Cassandra Lynn, Former Playmate, Dies From Overdose


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Life was tragically cut short for the former Playboy Playmate, Cassandra Lynn Hensley, as the 34-year-old was found dead in a bathtub on Wednesday, Jan. 15, according to TMZ.

Based on reports, Hensley was found unconscious at a friend's house, who lived in Los Angeles, and after finding her, the friend called 911 and said he had a feeling that she overdosed. However, the type of drug that Hensley overdosed on wasn't revealed until today.

According to police, cocaine and large amounts of alcohol were found in the the Utah native's system, and apparently she passed away after having sex and partying with an L.A. based photographer. He was the same gentleman who found her unconscious.

In addition, Hensley sent out a few tweets before she passed away, and some believed those tweets showed she was having a difficult time, but in actuality, they appear to be related to a daily horoscope. "Unspoken obligations prevent you from doing what you wish today," read one post.

A TMZ source said Hensley complained about feeling ill after she landed in L.A., but she still went to a party thrown by the photographer. The next morning, he woke up to a flood in his home coming from the bathroom, and that's when he found the former playmate and called 911.

Just last month, Hensley spoke to Metropolitan magazine and said even though she's no longer a Playmate, she's still living a full life and keeping herself busy. "Yes, there is life after Playboy," she said. "I have been a part of many great experiences: travel shows, magazine covers, and of course giving advice to young impressionable girls who think they need to act a certain way for a chance to be a model."

A close friend of Hensley, named Tina, told TabRag that she always expected that Hensley wasn't completely happy, but she never found out if that was true or not. "I could always tell something was bothering her inside and not quite sure if I could ever pinpoint what it was," said Tina. "But there are times when I felt she was hurting inside, and I did my best whenever I could to always be there for her."

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