Chris Brown Unhappy About His Community Service


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Singer, Chris Brown seems to have held onto his "bad boy" persona-even after the whole Rihanna debacle dust has settled. With the 24 year-old always in and out of trouble, he's finally had it-and isn't keeping it to himself.

Earlier in the summer, Brown was involved in a hit-and-run. Apparently Brown hit a Mercedes with his Range Rover. According to the prosecution team, they said Brown refused to hand over his driver's permit or insurance information and lastly referred to the plaintiff as a "bitch" at the scene of the accident.

Last week, the Grammy-winning singer finally reached an agreement with the victim. A "civil compromise" was reached between them. Even though the terms of the compromise are unknown, the victim was reimbursed through insurance for $800 in damage.

At Brown's court appearance last week, the Los Angeles District Attorney agreed to dismiss their request to rescind his probation. In exchange for that, Brown was sentenced to 1,000 hours of community service.

While it seems the the May incident is coming to a close, Brown isn't too pleased. Brown exploded last night on Twitter using profanity, showing just how big of a temper the singer truly has.

He then went on to follow his first tweet with this:

The displeased Brown must complete the 1,000 hours before his probation ends on Aug. 25, 2014. He has the option to complete those hours by taking part in beach or highway cleanup, graffiti removal or general maintenance work.