Champions League Final: A Tale Of One City

By: Toni Matthews-El - May 21, 2014

This weekend the rivalry between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid will come to a head when the two teams meet in the Champions League final.

The event goes down in Lisbon, Portugal on May 25th, but the results could have far reaching implications for both teams.

For many years, Real Madrid has been the dominant football team in Madrid, Spain. Despite the rivalry, some claim that it’s one of the most polite and least hostile conflicts in all of football.

“We’ve got a long and strong sporting rivalry, but it’s a healthy one,” said Atlético Madrid president Enrique Cerezo in an interview. “You’re, of course, always going to have to deal with a few hooligans, but this has been an example of a good rivalry.”

It’s noted that derby matches between the two Madrid sides don’t typically feature the violence and property damage that can be found when other rival sports teams meet.

In fact, it’s easy to argue that the rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is FAR more bitter.

The club president admits that when it comes to the “El Clasico” matches between Barcelona and Real, the club often supports whichever outcome benefits the club more.

Said Cerezo, “It’s a pure calculation rather than about emotion.”

When the two Madrid sides meet in the CL final, emotions will no doubt be running fairly high. Both teams are in pursuit of glory and history.

An Atlético victory will grant the club not only a cup double (the team just won the La Liga title) but their first ever Champion’s League trophy. As the winners of the Copa del Rey, Real Madrid could also end the season with a cup double.

More importantly, this win would give the Real Madrid club “La Decima”. This means they will have won the CL title ten times. It’s a number they’ve been chasing for years, and this is the closest they’ve come to date.

This city is going to celebrate following the outcome of this weekend’s Champions League final. It’s just that one section of the city will be notably louder than the other.

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