Chris Rock Is Picky About What His Daughters Watch On TV


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Chris Rock has always been protective of his children and he recently talked about their television-watching habits and how he feels about them.

He said that his two daughters, Lola, 12, and Zahra, 10, are getting into reality TV and love to watch Dance Moms and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

He said that he does allow the girls to watch the shows from time to time but is careful not to let them get too into them.

"My kids are obsessed with Dance Moms, and also the Kardashians," Rock said. "But I'm trying to stop them from doing too much of that. That's what got me interested in reality."

Rock's most recent film, Top Five, is about an engaged couple who plan to broadcast their wedding on a reality television show. Rock wrote and directed the film and also stars in it. He said that many parts of it were inspired by real reality TV events and celebrities.

He said that writing the storyline for the film meant that he had to watch some reality TV shows and admitted that he didn't really like what he saw, or necessarily want his children watching or getting any ideas from the reality stars.

"I'm pushing them to watch less Kardashians," Rock told US.

Rock also said that he doesn't feel like reality TV stars are the best role models for children or teens and that he plans to monitor his children while they watch their favorite reality shows to make sure they aren't learning any bad habits.

Top Five has already debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and will be released in the United States within the next few months.