Christina Aguilera: Pink Hair, Skintight Dress A “Flop”

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Christina Aguilera hasn’t been shy lately about flaunting and talking about her newly curvy body, insisting that when she first came on the scene years ago she was pressured to be super-thin, and that the way she looks now is how she’s meant to be.

“I told them…’You are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it.’ They need a reminder sometimes that I don’t belong to them. It’s my body,” she said about a conversation with record execs.

Lately, she’s been wearing body-hugging, barely-there dresses and exposing her ample cleavage, which is encouraged in most camps; however, some of her outfits are landing her on the “Worst Dressed” list, and the latest is no exception.

Described as a “fashion flop”, Aguilera donned a skintight purple minidress at the 40th Annual American Music Award Nominations last week and left off the bra, which earned her some criticism. Her two-toned hair–which was likened to a My Little Pony mane–also did little to impress.


Christina Aguilera: Pink Hair, Skintight Dress A “Flop”
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  • Freddie

    I think she looks beautiful, you people can’t just let a thick Beautiful and Talented Woman be noticed for what she was intended to look like, Yes she was very pretty when she was younger, but shit happens and in my opinion, I love her and Respect even more now that she gives the Common people an Inspiration, that you do not have to be (!)<– this tiny to be considered Beautiful. She's here to stay.

    • Jake

      You think that’s why she dons the outfits she does – to inspire the Common people?? Christina is about Christina: she is one of the most narcissistic celebrities on the circuit, no small feat considering the sheer size of the egocentric queue.

      • IamBeautiful

        Christina is one of the most inspirational, BEAUTIFUL, magnificent vocalists in current history. Most women in our wonderful country are this size, or even more voloptuous (remember Marilyn Monroe?)so why does everyone feel the need to criticize someone for their size, isn’t talent and how her music makes us feel more important than how much someone weighs in the moment? I am not, and will never be, a thin person nor do I want to be. Confidence, and learning to love myself and others along time ago is what is critical to living comfortably in our own skin attractive.

  • jim jeibel

    i think christina should fly me to her home.then yie me to her bad and rape the #### out of me,then send me home.

  • Shane

    She’s realized that P!nk is the better artist and she’s changed her hair pink in order to encourage success.

  • http://YAHOO richard b

    she looks like a slum!!!!

  • Jen

    Why are people so mean? Why doesn’t anyone pick on Adele for being overweight? Size should not matter with Xtina either.

    • http://yahoo tTHEODORE MAHONE

      I think Christina looks damn good. Some of us black men love women with curves . Christina you look great.

  • Gene

    I don’t know about y’all but that woman looks fine to me!! Sings too? All the better!

  • Yamine

    I think she is beautiful and talented. Why does everyone have to be rail thin? Many of those super skinny women have drug addictions or eating disorders anyway, as evidenced by all the celebs that are making confessions about it. People need to stop using a heroin addict like Kate Moss as the standard of beauty.

  • beautifulcaramelizzs

    She’s a hot mama,talented, God gifted Latina! I feel sorry for all you jealous haters. Real men love curves not boobs on a stick!

  • Wm.

    She’s hot!

  • Seriously

    Christina is so hot and sexy! Love her!! <3

  • Yenaira

    She looks great and beautiful…Glad that she’s embracing her curves. Skinny girls are sooo dull, curves are in!!!!

  • Howard Case

    Fantastic woman.Absolutely gorgeous.Sex appeal is unbelieveable.

  • hugby

    A skintight dress is NEVER a flop! Ask Felix Baumgartner, “Daredevil Transvestite!” He jumped out of a stinkin’ space capsule wearing a fuggin’ skintight dress. And he broke the goddamn sound barrier in a frickin’ skin tight dress. And he fuggin’ succeeded. SO DON’T TELL ME HOW SKINTIGHT DRESSES FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brenda

    I think she looks so PRETTY! Society is so stupid sometimes, you don’t have to be a sizo 0 and wear what everyone else wears to look gorgeous. I totally love her, she is gifted and love’s herself, somthing alot of the Hollywood people lack. People need to stop hating on her, she looks good point blank!

  • DR

    Skin tight dress a flop my azz! Anytime or anyplace with CA

  • Lauren

    really guys? you’re gonna stand up for this sow? Chick isn’t even fat but seriously girl put on a bra and stop making that stupid surprised face in every picture. She must be surprised that she’d leave the house looking like paul frank blew a fat load on herself!

    • Darrell

      looks good to me

  • JE

    Is is me or does she look like a blond Snooki on the left picture?


    She’s a total flop.. Her career is a flop.. Her dressing is a flop.. Her caracter is a flop.. She’s one and only FLOPTINA !

    • PIGNEY

      You are a flop

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