Charles Manson: Is He Marrying a 25-Year-Old Groupie?

    August 10, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Convicted murderer Charles Manson has allegedly filed papers to marry a 25-year-old woman, who says she is already Manson’s wife.

Afton Burton, who now goes by the name of Star, discovered Charles Manson, 79, when she was 16 and says she was born to be with the convicted killer.

“He filed for the first round of paperwork,” Star told CNN. “I’m completely with him, and he’s completely with me. It’s what I was born for, you know. I don’t know what else to say.”

Star says she fell for Manson after reading the ATWA, an acronym describing Manson’s environmental philosophy of air, trees, water and animals. When she was 19, and after a three-year correspondence with Manson, she moved to Corcoran to be near the killer, who has been incarcerated in Corcoran State Prison for the past 25 years.

She says she speaks with Manson daily by phone and visits him on most weekends.

“We talk about anything and everything, you know, like what’s going on today– who’s doing what. I try to help him file papers and stuff like that,” said Star.

When Star visits Manson, they are only permitted a hug at the beginning and end of their visit. If they do marry, Manson will not be granted conjugal visits because it is forbidden for inmates who are serving a life sentence.

Star says she knows people can’t understand her relationship with Manson, but says it will not thwart her intentions to marry Manson.

“I don’t care what those kind of people think. It doesn’t make any difference,” she says. “The man that I know is not what they have in the movies or in documentaries and the books. He’s nothing like that. He doesn’t tell people what to do. He’s not manipulative at all.”

Cynics — including her father — believe Star is being manipulated by Manson, and that ATWA’s goal is to draw young people into Manson’s web. She is unbelievably loyal to Manson and even carved an X in her forehead two years ago per his request. Girls in the so-called Manson Family carved Xs in their foreheads during his 1971 trial.

Her ultimate goal is to see the release of Manson by helping maintain his social media sites.

“The only thing that he’s trying to manipulate people into doing is planting trees and cleaning up the Earth. He genuinely cares about that,” says Star. “He’s nice to everyone. I’ve never seen him try to be manipulative. I’ve never seen any of that.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • blueyedlorelie

    He is the devil incarnate. It is an abomination that he is still breathing.


      COMEPLETE FOOL! Manson is no more evil than any other convict, and not nearly as bad as some wo=MEN, killers of children! In fact Manson has many Biblical views, and is way more of a MAN, then most American males! Jealous because he still gets chicks?

      • blueyedlorelie

        If I’m a fool, it’s a fool I like to be. Why would I be jealous because Manson is still able to manipulate people?


          Okay, I apologize for calling you a fool, that was wrong of me. We just have a different point of view. ps. I don’t think Charlie is manipulating anyone. Unfortunately wo=MEN think for themselves now a days! pps. Figure out why they go for criminals? Maybe most males are not up to snuff?

          • jonnybuffett

            Your as crazy as as shit-house rat … or as a piece of shit like your buddy Charlie… take your pick!

      • jonnybuffett

        …and you sound as insane as he is insane … stupid moron. Yea, someone is jealous because he gets chicks? Your a joke dude … just like any chick that would follow this puke for whatever reason. Oh wow … Manson’s such a “man”. Sure dumb-azz … one who drove the murder train to kill a pregnant woman. You should join him in his cell jerk-off.




    I believe that Manson has many more redeeming qualities then MOST Americans! What does it say about the Matriarchal society we live in, that Charles Manson is portrayed as the bogie man, and at the same time wo=MEN, killers of children are getting a pass?

    • jonnybuffett

      … and you till a dumb azz.


        Yeah wtf is this Joseph clown even talking about? “More of a man” is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard about somebody as shitty as Mason. If it wasn’t for us “wo=MEN”, your punk ass wouldn’t be here and neither would Manson dipshit

        • Roni

          joseph you are just a weak minded follower… Manson should have got the death penalty along time ago, and it sounds like you might also need it


            Roni, are you a GIRL or a boy? Sexually confused? COMEPLETE FOOL! I have earned a PATENT on a valuable invention. So much for me being a follower. If I was a follower, I’d join the military, and let UGLY wo=MEN boss me around!


          Charles Manson’s mother was a PROSTITUTE, who SOLD him to a waitress for a pitcher of beer! So much for your delusion that wo=MEN, are any thing more than receptacles!

          • joe

            all women are prostitutes. fact.
            they might not all be soliciting cash, but they all want something. their bills paid, food, housing, cars.

            except for that one lucky guy, who did get the only woman born in the history of the entire world who wants to be with someone because they love them, not for what they can provide them. the rest of the woman: everyone has a price. what is yours?


            GOD bless! You have a LOT of insight! My price would be: PUT OUT, or GET OUT! Show it off, JERK it OFF! tHAT’S MY PRICE!

        • Joe

          while most of what you say is true, don’t forget, that without us MEN, you women would be living in trees or caves, and walking. men invented everything and men own everything. houses, cars, farming, hunting. the only reason a real man needs a woman is for procreation. good luck fixing your car or home repairs. stupid feminists.


            GOD bless! One of the reasons I like Manson, is because he’s a Chauvinist!


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  • Ben Gazi

    Send Charlie a Wedding Gift ! He loves Walnuts,Pistachios,Pecans and Beef Jerky !
    Charles Manson B-33920
    P.O. Box 3476 4A4R-007
    Corcoran, CA 93212


      Ben Gazi, GOD bless! I don’t condemn Charles Manson either! At most, he’s no more evil then any other convict! And at best, he’s more in tune with GOD than most other people! Did you notice that the wo=MAN, who did most, of the stabbing is GERMAN? ps. There’s a syndrome called “Munchausen Syndrome” it’s when a GERMAN girl, TORTURES a child to death, because she’s hard up for attention! My point? wo=MEN will do what they will do, regardless of any influence from a MAN! ps. If I write to Charlie, at the above address, will he write back? Thanks.

      • Ben Gazi

        You sound like a Charlie kinda guy Joe….yes he writes back if you include a paid self addressed envelope and a small gift like packaged nuts.

      • jonnybuffett

        He’ll write to anyone like you dumb-azz because your a prime candidate to be his little bitch you stupid moron. You sound as much of a puke as he is.




          Jealous because he still gets cute chicks at almost 80 years of age? Figure out why wo=MEN go for criminals, and how lacking in Masculinity most males like yourself are.

    • jonnybuffett

      don’t forget he loves to have pregnant women killed also. The puke should be sent nothing except a rope so he can go where he’s always been headed … hell. He’ll get all the smoked jerky he wants there you jerk.


        COMPLETE FOOL! Charles Manson has more redeeming qualities than MOST Americans! He believes in Jesus Christ. That makes him SAVED! You are controlled by wo=MEN, you should be in the military where a handful of UGLY girls tell all the DUMB MA MA’S boys what to do!

        • Neice

          What a women basher. There was Tex Watson also. the big fool that is sitting in prison with the rest of the murders. He is a man if remember.

  • JustDroppedIn

    You go, Charlie. I’m impressed. And I’m female. Joseph Esposito, you are correct. Those “girls” were grown-ass women and fully accountable for their own actions. Manson is just your average convict that got spun into some “great manipulator” because that DA couldn’t believe those “poor brainwashed little girls” couldn’t do what they did without some MAN telling them to do it. What a bunch of crap. Women can be just as mean or meaner than men.

    • Just fuckingyourmom

      SAD SAD SAD excuse for a woman, please don’t reproduce


        COMEPLETE FOOL! Figure out why wo=MEN, go for criminals? It is because MOST American males are weak! Charlie has more Manly ness then most!

  • daleh33

    The photo is fake, Manson has been on no contact visits since he got to prison. While he is allowed visitors they are separated by glass so my guess would be she’s full of crap.


      Don’t know what you’re talking about!

  • Thomas Howard

    Congratulations Charles.

  • Venus1

    Well there IS someone out there for everyone even Mr. Charles “I never actually killed anyone” Manson.

  • Jack Off

    Her parents must be so very proud,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Riley Perry

    her parents must be so proud. What a killer wedding this will be

  • Southeast

    She must be sick! Manson should not be allowed to have any visitors and contact with the civilized world and he should have been put to death a long time ago.


      COMEPLETE FOOL! Thank GOD for Charles Manson! More of a MAN than MOST American half excuses for males.

  • It’s just Me

    she chooses to throw her life away and others are fighting daily to stay alive

  • neil waen

    Charlie is the first celebrity criminal. Why does this convicted mass murderer get so much press? Does no one remember the people who suffered and died because of this person? Does no one care the victims families and friends still suffer and grieve? This guy is not a victim, he is not a political prisoner, he also is guilty. Stop giving this monster press coverage.

  • KC614

    I’ve heard of women liking the bad boy but this is insane.

  • tom56071

    their is money involved here and fame

  • Stargazer

    Anyone ever check this whacky woman to see if there is actually any active brain cells in her skull? I would debate fully that there isn’t much up there!

  • Cluznar

    Something few people know is that the Zodiac killer visited Manson’s ranche several times and was friends with Tex Manson’s right hand man.

  • Neice

    Anyone that would write or talk to someone like Manson has to be insane. She needs to read the book Helter Skelter, which scared the hell out of me in high school so bad couldn’t be alone at my house for a year, which I doubt someone like her could even comprehend. She is a total loser, idiot, moron and how does she think people are going to feel about her in the future. He is going to be dead and she will be labeled as a lunatic. Feel sorry for her family.

  • terri008

    You’re the fool & you can’t even spell complete right! The people that he and his followers killed were stabbed over 130 times and Sharon Tate was 8 months pregnant & begged for her life & her baby’s life & they still killed her.

  • Raj

    Am wondering why all you people our so full of hate, because love is happening , all your little asleep programming whispers mommy and daddy told you about Charlie the bogie man who was set up read between the lines with your fifth grade education , you poor sad little boys , Charlie must be laughing so hard!!!!!

  • spwills

    I bet this is a generational topic. Most people who remember when this horrific killing happened are over 50. The younger people are more forgiving, like Joseph.


      I’m 57! And I like Charles Manson because he has the right views about JEWS, BLACKS , and wo=MEN!

  • joe

    stupid people are born every day.