Chris Brown Says He’s Hanging Out With Drake

By: Alexandria Sardam - October 3, 2013

Artists Chris Brown and Drake have been hanging out again recently. It seems the duo has forgotten about their little brawl at a New York Nightclub last year. Last December the two were rumored to be linked to Rihanna romantically. So naturally this caused quite the tension between the two men.

But what are the two musicians doing hanging out? They’re making music together.

Brown’s Facebook page revealed the recent relationship and what they’re doing” “Hangin with Drake in the studio.”

Check out Brown’s recent video, “Love More.”

It’s still not certain what exactly the men have been working on in the studio. However, it does seem likely that Drake will be singing on Brown’s collaboration-filled album, “X.” Everyone from Drumma Boy to Verse Simmonds have joined on to take part in the album.

Thanks to his Twitter account we know Brown’s album, “X” will be released Nov. 19.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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