Colin Powell Endorsement: Still Republican, But Voting Democrat

    October 25, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Colin Powell, who was Secretary of State under George W. Bush, publicly announced this morning that he is endorsing President Obama for a second term.

Powell backed Obama during the last election, as well, much to the dismay of his fellow Republicans. But he says he likes to get all the facts and see exactly what each candidate will do during their campaigns before making his decision on who to vote for, something which gets pushed to the wayside these days in favor of voting strictly for one’s party.

“I think I’m a Republican of a more moderate mold,” he said. “That’s something of a dying breed I’m sorry to say.”

On President Obama, Powell said the country needs to remember that Congress shoulders a lot of the blame for the deep pit of problems the country has been in over recent years, and that the president has accomplished many of the things he set out to do four years ago.

“When he took over, the country was in very very difficult straits,” he said. “We were in the one of the worst recessions we had seen in recent times, close to a depression. The fiscal system was collapsing. Wall Street was in chaos, we had 800,000 jobs lost in that first month of the Obama administration and unemployment peaked a few months later at 10 percent. So we were in real trouble. The auto industry was collapsing, the housing was start[ing] to collapse and we were in very difficult straits. And I saw over the next several years, stabilization come back in the financial community, housing is now starting to pick up after four years, it’s starting to pick up. Consumer confidence is rising….Generally we’ve come out of the dive and we’re starting to gain altitude. The unemployment rate is too high, people are still hurting in housing, but I see that we’re starting to rise up.”

  • Cheryl

    My husband and I very much admire Colin Powell.
    My husband served as a Sgt (and tunnel rat) in the Americal Division in Vietnam.
    I had the pleasure of seeing Colin Powell at the BOK in Tulsa, he should be the president.
    We are so disappointed with President Obama.
    He has failed the country on so many levels – he is not transparent regarding
    His background – why won ‘t he share his college records and passport information??
    Why hasn’t he done his due diligence regarding his security briefs??
    He does not accept responsibility for his failures – including the terrorist attack in Libya.
    Gov Romney is a decent man, that like Colin Powell, loves America.
    President Obama loves himself much more than our country.
    So sad to see him trashing Gov Romney and surrounding himself with foul speaking and blatant liars like S Cutter and D Wasserman – and yet he continues to call the Gov foil names – He has no respect for the office – so desperate.
    Colin Powell, you are so much better than this. Still admire, but so sad.
    The end does not justify the means
    God Bless Our country and the whole Romney family
    Bidden’s feeble ‘welcome home’ to the Vietnam vet was so very insincere —–
    Our Vietnam vets were ostracized and villainized by there peers – actually their country
    And to be patronized now for politcal reasons is abhorrent.

  • nate

    What a surprise!!!!!!Another Black person supporting OBUMBLER…..Same as the 93+% in 08…..And I’m the RACIST????Is Powell stupid or just COLOR blind???Firstly, where did he get his unemployment figures…from Michele.The true number now is well over 10% if you take out the “shovel” jobs, the seasonals, the dropping-out of the system when your benefits run out, etc,etc, Secondly, This moron says it’s Congress’ fault….but when Bush had a hostile Congress it was all “his” bad Huhhh……By the way, DUMMY, if the banks that this incompotent boob bailed out were forced as a pre-condition to re-loan the money instead of alleviating the pain of their own greed you wouldn’t have a “inverse bubble” looming over the horizon…..To state that there is a “recovery” in housing just ignores the fact that Millions of homes are being held in inventory and not being let out on the market…..Old law of Supply & Demand says that if you repress the supply, demand goes up fllowed by the price going up…If this abuse by using Obamanomics were removed and the market allowed to work then the short-term pain would be replaced by a valid recoupng of our economy….Unfortunately the abusers and entitlement crowd have lost sight of the fact that if you dance you must pay the piper…..By the way Colin, old buddy, if you’re looking for people to single out for this mess try looking at good old “boy” Barney Frank and his group of thieves in Congress……It’s a good thing the country didn’t have to suffer through the results of your running for office; although I suspect that your true COLORS would have somehow manifested themselves as we are now seeing happen with this IIO (Idiot In Office). He didn’t really need another bigoted Black endorsement, but maybe that will wake up some of the other ethnic groups to the true Color of your Color before it’s too late….Please rise above the limitations of Race Politics and take off the “rose-clored” glasses that make you only see BLACK!!!!!!!!!

    • Christopher Larson

      I am afraid this says more about you than Powell. Colin Powell made some very good points, and realistically, he conforms more with the ideology of Obama than the neo-cons he served in the government with. That has been pretty clear since the day he quit the Bush Administration.

      What is really alarming is that you sound like one of those pro-africa guys in the 90s that claimed everything was racism. ie Spike Lee. Everything you see is consumed by race. In your mind, it still identifies who you are. Keep in mind, in much of the country over the last 10 years, people aren’t obsessed with it anymore. We realize that we have more in common with this black guy than we do this white guy. And we think this gay guy is a lot cooler than this hetrosexual a-hole. And we just realize that you cannot pigeonhole any group. There are jerks and there are cool people. If you walked into a room, where people are sitting at different tables based on race, religion, sexual orientation, you would quickly find that there are people like you at every table. If you focus on race and consider that the glue than binds, you will be robbed of the fact that many of these people of different races shared the things you REALLY found important. But if you just gravitate towards other people that make that the core of their identity, you seem like you have things in common, but it is actually an identity based on race that you have in common.

      Race doesn’t define me, and it likely doesn’t define Powell. But it is almost weird to see relics still living in 1980.

      • trudy wilson

        i would have voted for colin powell in another life but now see he is a racist. I want to vote for a republican and that he is not

    • pete

      Dude, you are racist and an idiot… But God Bless America, you have the right to sound Druid publicly…

      • pete

        To sound stupid publicly that is….

    • Joe

      Yes Nate you are a racist and a jack-ass.Colin Powell is an intelligent courageous purple heart recipient. I know you think that black peoples brains are so little that they can’t formulate rational decisions, but your wrong. Your comment is grounded in any fact, only your bigoted opinion. First off he got the unemployment numbers from the BLS, which were never questioned until they dropped under 8%. Secondly, BUSH bailed out the bank Obama just oversaw the process. Your words shouldn’t be taken seriously, they are gushing with blatant racial resentment. You are no better than the person you make Gen. Powell to be or the black people who called Powell an uncle tom when he was with Bush. You should be ashamed of yourself, only a coward would slander a hero anonymously over the internet. I bet you would never say any of that to his face

    • Dave Bruyn

      Hey, Nate
      Thanks for saying it like it is and exercising your right to do so. If Obama is re-elected, that right will likely be taken away.

  • PB

    No surprise here. He can say all he wants about what a good job Obumer has done and no one will believe him.

    • Lonna

      My ultimate is prayer that ONE DAY Americans, ALL Americans will live according to what the BIBLE says is true and see everyone as equals. This country continues to be divided by race, regardless of what the issue is. RACE comes up in every conversation and it is completely sickening and I’m sure God, whom America claims to hold allegiance, is disgusted by our mistrust, bias and outright hatred of one another simply BASED on skin color. My parents and grandparents grew up under Jim Crow laws and were FORCED to use inferior facilities. But not one time have they taught the family to hate and be bitter as I’ve witnessed so many do in this LAND OF THE FREE, both Black and White. We are a mentally ill nation and in desperate need of healing. And before anyone answers that it’s the President’s fault that people feel as they do, JUST STOP IT. Racism has ravaged this country for decades and erodes us from the inside out.

      • Tstern73

        So is that why you are race baiting with your comment. I just think Obozo sucks and is severely misguided in how he thinks the country should be run. I dont care that he is half black.

  • Sam

    Obama disgraced the oval office by using profanity, Regan was a class act, Obama has no class, can’t wait to see him back in Chicago.

  • colleen

    Powell is a trader.. period. wishy washy…trader..!

  • Tstern73

    Powell is just color blind. He does not even need to call himself a republican. I would have to say that if you vote for someone and turn from all your beliefs, then you are a racist.

    • Roshell

      Everyone just has to pull the race card in this situation why? Most ppl that are voting against Obama is based on his race which is very sad. Why judge Colin on his choice, he heard and researched the facts and he feels Obama is the better choice. Get over it!

  • STAN

    I am disappointed again in Colin.(2008 1st time) I just can’t believe a man that served this country like he did would sell out just because of race.I am a white republican that had for his first choice Herman Cain. I wanted someone that had the countries best interest at heart,regardless of color I think he did. There was a time that I thought Colin Powell would have been my choice If he ran not now!!!! Romney has nothing to gain here other than to serve his country. He has all the money he and his family will ever need. He can go live anywhere in the world and not be effected by Obama care,Wealth envy and redistribution. But he loves this country!

  • bj horne

    What a surprise!!!!!!!

  • pema

    the sad thing is i thought racisim was fading fast until OBUMA took
    office then he rejuvenated it because when ever you criticized him
    no matter what you were called a racist.

  • JT

    Powell is black did you really expect anything different?

  • Roshell

    Reading some of these comments sickens me. How dare you speak down on someone the in the next sentence use God? You want to call something a disgrace, that’s a disgrace.

  • B Jones

    With some of the comments here, I can see that we are in so much trouble. Ugh! So sickening. What General Powell said was direct and to the point. He is an intelligent man who has proven his integrity over and over again. No wonder democracy is took so long to evolve a it relates to human history and no wonder its taken such a short time to fall apart. Proverbs 4:5-7 and 11:2.

    • trudy wilson

      there is no integrity if he says he is as republican but votes for a democrate. he needs to register as a democrat and then i can forgive him.

  • Nalini Cohen

    To the air head racist comments…………. It’s not about color, racism, democrat or republican. A true candidate would back up someone who is helping America get back on its feet. From the last president we had which was Bush and a republican I might reinerate. ……shoved us down the shit hole. Put us in so much debt and now a black man comes in and makes a change. No republican likes to be defeated. But Powell came out and commented on the positive Obama done. So instead of saying yeah Mr. Powell you right. Some of you just can’t face the fact that a BLACK man is not running America into the ground like the stinking republican did.

  • cathy

    Yeah right. I’m a democrat and voted for Mitt Romney. You’re just another hypocrit Mr. Powell!