Chicken Plant Cockroaches Cause Shut Down

    January 14, 2014
    Tina Volpe
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If you’re still eating chicken after the last shocking headline that 97 percent of chicken breasts tested harbored bacteria that could make you sick, then this might just put you off of chicken completely.

Foster Farms has had been shut down due to the cockroach problems in its plant. As CNBC put it: Chicken à la cockroach, anyone?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has shut down the Livingston, California facility on Wednesday after finding cockroaches, alive, at their plant on five different visits. The agency warned the company and another Foster Farms plant in Fresno, CA about the cockroach problems, and due to the recent salmonella outbreak linked to this company’s chicken.

With cockroaches in a food processing plant there’s a real danger to consumers, according to Sandra Eskin, director of Pew’s food safety program.

“Cockroaches can carry salmonella and that is a concern because we have an outgoing outbreak at the plant in Livingston, California, and a couple others operated by Foster Farms,” said Eskin.

The bugs were found all over the plant, where people wash their hands and in production lines.

Abdalla Amin, deputy district manager for the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) in Alameda, Calif., wrote a five page letter to Foster Farms CEO Ron Foster on Jan. 8, which included the statement:

“These recent findings of egregious insanitary conditions related to an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer cockroach infestation in your facility indicate that your establishment is not being operated and maintained in sanitary condition, or in a manner to ensure that product is not adulterated,” Amin writes in the letter.

Foster Farms issued a statement saying that just five cockroaches were found by FSIS. The company insists it is committed to the same sanitation standards as FSIS.

“A single incident is not acceptable, and we are committed to a zero tolerance policy,” the statement reads.

That statement is a little hard to swallow given the recent infractions.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • ken

    So much for all the Foster Farm groupies who for years have portrayed Tyson as scum while Foster farm chickens were so wholesome.

  • Joe

    So funny. Foster Farms raises chickens so that means it’s a Chicken Farm ! Hahahahahahahaha So there must be a lot of chicks then !!! hahahaha

  • Fritz

    Where did you think chickens came from…the stork?

  • Roberta

    I guess if you brought the chickens (alive) in to the plant for a couple of days or weeks they would eat the roaches !!!

  • Helen Thomas

    I believe Foster Farms was established by Christians. Is this going to be the newest persecution? Hmmm
    Attempting to bring down Christian businesses.

    • garsed

      A blatant lie. The company has been in the Foster family since the 1930s. There’s already enough religious tension in the world, why stir up more by spreading lies?

  • DJPaice

    So….the fact that chickens eat their own feces is any better?

  • FireStarter

    Oh yes, Helen Thomas, The Christian Card! If 5 cockroaches were found, think of the thousands hiding in the place. Christian does not make one a “better” person. This is a sanitation and safety issue, not a religious issue. Now go to church like a good little girl.

  • Tricia

    well this just makes it that much harder for me to ever eat chicken again !!!

  • garsed

    Bacteria……who cares. Cockroach infestation……..who cares. as long as profits and “shareholder value” are up, that’s all Foster Farms (or any other company, for that matter)cares about.