Cheyenne Woods: Heir to Woods Golf Throne?

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Tiger Woods had better watch his back. He's not the only one with golf skills in that family. This is Cheyenne Woods, Tiger Woods' neice and, by the looks of it, possible heir to the golf throne.

The 23-year-old daughter of Tiger's older half-brother, Earl Woods, Jr., has played three LPGA events this year, and has yet to collect any money, but she shouldn't be discouraged. She obviously has what it takes to make it in the world of golf.

Of course, she was first introduced to the sport by the same means as famous uncle Tiger. Her grandfather and Tiger's father, Earl Woods, first taught her all about the sport.

According to Fox Sports, Cheyenne is already a pro golfer. She graduated from Wake Forest as a two-time All-American before joining the family golf community. She has yet to quite reach the level of her phenom uncle, or even the LPGA ranks at all, for that matter. She did finished second in Stage 1 of Q-school in August. She also went on to tie for 56th at Stage 2 in October, which qualified her for the final stage, coming in December.

In case you forgot, here's the original Nike commercial that Tiger did:

So, will Cheyenne's Instagram video spur thousands to take up ball and club for hours of backyard and municipal course practice on this trick, like Tiger's Nike commercial did? Assuredly. This video just might have a whole new generation bouncing and whacking at the illusive white ball, and could even ignite an interest in golf for a new set of kids. Who knows?

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