CNN Anchor Robbed: iPhone Stolen in Atlanta

    May 6, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A CNN anchorwoman was the victim of a brazen daylight robbery in Atlanta last week.

Carol Costello, the news anchor for the 9 am to 11 am segment of CNN Newsroom, revealed this weekend that she had been robbed on Thursday. She claims that she was “walking down a beautiful, leafy Atlanta street” while talking on her iPhone. Three “teenagers” then ran up to her and grabbed her phone. Costello fought for the phone but had a “chunk” of her hair pulled out for her trouble.

According to a wsbtv report on the incident, Costello was walking in the 1100 block of Piedmont Avenue. Costello gave the police a description of the iPhone thief. The anchor vented about the event on her Facebook page, where she wrote that she was “angry”:

Carol Costello CNN

Good Morning. In retrospect, what happened to me yesterday is insignificant in light of what happened in the Boston.
Still, I feel the need to vent. And isn’t that what friends are for?
I was robbed.
And I am angry.
I was walking down a beautiful, leafy Atlanta street, talking on my IPhone.
Guess what happened next?
Three teenagers ran up behind me. One of them grabbed my IPhone. Stupidly I struggled to hold on-to it. But, he was a big guy. And he pulled out a chunk my hair.
I let go.
As he ran down the street, laughing, I hurled a few expletives his way.
I felt no fear at the time, I was just angry. Now I’m angry, shaken and sad. What a lousy life those kids have ahead of them.
Turns out, according to ABC news: “cities across the country are on alert as officials warn of an uptick in stolen Apple products, dubbed “Apple picking.”
Thieves steal IPhones, wipe them clean, then sell them for up to one-thousand bucks.
So, a warning for you. Do not talk on your IPhone as you walk down the street.
Oh, and let go of the stupid device if someone tries to steal it.
Hope you join me at 9 and 10 AM ES.

IPhone theft is nothing new, and though thieves may be getting better at it, apps such as iCloud can help locate an Apple device once it is stolen.

  • Agostino Matteucci

    I feel for you, it is a terrible thing to be openly robbed in broad daylight in an American city.. I am writing this to you in the hopes that you can now see why the great gun debate continues. The streets of America are not deemed to be safe, Even in the city where I am from : San Luis Obispo, CA. we have violence occurring at a growing rate. While I am thankful those that robbed you just wanted your stuff, and not to harm you, I will remind you and all those that are wrangling for tougher gun laws that until you can guarantee our personal safety as we go about our lives, you have nothing to say about what measure of safety I require. If you think that this is an over exaggeration, I remind you Ms. Costello that’s these criminals could have easily dragged you into the bushes and right now I would be reading your obituary..

    • g w

      You would kill someone to save your cell phone? It seems the only thing important to you is your stuff.

      • Don

        When you are in the process of being robbed, it’s not “killing over an iPhone”. It’s defending your safety, potentially your life, from one who would take it. Shooting them in the back as they run away from you may or may not be justified. Shooting them while they are robbing you IS justified, and as I stated, it’s not killing over property. If you’re going to make a point for or against something, make sure it’s a valid point.

      • John

        First, who said anything about kill? If it happened though so be it. There should be consequences for your actions. I would have no problem killing someone who tries to rob me or my family. Yes, stuff can be replaced, and life is worth more than any amount of stuff. However, it’s the principle. You invade my personal space, you should worry about your life. If you have no regard for people, why should they have any regard for you. I bet you think there are no illegals in this country either, only undocumented people no? You live in a fairytale land. Grow up!!!

      • V C

        It’s not a question about whether you are willing to kill someone over your iPhone; it’s a question of if the robber is willing to die for it.

        • http://yahoo Susan

          A thief grabbed someone’s phone from the “L” train platform and was running away, bounding down the stairs, when he ran into a woman on the stairs, knocking her down where she suffered a broken neck and died. Ought to be a kill switch or something on the phones to prevent thefts of these phones.

      • ace

        The criminals were black.CNN is against guns and for blacks.it hides the massive black on white crime.I am sure since she spoke out she will be fired.Screw the F.B.I.,Police and Government.I carry a gun.Had this happened to me those 3 knuckle draggers would be dead.Now then every possible cute pic of said thugs would be posted in the paper,the mothers crying foul,good boys turning lives around.yadda yadda yadda.and every person who has something bad to say about me would be found as to turn it around on me.they would also try to find all the dirt on me they could.it’s funny how the blacks are always babied

        • DAKTEX

          Yes a good CNN reporter would just agree that her phone was part of the planned Obama redistribution program or shut up.

        • J

          You are very much a racist. First of all, every black person is not the same and think the same way. All of us are not criminals and uneducated. Get your facts straight! What the hell is a knuckle-dragger anyways?

          You raicist whites seem to think the whole black race condone violence. I don’t care if it’s black on black, black on white, or whatever, I do not automatically defend them just because of their race. I need to know the facts before I jump to conclusions. In this case, the suspects were wrong! In the Trayvon Martin case, that fat ass racist pig Zimmerman was completely wrong!

          • Henry

            I agreed with you until I read the last part of your comment. Ace has a point: The media would have turned this into Zimmerman case #2 if the woman had a gun and used it. How was he a racist? He tutored black kids. The reason he followed him could have been because it was a hooded man (a 6’2″ teen) he hadn’t seen before in his gated community. He could have been any race and Zimmerman would have followed him. But Trayvon probably assumed the same thing you’re assuming – that Zimmerman was a racist, and he became angry at Zimmerman, and he attacked him.

            I think when we assume other people are racist, we will find something that confirms our assumption no matter what. I had to google knuckle-dragger. It’s just a typical dumb ‘thug’ non-intelligent caveman, not a racial slur. But now I will go tell some racists (I’ve no idea if they’re white or not) using racial slurs against blacks to shut up, because they are definitely here, and because skin color has no effect on behavior.

    • ronald

      I’m in agreement with you Agostino . If you get any thumbs down don’t dispair there all probily thieves and muggers .

    • buck

      if you would have had a gun strapped to that fine ass we would be readind about a hero that foiled a robbery

    • buck

      should have shot him

    • Don


      You make a false argument suggesting that “gun control” means stripping you of your right to carry a handgun. The “gun control” that’s being advocated is to require background checks so criminals and terrorists can’t legally buy guns and to limit the number of AR-15’s in circulation, which are semi-automatics.

      But likely you’re aware of this reality and are clouding the issue on purpose.

      • reb

        No, the background checks are a method by which the government is able to get a list of everyone who has a gun, so when they get ready to take them away from you, they know you have it.

      • reb

        No, the background checks are required so the government will have a nice list of who has guns when they get ready to tax them, then take them. Notice that they are no longer destroyed the information from the background checks as they did in the past. Obamer wants a list so it will be easier to make sure they have all the guns.

  • Jose Cuervo

    Too bad she didn’t shoot the three of them in the back as they ran away.
    Would have saved tons of money later putting these thugs through the system..court costs…other people potentially hurt or even killed that sort of thing. Someone else will get it shortly from these thugs.

  • Reid

    This lady is lucky she’s alive to talk about it . Would have been nice if she had been armed.

  • Carl Landry

    Sorry this happened to you.Just 3 more street thugs who will get their dues someday,shot,stabbed,killed,sure of prison time..They need to be slowly tortured, then, worse case, exterminated!

  • BDOG

    That’s what happens when you think you don’t have a right to protect yourself.Where were her cops. She’s lucky to be alive.

  • Ben Dover

    Let’s do a little racial profiling (aka commonsense), I’m betting it was three brovahs……any bettors?

    • http://cnn CDubya

      That’s Possible.. It could have also been 3 skin heads- (Remember, use common sense)

      • Henry

        Naw, couldn’t have been skinheads, both CNN, this reporter, and the rest of the liberal media would have made this story their #1 headline if it was.

    • Tim J. Maxwell

      Sounds like Ben is correct, according to an article on International Design Times “No arrests have been made in the robbery of the CNN anchor’s iPhone at this time. However, police have released a description of the teen who is suspected to have robbed her. The teenager is described as a black male with dark skin, around 5 feet 8 inches tall. He is skinny with black, curly hair and he was wearing a light gray or light blue sweatshirt that had think dark blue stripes at the time.”

    • Tim J. Maxwell

      Sounds like Ben is correct, according to an article on International Design Times “No arrests have been made in the robbery of the CNN anchor’s iPhone at this time. However, police have released a description of the teen who is suspected to have robbed her. The teenager is described as a black male with dark skin, around 5 feet 8 inches tall. He is skinny with black, curly hair and he was wearing a light gray or light blue sweatshirt that had think dark blue stripes at the time.”

    • ace

      blacks get mad when whites so call racial profile.however each day blacks profile whites to rob,rape,beat and murder at a alarming rate.wait til after the zimmerman trial.the war is on.

      • The Solution

        I’m a social worker who visits jails and prisons for my job. If I didn’t know better I’d think that all the people in jail were black, but now I realize that there are all races that make up our society in the system. The television news goes to areas where the people don’t put up a fuss about them filming there. There are criminals that are blue collar and white collar(code words) nobody’s mad about someone stealing our 401k’s and receiving light sentences, but since an iphone was stolen we are ready to kill. Thank God she wasn’t hurt but, let’s Hunt the Good Stuff. Again, she wasn’t hurt. There has been crime long before the blacks got here I wonder what the Native Americans felt when they were shooting arrows against guns, then they were sold guns by guess who. What did the Slaves felt as their family members were sold, shot, beaten and there was nothing you could do about it. The anchorwoman is a victim just like the Native Americans, Slaves, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and any other ethnic group all across the country. Let’s look at New York where crime is down because of the gun laws. There was quite a few criminals there before the law took effect. Now, look at how safe the city is. The second amendment was a great idea back when we were trying to take the land from the Natives.
        Now times has changed, the whites are the ones selling illegal guns to minorities and hoping they kill themselves. well it’s happening and others are getting hurt in the process. The pot calling the kettle black LOL……….

        • coolhand

          How do you say the crime rate went down in New York because of Gun Laws??? Do you think the criminals are affected by LAWS? That’s a uneducated, stupid thing to say think before you speak.

        • Henry

          “The second amendment was a great idea back when we were trying to take the land from the Natives.”
          What a gross misunderstanding of the purpose of the 2nd amendment.

          Gun crime has been dropping steadily, everywhere, whether there are gun control laws or not. Society is getting less violence, but it doesn’t seem that way because the media is more and more prevalent. In the entire country, there are less than 10,000 deaths by firearms per year. To put it as bluntly as I can, the liberty gained by the 2nd amendment (hint: it’s not just about owning guns) is WORTH 10,000 DEATHS PER YEAR. It’s worth well more than 10,000 deaths per year. And the founders of this country obviously agreed with that, in both their actions and words.

          • Henry

            I’m so tired of people incorrectly thinking behavior has anything to do with skin color. Behavior is learned from your surrounding culture starting the second you are born. Wherever your surrounding culture is, who is in it, and however you are treated, is what makes you you.
            Once all this racism crap is over, everyone will be able to clearly think and see that it’s not one race vs another, it’s the government vs the people.

      • J

        You do realize that racist whites started doing the raping, killing and robbing (of freedom) first? Evil ass whites!

  • John B

    Nothing like a robbery to turn a flaming liberal into a conservative.

  • Preston

    An obvious irony arises here. She was minding her own business and got assaulted and robbed. Her employer, CNN, doesn’t believe in people defending themselves, so her only recourse is to get online and vent about it. Doesn’t work so well, does it? Good thing that she is basically okay, it could have been much worse. People, there are too many unstable elements running loose in our society. The police can’t be everywhere at once. Please STOP making a big issue out of someone taking the initiative to defend themselves. If you make the choice to bury your head in the sand and hope it doesn’t happen to you, then that is not much of a solution.

  • http://none Glenn

    I am sorry that they pulled out some of your hair.
    Lucky that was all. Next time, I suggest always know where you are walking. Be more street smart.

  • http://none Glenn

    that sucks

  • http://none Glenn

    Next time use some street smarts. I am happy that it was just some hair. Could have been worse. Carry Mace or one of those alert devices which releases a loud shrill. It would scare them away.

    • Jonathan

      They weren’t scared to rob her in broad daylight, I seriously doubt an alert device is going to scare them off. A lot of you obviously don’t live in and never have lived in places where jail isn’t even a deterrent. A little drug money or beer money or rent money is more important than morals or consequences. People will kill you for looking at them wrong or flipping them off. Laws don’t mean anything to these people. They have nothing to lose!

  • AngelaT

    Too many people are attached to their iPhones. There is a time and a place for everything. Walking on the sidewalk with your face stuck to a screen does not leave time for awareness to your surroundings. Yesterday, I observed a mother following her two children into a restaurant only to pass the table where her children were directed to sit, by the hostess. When mom finally returned, the “family” spent time on iPhones and tablets! What happen to conversation. WAKE UP PEOPLE THERE IS A BEAUTIFUL WORLD OUT THERE TO ENJOY!

    • cindy waters

      Try being a waitress and a family comes and you seat them than they all are texting on these phones and you can’t even get a hello out of them.This called family time Right.get with it people.Or all of you’s will be the next victum on the street,but you might not make it.

  • Doug

    A concealed handgun license might have stopped this, you don’t have to shoot someone to change their mind about robbing you, but you do have that option. Much better them than her.

    • Ren

      You folks need to go to the gym, eat right, and learn to protect your personal space and istuff with nonverbal / hand to hand / and/or nonlethal means vs wasting time trying to justify stupid gun arguments.

  • LA

    Its sad that it happened, but maybe some real world incidents will help wake the media in this country up from their bleeding heart stupor. There is a total disregard for property and ethics among a growing population of disconnected youth. The media helps to perpetuate and encourage this behavior by promoting a “not your fault” mentality and constantly breaking down the value system that made America what it has traditionally been. A reality check like this should be taken seriously, but unfortunately, political correctness will surely once again rule the day and the thugs that commited the crime will be excused because of their victimization by sociological and cultural forces that are out of their control. WAKE UP AMERICAN MEDIA and begin to be part of the solution rather than a BIG part of the problem.

  • Alex

    Let me guess… they were nigs.

    • Gemini NIne

      Perhaps. White kids use poison then wait in the bushes.

    • Henry

      No, shut up. They were kids raised in a different surrounding culture than normal teens who don’t mug people. The surrounding culture in that area is what needs correcting, not the skin color.

  • http://Yahoo Danny

    Probably one of those wrascally right winger teens.

  • John Flores

    Yeah but what do you expect. It’s Atlanta. Wake up and smell the beautiful leaves. In America the past generation were wimpy parents, raising kids in an environment of music filled with cuss words, advocating violence and murder, berating women terribly, etc. So kids generally have no moral compass, no morality really. It’s all bloody computer games. Music is a gauge of the times. I grew up in the latter 1970s, and we had beautiful music from great groups then talking about love and peace and all that good stuff. My parents would have whipped my butt if I’d gone around listening to music like kids do today and they would have been 100 percent correct in doing so. I don’t believe the behavior of this new generation now is why all the soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen, died in WW II, Korea, Vietnam, etc. Einstein said the end of civilized society will come when technology overcomes humanity. We’re already there.

  • buck

    if you would have had a gun we would be reading how a hero stopped some thug that should have been in school from robbing you

    • Henry

      Nope. There is absolutely no way the liberal media would classify that person as a hero.

  • jerry bouchet

    You were on Piedmont thats a dangerous area you should have been smart enough to stay out of knicker town

    • Bill

      Hey Jerry
      You know what ? This moron is still not smart enough to stay out of knicker town !

    • Gemini NIne

      Touche, Bouchet. You should have been in Boston.

  • sparksnavy

    To Angostino and others–

    When are you people going to get off of the gun control craze–if you knew anything of history you should know it DOESN’T WORK AND NO ONE,NOT EVEN THE GOVERNMENT CAN GUARANTEE YOUR SAFETY–GOT THAT—GOOD!
    That 2nd amendment was placed in the bill of rights etc.for a reason and purpose–go and educate yourself about the history of this country and read why it is so! An other countries that have passed gun control laws –Hitler is just one good example–read,read,read!

    When gun control kicks in –the death rate of that country goes skyrocketing because the people have no defense–got that—good!

    Having the 2nd amendment and guns keeps the government at bay–but,Obama is hell bent to have our guns taken away–and he lies every time he speaks—wake up people!


    My 2cents worth

    • Henry

      My 2c:
      “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then.” – Thomas Jefferson

      It is disturbing how many people now trust the government more than the common man or woman. The bigger government becomes, the more corrupt it will be. That fact is as elementary as supply and demand, yet no one knows it today.

  • H Lain

    Too bad it wasn’t Piers Morgan. Maybe if it had been he would dial down his ranting in favor of gun control – Although I doubt it, he’s not that smart.

    • Henry

      I have to admit… I just read “Piers Morgan” and I immediately wished it was him instead. I mean, if a liberal reporter had to be mugged, might as well be him… right? That doesn’t make me a bad person. Nahhh. Ok, maybe just a little.

  • Steve

    Oh Well …. Once a lberal is mugged, they become a Cnservative real fast. Hey Ted …. better start looking for a new crackpot anchor for your 9am – 11am nobody watches time slot!!!!

  • Badbob

    I did notice there was no description other then one of them was fat. Let’s see, Atlanta, home of CNN. I would guess they was black but of course they would not say that. Politically correct or just discrimination and they be afraid of a law suit or the ACLU getting after them. Yep, that be CNN.

    • The Solution

      All the school shootings in recent years has been predominately law abiding, non-criminal, gun safe white kids. All across the country. A gun toting good citizen isn’t can turn into a criminal once he or she gets angry and the gun is available. Just like some of you sound now.

  • Tamara

    Well, I’m certainly sorry you had that experience. Especially the hair! Anyway, I’m glad that no shots were fired. They are teenagers and while their behavior was dispicable, this isn’t the wild wild west. We are suppose to evolve and get better, not worse. We need high academic standards and we need to take guns out of the equation.Look at Australia. Look at Britian. Look at Canada.

    • Seanoamericano

      Because those Countries gave up their arms this type of crime has skyrocketed. Nothing better than a helpless victim in the eyes of the people that did this to her. But raising academic standards and removing guns, in your mind would have helped how? Your solution is to make everybody helpless and a potential victim then you are encouraging it. Where were the cops? If this woman was armed and killed one of these hoods others will think about apple picking somebody else. Its pretty obvious that these three will continue doing this to others. This attitude of making helpless victims is encouraging the wrong behavior and preventing us as a society to deal with this problem. Remember the people telling you that guns are bad all have armed body guards and couldnt care less about you.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Canada still has their firearms. What are you talking about? I just got back and went to the range while there. As for the other reply talking about “Skyrocketing” crime- Stop making up facts. All of these countries and the USA have recently seen very large DROPS in violent crime. Don’t watch sensational news programs, read the FBI crime stats. Read the CIA world fact book, or even the CDC stats on hospital admissions due to violence.

      All of these countries do have the High Academic Standards you referenced, perhaps this is where we should focus our energy.

  • Scamuel Jones

    I’ll bet she changes her tune now about being all for more gun control. Best advice: Get a concealed carry permit, Honey, learn how to shoot if you don’t already know how, then carry a loaded gun (preferably with hollow points that are good for ghetto thug azzs who grabs your phone) when you walk the streets of Atlanta!

    • Henry

      I’ll be she doesn’t publicly, but secretly does. Those are the absolute worst kind of corrupt scumbags who really need to ask themselves: What do I even believe in anymore?

  • carl

    Walking down the street late at night to your car. Bad section of town. Sounds like a life time movie.

  • Eric Alfonzo Mays

    You should have had a .38 snub nose pistol and put a few rounds in their ass. This is the only way to stop these little jackasses from being so dam thuggish.

  • Marsha Mitchell

    So sad when reading these comments. When will certain people learn to love themselves and others?

  • Eddy

    She was probably in a bad neighborhood, and being a liberal journalist (CNN) was totally unaware of the possibility of being a victim. With a smart phone in her ear and oblivious to her surroundings, she was asking to be a victim. Had she had a weapon like mace or dare I say a firearm (I said it) to defend herself and her property, she would still have her precious smart phone today.

    • James Johnson

      So Eddy, you wanted to turn this into an alleged “liberal” bashing. Really?!?! Here’s hoping karma bites you on the ass…. God bless

      • Henry

        Eddy kinda has a point… most liberals are oblivious.

  • George Wallace

    I tried to warn y’all. What do you expect in a city run by a bunch of jigaboos?

    • Gemini NIne

      GW, I thought you were dead?

  • jason

    You mean she was robbed by a bunch of punk ass gangbangin thugs and not by those evil conservative right wing christian gun-toting buck tooth tea baggers? What a shocker! Never saw that one coming! Maybe this airhead will stop feeling sorry for gutter dwelling lowlifes and be more compassionate towards responsible gun owners. Even though i can’t stand her or her ilk, i am glad she’s ok.

    • Gemini NIne

      What, conservative right wing christian gun-toting buck tooth tea baggers can’t be teenagers?

      • Henry

        “Can’t be teenagers?” Are you effing serious? You just implied it’s normal for teenagers to be muggers. WHAT IS WRONG WITH LIBERALISM?

  • http://dickpeligro.wordpress.com/ Dick Peligro

    This is what happens to people more preoccupied with their silly tech gadgets then with their immediate physical surroundings. It’s just another version of getting in a car accident while texting — and in both cases I have no sympathy whatsoever. Pay attention to the “beautiful leafy street” down which you’re walking, or the street down which you’re driving instead of your silly little talkie-toy, and there’s far less likelihood bad things will happen to you unexpectedly!!

    • James Johnson

      Dick, your name precludes you…… :-(

      • Taibo

        And you don’t have one. I agree with Dick and I am a trained, oh let me say that again for your ignorant GEN-Y ears .TRAINED personal safety expert. You must be aware of our surroundings at all time no conversation is worth personal injury…

      • haha

        your name is “Johnson” haha the irony of making fun of someone with the name Dick

  • david

    Unless your going to report every other time someone has their phone/computer/toy/whatever stonen in a big city …. then don’t report this.

    • silvermane

      no, this is what you get when you replace bankers with farmers.

      you reap what you sew.

      • silvermane

        shit, i mean farmers with bankers.

        and for that matter, replacing teachers with janitors. look what happened to me.

        • TruthbeTold


          So you mix farming with the task of a seamster.

          One more time:

          “You reap what you sow.”

  • rex

    I wish she was packing a gun and shot the big one in the face. The media would put a picture of the punk (at 8 years old when he is now 16) and claim he is the victim.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket


    • Henry

      How many readers just assumed more people are racist in this world? How many people will be negatively effected by their assumptions, and in turn create their own assumptions that negatively effect other people? It’s mind-boggling how much hatred a single word can breed. That is part of why it’s such an effective troll…

  • Mike Puffer

    Don’t you guys know, it was bush’s fault!

    • Ron

      Trailer-trash excuse for a President. How many thousands of young men and women died for the ‘WAR’ President?

      • Gramcracker

        How many are dieing or getting mamed for the jerk we have in office now? And he APOLOGiZES for our country?? What a pathetic excuse for a leader you guys elected!!

        • smarter

          Since you spell like you have a third grade education, you obviously don’t have the mental capacity to understand who is responsible for what in the political spectrum.

  • ken

    working for cnn, I’d thought she’d be politically correct,but when she said the expletives ,I knew she wasn’t all the way to the left.Maybe they should have grabbed some cash while they were at it,then she would have WISHED she had a concealed carry permit. did she call the cops?? how long before they showed up??? lucky white girl

    • Ron

      Typical trailer-trash response.

    • Frankie

      well , she didn’t describe tham as black , did she ?

  • j

    The only real solution is for Apple to make a stolen phone useless with a suicide circuit that burns out transistors and chips and shorts the battery in the process. Simple for Apple to do to the next set of phones. Owner calls Apple Company Security. Security verifies name matches code and asks for second code for destruction. Once verified, Security periodically calls suspect phone until it self destructs quietly or furnishes missing phone
    GPS Data to the closest Police Department before destruction. Phone damage is severe enough that it has no value. No value? Why continue to steal them?


      I love it , years ago when I was robbed in Atlanta also I wondered how can I make the thugs like so miserable that they will never rob a cell gain but as then as well as now its still against the law to arm the phone to explode in their ear while being used

  • hhgfffdd

    I was robbed

  • hhgfffdd

    get a gun next time put some wholes in them

    • Frankie

      Given that there are two words ; “whole” and “hole ” is it possible that people go through our educational system today and don’t know the difference ? Sad state of affairs for this country.

  • nancy steinacker

    hey carol-as a devoted fan of yours, I remember when you used to be the anchor and you were the first face i remember at cnn(when i started watching cable news)you have the best laugh on TV and i was really upset when i tuned in one day and you were gone, not meaning to sound like a starlker(ie) or anything- bottom line is you were sorely missed and its good to see that the powers that be got their head out of the ass and are giving you more air time(although not nearly enough)being a 57 year old woman its good to see a woman who comes through being genuine and gracious and thats you on both counts. as far as the mugging goes you should have kicked at least one of those punks asses, you got spunk and it goes a long way with the perfect placement of a solid foot!!!! take care Carol and keep up the good work- by the way my son is in the Navy staioned in San Deigo his name is Matthew Thorp and if you ever do shout outs for our military boys my mothers pride wouldn’t be offended if you were to say thanks for his service because he is so sorely missed and this mother is beaming with admiration that this country has such a remarkable young man protecting this GREAT country of ours…..take care carol and thanks for all the quality work you do (but not enough airtime damnit!!!!) keep up that great laugh it makes my day when i hear it……holla respectfully yours nancy steinacker 813 900 8389 give me a call and let me hear that laugh live…it would make my year……..

    • Henry

      Carol if you read this, call Nancy! That was a nice post.

  • Wallywoo

    I’d like to rob Carol Costello myself………OF HER PANTIES!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo rzz

    you know the problem, in the 70’s,80’s&80’s we did’nt have cell phones gaming,ipads etc we had people without this junk, now we have killings and robberies because no one cares.do you thing the average parent cares where their kids are..Why Not MAKE THE PARENTS RESPONSIBLE NO WHERE YOUR DAMM KIDS ARE AND WHAT ARE THEY DOING YOU KNOW HOW TO HAVE THEM BUT NOT TAKE CARE OF THEM WAKE UP AMERICA. THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE NOR A GUN ISSUE ITS BEING RESPONSIBLE BY Parents. TAKE CARE OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

  • bacchi1059@yahoo.com

    I am waiting for her to say George Bush did it.