Christina Aguilera Wows New Orleans Jazz Fest While Pregnant

    May 3, 2014
    Galen Velonis
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Christina Aguilera made a splash at the 2014 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This is the first time the singer has appeared at the festival, wowing the crowd with favorites Lady Marmalade,” “Dirrty,” ”Candyman,” ”Ain’t No Other Man,” ”Beautiful,” ”What a Girl Wants,” and “Fighter.”

Spectators couldn’t get enough of the pop diva. “I’ve seen her at the Super Bowl and in her movies, like ‘Burlesque,’ and she’s just an amazing performer.” Jazz Festival attendee Morgan Griffith told the Associated Press, “She doesn’t just sing. It’s everything on cue: the dancers, the setup … just everything.”

But one could say another star of the show was Aguilera’s unborn daughter, since the singer makes no attempts to hide her pregnancy on stage. “This baby girl has already hit the stage in Malaysia,” she said in an email, “It’s mama’s job. We roll with it. She’ll be listening to the concert from inside me. … That’s pretty special.”

In March, Aguilera announced she was pregnant with her second child. She and her fiance, Matthew Rutler, said they didn’t plan the pregnancy. Although it hasn’t stopped Aguilera from performing, she announced she would not be appearing in the seventh season of the TV show The Voice.

The Pregnancy has also had its other drawbacks for the pop star. A source told Disney Dreaming that Aguilera wasn’t happy to the way pregnancy was affecting her looks:

Christina worked really hard to get that body. For her to be pregnant so soon after getting in such great shape is throwing her for a loop. She’s definitely thinking about the weight gain after everything she did to get so thin. She wants to stay in shape now and won’t overindulge. Christina’s very vain. She’ll want to look perfect on her wedding day!

Fans would say that the pregnancy hasn’t deterred her performance. Already, YouTube has seen them upload videos of the performance, where you can make your own judgment:

Image via YouTube.

  • Sierra Helsing

    Can’t even post a nice article about her successful show without throwing in a very shady paragraph about how “vain” she is with some fake quote from some (of course) “unknown” source. :) Sad and transparent, Web Pro News. But hey.. you do you.

    • GrenadeCatcher

      sierra is mad lol

  • Bicycle Girl

    What a waste. Xtina had slimmed down so nicely….regained her figure and was looking better than ever. Then she went and got herself knocked up and is porking up like a heifer again.

    • justathought

      Your an as*ho*e your sitting there judging someone about weight and your either ugly or over weight your damn self…look in the mirror real hard before you judge others.. so looks all belly to me which is normal with pregnancy…something else I’m sure u know nothing about

      • Valerie

        you said it perfectly thanks !!!!! TeamXtina

      • Bicycle Girl

        @Justathought….she puts herself out there for public consumption so Xtina is open to any and all judgment she gets. I’m very happy with what I see when I look in the mirror and yes, you’re right. I know nothing about pregnancy because I was smart enough not to breed.
        @Al….I never knew anyone who gained “wait” while pregnant.

        • justathought

          Just because she puts herself out there to the public doesn’t give us a right to judge or ridicule her…she is out there for our entertainment but in a positive way. And because you may think you look good doesn’t mean others think you do @BICYCLE GIRL and considering that you would say something so ignorant and stupid as to say your don’t breed like your an animal just proves you ignorance and jealous….or maybe you don’t breed because other ppl don’t like the way you look…you have to like Christina to read acticles on her and I think even on Christina’s worst day and gaining 100 PDS she would still look better than your as* ever would… even with plastic surgery …get a life

          • Bicycle Girl

            Might want to change your screen name to “Incapableofthought”….judging by your last response, you’re such a Xtina stan, that you can’t take any criticism about your beloved little piglet. Hate to break it to you, but celebs open themselves up to ALL scrutiny, both positive and negative. Ever hear of the Kardashians, honey? You know of any celeb who gets all positive or all negative attention? Imbecile.
            I won’t breed because only the dumbest portion of the population are doing that nowadays. Thank God I have a husband who feels the same way. I don’t NEED plastic surgery. Only the extremely vain and stupid need that. YOU, on the other hand, might want to look into a full frontal lobotomy. You can’t possibly get any dumber than you already are.
            P.S. Learn the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Those words mean different things and are not synonymous or interchangeable you insufferable ignoramus.

          • justathought

            Omg dumb bit*h I misspelled a word and now I’m a imbecile… wow I’m we don’t leaving the running of the world and thought process to people like you who think your perfect…you husband is probably just saying what you wanna hear because your probably one of those bitter nagging bit*hy wives that make everyone’s life miserable because you are…and he probably doesn’t want to bring another YOU into the world… I’m not gonna waste anymore time on you or your dumb…ugly…ignorant…judgemental…..uneducated as*… take care now

          • Bicycle Girl

            You didn’t misspell any word. You just used the WRONG one, clearly demonstrating you don’t know the difference between two elementary words, dumbshyte. Let me guess. You didn’t get your GED, did you? Knocked up at the age of 17? How many illegitimates do you have? No doubt I’m paying for them. But I suppose I couldn’t expect much intelligence from a Xtina stan. Turn her screeching up loud enough and you might kill that one remaining active brain cell you have left.

            And if you could please translate this jibberish you wrote, I’d really appreciate it:
            “wow I’m we don’t leaving the running of the world and thought process to people like you who think your perfect…”

            Again, another shining example of your inability to distinguish when to use the word “your” and when to use the contraction “you’re”.

            I’m afraid I don’t speak ‘monkey”. What the hell does that mean exactly?

            P.S. There is a wonderful tool on here, just underneath each post….its called the “edit” feature and it allows you to correct mistakes (and you’ve made PLENTY of them) so that you don’t keep embarrassing yourself on this public message board. I wonder if all Xtina fans are as illiterate and clueless as you?….

          • justathought

            You know what dumb bit*h it the phone changing shit and no I am not taking the time to spell check because I am sure u have some kind of common sense and understand what I’m saying yes bit*h I graduated and went to college and no your no payingfor me so get it straight honey…if iI write jubberish your stupid enough to understand it and once again based on your ignorant a*s comment I see that you are a racist too..that’s said…we were put here to pro create but ppl like you…yeah your right…please don’t…the world is already full of enough asshol*s.

          • Bicycle Girl

            Mmmm…..just as I suspected…another loud-mouth negro who’s vocabulary is limited to mainly cuss words. Yes…its your phone’s fault you can’t spell for shit (to use your lingo) and its your phone’s fault that you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”….LOL! Might want to get your money back from whatever ghetto college you went to, darling….it didn’t do you one bit of good. You are still uncultured trash, an ignorant piece of garbage and illiterate as all hell. Can’t string together a proper English sentence to save your life, Xtina stan. Maybe you can use your “diploma” as a tampon next month. At least you might get some use out of it that way, that is, if you haven’t gotten knocked up by anotha brotha until then. Tell you what….you stick to what you’re good at….spreading your legs and your ignorance and let the intelligent portion of the population (people like my husband and myself) try to offset the damage your monkey-kind is causing. No wonder our country is in the bowels of the sewer…..we have only the very dumbest of the dumb like you repopulating it with more bottomfeeders like yourself.

    • al

      She’s pregnant you gain weight while pregnant no matter what that doesn’t mean she’s porking up.

  • Mr.Steven kitchen

    The girl’s got talent.She works hard andis great at her craft.