athletes in the United States.”

Today, O’Grady has issued a formal apology to Tiger Woods and anyone else offended by the word he used.

“I deeply regret using an inappropriate word in a live interview for Sky Sports for which I unreservedly apologize,” said O’Grady.

Garcia has also apologized for his “fried chicken” remark.

“Most importantly, I want to apologise to Tiger and anybody that I could have offended by the comment I made and, you know, just say that I feel sick about it,” said Garcia. “I am truly, truly sorry and, you know, I hope that, you know, we can kinda settle down and hopefully move on.”

  • http://apple/yahoo jabberwocky1

    what year is this? 1950?! cheez!

  • bob

    does this mean ( MOON CRICKET ) is racist? damn it

  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Agnes

    I really do not feel this in itself is a racist comment at all. as a Black American if you ever came over for a dinner at our house and we were not serving fried chicken then you are probably at the wrong house.

  • http://www.home-empire.info Carl

    I will accept his apology because its really hard to keep up with whats the right sayings of the day. Honestly, I mean the title or classification changes every 10 years or so, it use to be acceptable to call African Americans – Negroes,Colored,Blacks, Afro American, Brothers and Sisters. Can someone come up with a name that represents Nationality and keep it like the rest of the world. The name African American is another racist name that’s acceptable today. As for fried chicken
    no one should assume any American would want that for dinner. It is best to ask any guest what they prefer to eat and prepare it.

    • http://firefox Hazell

      Please are you really that out of touch.! Nothings changed we’re people with names like everyone else. What a DICK ! YES THAT’S WHAT I
      SAID !

  • http://yahooo deedee

    With a name like Garcia I’m sure he’s heard s few inappropiate jokes of his own, so why would he want to make such a tasteless joke? Butt hole

  • rose

    What a HUGE RACIST JACK ASS, The world has not changed people. I also know some racist jokes, so don’t go there with me TACO BELL!

  • Sam

    I live in Africa, everyone here calls mulattoes “coloreds” because that’s what they are!! The black Africans even call them coloreds, if you’re a mixed race with a black man and Thai mother then you’re a colored…period! Nothing wrong with it, own it!!
    USA has the biggest issue with it, the biggest joke is African American?!! WTF??? That’s the most racist word ever! Pheesh, most Americans will never ever visit or live in AFRICA! So stupid!