Christopher Stevens Dies at 52, U.S. Ambassador to Libya

    September 12, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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The violence and bloodshed currently happening in Libya has cost many lives, and now, Christopher Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya is one of them. Stevens died on September 11th of 2012.

Prior to Stevens’ service in Libya, Stevens (a California native) taught English in Morocco as part of the Peace Corps, and earned both of his undergraduate and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of California, and a Masters Degree from the National War College.

Stevens also had prior Libyan experience. He first served as Deputy Chief of Mission (2007-2009), along with Special Representative to the National Transitional Council (2011). Stevens returned to Libya in May of 2012 to serve as the U.S. Ambassador.

According to various sources, Christopher Stevens died (along with three other members of his staff) on September 11th of 2012 in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Stevens was killed at the age of 52. Various supporters of his ambassadorship have left their condolences via Twitter.

  • anthony

    My prayers goes out to the Stevens family and others who was kill that tragic act.

  • Dr. Risk

    It is simply too sad to contemplate. Nobody deserves to be raped and murdered after helping to liberate a country. We should kill them all, let Allah sort it out.