Christina Hendricks Won't Play A Stripper, Sadly

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Christina Hendricks has been offered a lead role in the upcoming film "Dark Places", which is great news for her but sad news for those who were hoping to see her play a stripper, the role she was originally offered.

The "Mad Men" actress will play Patty Day, doomed mother to Charlize Theron's character, after Samantha Morton couldn't follow through with the portrayal. The film is based on the 2009 best-selling book and tells the story of Libby Davis (Theron), who testifies that her brother murdered her family but comes to realize--through a series of flashbacks--that she might not have all the information. Chloe Moretz, Nicholas Hoult and House Of Cards’ Corey Stoll also star in the film.

Hendricks has garnered quite a few fans over the years; from her appearance on the short-lived but much-beloved "Firefly" to her portrayal of bombshell Joan on "Mad Men", she's become a fan favorite with her fiery hair and electric curves. Her body has been the subject of a lot of talk, both good and bad; last year, she had to correct a reporter during an interview who called her "full figured"; also last year, she battled phone hackers who stole photos and posted them online. One photo appeared to show her nude from the waist up, but her rep claims the hackers planted the photo.

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