Chelsea Clinton Makes $75K for Speaking Appearance

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Potential 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has come under fire recently for seeming to align herself with "regular folks," all while pulling in speaking fees that equal more per appearance than most people make in a year. Hillary has made as much as $300,000 on speaking engagements.

However, Hillary has pointed out that the money from all her speaking engagements goes directly to charity. Opponents of Hillary Clinton have demanded that figures be released that show how much she is making off each speech she gives, and exactly how much of that goes to charity. They say that her wealth makes her out of touch with normal, average Americans.

Now we learn that former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton ain't no slouch on the speaking circuit herself.

Chelsea Clinton reportedly pulls down up to $75,000 per speaking engagement. But, also like her mother, she donates every bit of the money she gets from speaking fees to charity, specifically to the Clinton Foundation.

A representative for Chelsea Clinton was quick to point out that all the speaking that she does is related to the work of the Clinton Foundation. Furthermore, she chooses specific speaking engagements based on the organization's focus on issues that the Clinton Foundation supports.

The Clinton Foundation lists its Guiding Principles as:

- We're all in this together.

- Nothing truly happens unless a life is changed.

- No one has all the answers, but we can bring together the people who can find them.

- Results you can measure are the only results that matter.

- Empowerment is liberating and life-changing.

- There is always a way to be faster, leaner, and better.

- The greatest good is helping people live their best life story.

Beyond her volunteer work with the Foundation, Chelsea herself is not hurting for money. She was under $600,000 per year contract with NBC where she was a special correspondent.

So what is Chelsea like on stage? Here is a TED talk she gave, as an example.

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