Chrissy Lampkin Makes Our Most Annoying List


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When it comes to many of today's reality shows, the line is pretty much split down the middle when it comes to fans of the genre and folks who hate it. And since we're talking about lines being drawn, another very thin one exists between the compelling reality show stars and the annoying ones.

So for those who are extremely bothered by some of these characters, for all of their fighting, bickering and shallowness, we comprised a short list of the most annoying ones, starting with one of the "Love & Hip Hop" characters.

Chrissy Lapkin: Sure all of the people on this list get paid to argue over nothing, but there's something different about Lampkin's type of aggression, as she's been known to have an extremely violent streak. Remember when she pummeled Kimbella Vanderhee on the show in 2011? Not only was it vicious, it was uncalled for, because Vanderhee had a problem with Fabolous' girlfriend Emily B, not Lampkin, so it seemed the fiance of rapper Jim Jones just wanted to fight for no reason. Plus, her perpetual bossiness reeks of annoyance, which is why she's first on this list.

Teresa Giudice: Is it the unnecessary loudness that she exudes or is it the fact that she loves to play the role of gossipy-mean-girl? Either way, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star, Teresa Giudice, can easily work a person's nerves. That's unless you're one of her fans of course. Another thing that gets under a lot of people's skin is the fact that it seems like she wants everyone to know how rich she is, which of course is a common trait among many of the reality stars. But she does it so frequently and so blatantly, she actually caught the attention of the feds, and now her and her husband Joe Giudice are in all kinds of legal trouble.

Stevie J: The next person to make our most annoying reality show character list is Stevie J from "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." Between his contrived level of coolness and his womanizing ways, some would say the guy is hard to stomach on a regular basis. Plus, there's something about his voice that's bothersome too. But Stevie J isn't new to being a villain, as he allegedly released a sex tape between him and his former girlfriend Eve, which gave him a sleazy image that was hard for him to shake.

Spencer Pratt- This one is a no-brainer, because there are so many things that people find troublesome about this guy. Whether it's his horrible attitude, fake tough-guy image or the fact that he does everything he can to remain in the public eye, a lot of folks just can't stand Spencer Pratt. Plus, he seems to be really mean to his wife Heidi Montag, although she can work one's nerves too. Luckily, we're seeing less and less of Pratt these days since his show "The Hills" has been off the air. Thank goodness.

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