Casey Anthony Comes Out Of Hiding

    December 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Casey Anthony’s name and face have become synonymous with tragedy, outrage, and one of the most infamous trials of our generation. Since she was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee’s murder, Casey has been in hiding somewhere in Florida and has only appeared every so often in homemade videos, which she posts herself online.

Anthony allegedly came out in public recently, however, and the news is sensational to those who have followed her story. As one of the most famous faces of our time, it’s been presumed she would have a hard time leaving the confines of her home without drawing massive attention to herself. But someone appears to have spotted her at a restaurant in Lake Worth, Florida, and snapped a picture of her as she dined with two male companions.

The 26-year old has had to keep a low profile because of the extreme backlash that occurred when she was acquitted; many believed, and still believe, that she either killed her young daughter or helped cover it up. She’s also been in hiding since two lawsuits were filed against her: one by a woman who was named during Casey’s testimony as a negligent babysitter but turned out not to have any ties with the Anthony family at all, and one by a woman who said she was bullied and threatened by Casey and feared for her life. That suit was ultimately thrown out by the judge.

While the photo is blurry and isn’t definitive, the media have jumped all over it and are wondering–if it is indeed her–when she’ll make her next move out in public.


Image: SplashNews

  • Ted

    Hey Casey, glad to see you are getting out more. Please feel free to contact me. I am a friend.

    • Rose

      Im sure she has lots of “friends” that would love for her to contact them! 😉

  • Eddie Assati

    I am appalled and disgusted that the media continues to make this child murderer out to be some kind of celebrity. THE LUNATIC KILLED HER BABY!!!!!!! Who cares if she is out eating a hamburger????? I wish she would choke to death on it and have everybody there in the restaurant stand by, do nothing and just watch the life drain out of her like she did with poor Caylee. What is WRONG with this world when we seek to glorify bad behavior????? Please, can someone explain this to me?

    • Rose

      AMEN We all will get what we have coming in the end. No one can escape Gods Judgement!

      • roberto

        not even you Rose

    • Greg

      Dont be an ass! She not guilty of anything

    • matthew

      maybe if there wasnt people like you that waste your time commenting on something that needs to be ignored… the media wouldnt show us it.. the media loves people such as yourself.

    • Carmen

      I agree Eddie. It seems you can get away with murder in this country anymore and I don’t understand it either. The judge that let her get away with this should be on trial, in my opinion. She is a disguisting woman that deserved the death sentence, but got away with murder and she’s gonna be celebrating it for the rest of her life. Hopefully her life is cut short the way she cut short the life of her poor baby girl.

    • cody

      usually in terrible crimes like this you want to never even speak of their name again, however, usually they are also in prison. Since she walks the streets freely her punishment comes directly with her freedom. Therefore if she lives quietly in this world she gets no justice at all. I agree she should be publicly announced at all avenues.

    • Rodney

      Hate it or not, all of the evidence against her is circumstantial. Nothing could be proven, hence why she was acquitted. Whether or not she did it, or helped cover it up is still anybodies guess. A majority of those who think she is guilty are running purely off emotions. The media made her out to be the bad person and nearly everybody bought into it. It’s done and over with…get over it and move on.

    • vm


    • http://Yahoo.com Ingrid C. Meizner

      I am with Eddie all the way. What a sick, sociopathic bitch Casey Anthony is. We don’t care what happens to her. She will go out and do some heinous thing again. She has no remorse, no feelings and she needs to be kept out of the general public. I pray she will get her just due.

  • Debrah Alsobrook

    I am confused. We have homelessness, joblessness, soldiers dying overseas and a whole myraid of political issues that the public and the nation at large should be dealing with, yet the media is following this child killer around. What’s up with that? No, she wasn’t found guilty and everyone has their opinion about her roll in her child’s death, but why is she still on anyone’s radar? If she did it then she doesn’t deserve attention and if she didn’t do it, she still doesn’t deserve the attention. Total waste of space!

    • birthday12383@yahoo.com

      Debra, why are you reading an commenting then? You are in on it too.

  • Marlene

    How I wish there really was a “DEXTER” out there that could take care of this selfish monster. She may or may not have actually killed her daughter (I believe she did however) BUT her actions shortly after her daughter was (missing) dancing, drinking, partying, etc. marks her as a monster…….Please teach her a lesson DEXTER!

    • Debbie

      @ Marlene. Why don’t you invite her to your house or better yet, let her babysit for you if you’re fond of giving her another chance. Many people are found not guilty who are as guilty as sin. This woman is one of them. O.J. Simpson is another. May they both burn in hell.

    • Debbie

      @ Marlene. Why don’t you invite her to your house or better yet, let her babysit for you if you’re fond of giving her another chance. Many people are found not guilty who are as guilty as sin. This woman is one of them. O.J. Simpson is another. May they both burn in hell.

  • Scott Baryo

    The young lady was found not guilty! I repeat not guilty! go back and read up on the case and you will learn why. Let her get on with her life. she is a young mother who lost a daughter. you want out rage find the person who took caylees life. find out who moved that childs body. What did Mr. Kronk have to do with all of it. What role did George play in it? all the mistakes by the state in putting together it’s case. Casey was found not guilty!

    • nancy

      Are you people REAL? Defending this LOSER! Yes, found not guilty by a dumb ass jury.

      • roberto

        a jury picked approved by the prosecutor. shut up nancy

        • http://Yahoo.com Ingrid C. Meizner

          Rpberto, you deserve Casey. Why don’t you find her and ask her for a date, dumb ass.

    • Unknown

      She was only found not guilty bc everyone on the jury were idiots m’am. She did not show remorse once for her kid and she never will bc the sicko got away with it. It’s people like you that need questioning..

    • Chrissy

      A young mother who lost her daughter and never shed a tear! Sick!

  • Greg

    Hey sweetie! Hope the best for you and ignore the morons!

    • Unknown

      We are the morons?!! I think you should take another look at yourself sir. Anyone who is FOR killing a baby is a moron..hmm wonder what you are most likely to do in the future..

    • http://Yahoo.com Ingrid C. Meizner

      You’re the moron. Why don’t you marry her, have a baby with her and then she will kill that one too. Loser.

  • Ingrid C. Meizner

    Who cares about Casey Anthony? She is a sick sociopath who should not be given airtime, print-time or any attention whatsoever. She got away with murder and is a despicable human being. She will go out and do something horrific again only the next time, she will finally get caught and get her just due. Anyone who goes near her, befriends her or is associated with her is at risk for being sucked into her vortex of evil and will end up a victim. Do not give her the attention she craves, as most sociopaths do. She is the devil incarnate!

  • stefan

    you saw this bitch in public and didnt put a bullet in her head?!?! you should be ashamed of yourself

    • Kat McDowell

      Agreed, shame on them

      • angela bergner

        The ones who are saying she’s innocent aren’t to bright. As for put a bullet in her head, who would want to go to prison for that nasty ass b***h.

    • Ted

      You are an idiot.

    • trojanman

      She is NOT innocent!! She was found not guilty. Big difference pal

    • robin

      Good one!!!

    • roberto

      you do it then you idiot. daring everyone else b/c your too coward to do it yourself. the fact that you condone this type of activity is sickening. be mad at the prosecutor. His stupidity and arrogance did all of this. and your a dumbass.

  • Justice

    She was acquitted and is innocent. Can’t we please stop persecuting her and let her once again become a contributing member of society?

    • http://BringColebyHome.net Colebysmom

      I agree! I have said since the day she was found NOT guilty!

    • Kelli

      She was never a contributing member of society. She killed that baby and did everything she could to pretend it didn’t happen. She went clubbing with her baby dead in her trunk. She is not innocent. She needs to rot in hell.

      • nora

        oh yea so the netx time she has a child and kills it then what we live in world where children are being killed for no reason by ther mothers and all i want to know why have a child if you do not want one use protection

    • Unknown

      Well..no we can’t sorry. People who are a contributing member to what we call a society today know that she killed her. It is bluntly obvious.

    • Olde Rose

      Justice, you are misnamed. A criminal acquittal simply means that the State failed to meet its burden of proving that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty. That is a far cry from a finding of innocence. If one of twelve jurors sees reasonable doubt, no conviction will lie. Yes, Ms. Anthony was acquitted. No, she was not determined to be innocent.

    • The Man

      Acquitted is not innocent. She was found not guilty of first degree murder because of a reasonable doubt. You need to learn law a little bit before you comment on a case that you have no clue about at all.

    • robin

      Really Justice? INNOCENT!!! How int he heck can anyone say she is innocent.. Just the not reporting of her daughter missing for 31 days in MOT innocent… Maybe, just maybe and that is a HUGE maybe Caylee’s death was an accident, but NO ONE will ever convince the good people of this world that she did not have a hand in throwing her child in the swamp wrapped in TRASH bags!!! PLEASE!!! Did you watch the trial and listen? Good Grief…..

    • cloyd

      She was found not guilty but that doesn’t mean she is innocent and when was she ever a contributing member of society. She should be persecuted until the day she dies.

    • http://webpronews.com Bev

      She is far from innocent. Justice was not on the side of that precious little girl, but on the side of her murderous mother. She will never have a moment of peace. That is her punishment.

    • kurt

      Justice, with all due respect. What island have you been living on? Casey Anthony was aquitted because of an incompetent investigation,overzealous prosecuters who should have asked for 2nd degree murder based on the evidence and finally a mother who lied for her to keep her from getting the death penality!How is this worthless narcissitic women ever going to contribute to society? Maybe she can baby sit your children! C`mon wake up!

    • Ryan

      Are you F*#king stupid? She is about as innocent as OJ. Even just last week when they found even more evidence on her laptop that ties her to the crime…but can’t do double jeopardy so this monster walks free among us. This is one person I would be thrilled if she were 6′ under.

    • kurt

      Sorry Justice! I apologize. I posted my comment/reply to the wrong person. I shoud have directed it to Stephan. Sorry my bad!

    • seriouslyrightnow

      She was found not guilty, not innocent. There is a difference, no we don’t know if she killed Caylee, however she was the last one to see her alive and made up all the lies, hmmmmmm. Are you from Clearwater as well?

    • http://yahoo Meda

      She was acquitted, not found not guilty. She killed her daughter and then tried to hide it. nuff said.

    • Cinnamon

      Keep in mind she was found NOT GUILTY, not INNOCENT!!!!! Those two things are worlds apart. She is anything but innocent.

    • Maria

      Innocent? I think not. Acquitted is not the same as innocent. She was acquitted because damaging evidence was not allowed to be presented. Her demeanor in court changed when the jury was in the room. When the jury was out she was defiant and cavalier about the arguments before the court. She benefitted from the unfounded accusation of molestation against her father in opening statements, although the accusations were never again addressed by her attorneies again. I also believe that the jury suffered from the CSI effect, they wanted forensic proof that only exists in T.V. As for the famed medical examiner that claimed Calley’s autopsy was showdy, please, he is famous for being part of MLK Jr. and JFK’s autopsy. They were shot! Did this really need to conduct an autopsy to determine a madman’s bullet killed them? Casey will be in jail soon enough, just like O.J. but we will never know what really happened because compulsive liars don’t know what reallity is.

  • vm


  • Joyce

    I will even go so far to say “maybe” it was an accident that Caylee died, so if that was the case why would Casey treat her daughter’s body like trash? Just put her in a plastic bag,use duck tape, dump her in a grave, and just walk away, like Caylee didn’t exist or matter? I hope someone gets her, corners her,makes her feel helpless,and treats her like the trash she is.

  • Lisa Garner

    I still think she murdered her daughter but we will never know for sure. Things just didn’t add up with her story of what happened to Caylee.

  • nancy


  • Debbie

    I hope I don’t run into her in a restaurant here in South Florida. It would be hard for me to walk away without a scene.

    • roberto

      What if you did see her and tried something and she KO’d you. what would you do then?

  • ladonna


    • roberto

      she is so NOT ugly. are you kidding me right now?

      • kim

        Very very extremely Ugly… Super ugly!

  • Mo

    All of you people saying she is innocent because she was aquitted and leave her alone, were probably the same ones saying that O.J. was guilty even though he WAS aquitted… Juries get it wrong sometimes! More ofthen than not. What about the innocence project? There are countless people freed because someone got it wrong… But only God knows and Casey know the truth at this point. But you DO reap whatever it is that you sow!

    • Jack


      Please stop acting like you know what you’re talking about. Because you don’t. Spare us with the “juries get it wrong sometimes.”

      Comments like that shows completely stupidity of the law works. The jury DID get it right. They even admitted they had no choice BASED ON THE LAW and what she was charged with. It’s called PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT!

      The Innocence Project has no relevance here. Again, know what you’re talking about.

      • kim

        Jack, please stop acting like YOU know everything… Juries do get it wrong sometimes… In this case “tied hands” produced the same SAD judjement as a “Bad Call”

  • http://yahoo.com Myrtle Starling

    I wonder how she feels when she spots a little girl about Caylee’s age. Does she think about her daughter? I know she was acquitted, but I am sure she was involved with her murder or know someone who is responsible. MERRY Christmas, hope you think of Caylee when you get up on Christmas day.

  • robin

    Really Justice? INNOCENT!!! How int he heck can anyone say she is innocent.. Just the not reporting of her daughter missing for 31 days in MOT innocent… Maybe, just maybe and that is a HUGE maybe Caylee’s death was an accident, but NO ONE will ever convince the good people of this world that she did not have a hand in throwing her child in the swamp wrapped in TRASH bags!!! PLEASE!!! Did you watch the trial and listen? Good Grief…..

  • irish4real

    Ok folks it’s over, she was acquitted and it is time to move on.

  • fanspeed

    leave her alone it’s over and she is so pretty and sweet. wish I was in her orbit somehow.

  • J

    So it’s media sensationalism … back off…. you don’t even know this is her ffs!

  • Ron


  • bella

    I notice the ones supporting this woman – who said her daughter had been kidnapped and was out partying while the concocted kidnapping was happening – are male.

    I would think that any sane person would remember that if your TWO YEAR OLD is really kidnapped, you’re not gonna be partying. You’re gonna be somewhere worrying and trying to work with feds or cops in their return and you’re gonna wanna be with family in this hard time.

    • tanisha

      true. if you have a child of any age you shouldn’t be out in the street partying. you gave that life up when you decided to keep the child and be a mother. that child should be with you everyday except if you have to work. you don’t leave a child for days at a time.

  • Sherri

    If she did do it, my hope is that she lives with what she’s done everyday, haunting her like a theif in the night. I hope she will NEVER be content or find happiness, joy or acceptance in her life until she repents and asks for forgiveness. If she did play God, then she should remain where she is (in hiding) and stay away from those who truly hate her. Praying the real truth comes out.

  • Sherri

    p.s., she loves all this attention. her party is over, let’s not celebrate her destructiveness anymore… please.

  • Guy P Fraser

    WHY would anybody even talk to this pig??? We never want to hear the name again.

  • tanisha

    Casey Anthony will always be know for murdering her daughter. I believe she is guilty and so does more than half of america. if she really isn’t guilty, then she made herself look guilty. but she knows how and who killed her daughter. i hoepe it stays on her conscience for the rest of her life and haunts her. then again people like that don’t have one.

  • Kathy

    I hope she chokes on her food.

  • david

    actually, I saw her on a delta flight from NY to West Palm Beach a few weeks ago.

  • angela bergner

    She’s a murdering nasty ass bitch. Why do people want to give her the time of day? That’s what she wants.

  • debbie

    It seems to me that the only people who defend Casey are single men who think with the wrong head. Justice was not served for this child.

    • nicci

      Thank you Debbie, you’re exactly right !

      • http://Yahoo Phil

        Debbie I support her and I’m Married, The jury found her innocent, I believe in our justice system, they did the best they could, as a father of three my heart went out for that child and I hope who ever did this pays some day, but there is a possibility that Casey had nothing to do with it and until she admits it or they find some other evidence she is innocent.

    • daniel

      whether or not she was involved in the death of caylee,
      she was found not guilty and should be left alone. thats
      the law, its over. everyone should jusy move on. besides
      nothing anyone does is going to help caylee now.

  • William Smith

    …Oh where Oh where has this little HOTTIE gone ? I sure hope she show’s up soon ! What a Hottie !

    • Elisa

      You may not feel that way if you had a child with her that she murdered in cold blood, and then went out partying. If you got with her, you’d have to be extra sure she was using good birth control. If she got pregnant….Oh dear…

      Kinda ruins the moment, doesn’t it??

      • kim

        Don’t worry about Willy Smith lol he’s obviously a Sociopath too! He Probably wouldn’t care if she killed his kids either…. If she cut his weiner off he might care lol But, Sociopaths don’t care about anything but themselves…. Birds of a feather… Run to her Willy!!!! You can be crazy together hahahahaha!!!

    • J-pugh

      she aint that hot! and this aint playboy. Theres somethin bad about her

  • nicci

    Burn in Hell Casey Antony !!!

    • parker


  • parker

    the b*tch got lucky. her ass should have rotted in jail. she laughed in the face of the court system and they still let her go. if she is back out in public i pray she gets what she deserves.

  • Mack Farmer

    For anyone that has enough common sense to put all the evidence together it becomes obvious Anthony killed her daughter. Too bad no one on the jury had enough sense to see this. One cannot help but lose confidence in our legal system. Jury verdicts are only as good as the jury. In this case the jury was pathetic and justice was not served.

    • Marcus R

      It’s sad that a woman can murder her child and get away with it yet still be treated like a celebrity.

  • gwenfeder

    burn in hell you poor excuse of a mother. oh & have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS & please remember the daufgter you so diligently “took care of”.

  • http://yahoo m. grazier

    i dont care how sexy or good looking a woman is. she killed that little girl. for all those guys that are thinking with their other heads, think about this, if you got with her who’s to say if you pissed her off she wouldnt kill you too. she needs alot of prayer and when she dies i hope her heart is right because she is gonna need alot of mercy from God. have a great life casey!

  • http://webpronews.com Dagman

    The judicial system has spoken, right or wrong, it is still the system we live under. They said NOT GUILTY, who the hell are you to deny this woman the opportunity for a normal life? Oh, now I know, you know things the jury was NEVER allowed to hear, what a crock!!

    • Megan

      Very well stated! :) I wish someone decent would actually befriend her and be a mentor to this young woman.

    • Carole

      The jury was only 12 people out of how many in this country? Jurors have been wrong many, many times. In this case anyone with common sense can see Casey and no one else could have killed that poor little girl. How can you people actually feel sorry for a murderer, she has you people fooled. Casey is not the victim, Caylee is.

      • kim

        I’m with ya Carole.. The girl is a Sociopath! I DO NOT buy into her BS… I hope Karma grabs her ass!!!

  • My opinion

    I understand the outrage as I am a mother of two children as well; however, the jury is privy to so much more information than the public and based on the information that they had, she was acquitted.
    The media has a way of exaggerating things in order to get attention, ratings, etc. The real truth as to whether or not she killed her daughter lies within her and God. If she did, she lives with it everyday and as a mother, I know that would be the toughest and hardest pain anyone could ever have to deal live with. Death itself and all the persecution she is having to live with it would be so much easier. At the core of any mother’s heart for the most part, is love. If she killed her, I guarantee she is living a tortured life everyday. And if she didn’t, just as the men and women that sit on death row who are found innocent, have done time for a crime they didn’t commit. Either way, whether she killed her child or not, it’s over. Leave her alone! She’s living with enough pain…..let the American people step back from their sanctimonious and self-righteous responses and be present in the moment with your own children, live the best lives you know how..let go of all the anger and rage..It’s only destroying the productivity and essence of your own lives.

    • Beverly

      I agree

      • Dee

        To the poster who said jurors are privy to information the public doesn’t see, it’s the opposite. every time the Judge has the jurors leave because the lawyers want to argue something that may or may not be appropriate for the juror to hear. If the judge allows the jury to hear or see something that is later deemed to be prejudicial or misleading, the case would likely be overturned and they would have to do it all over again.

        I understand the Casey Anthony hate….she’s a vile,evil human being. The jury let her off but the public knew she was guilty and that’s why she will be shunned, asked to leave restaurants, etc. After the trial one restaurant banned members of the jury! They fact is, we knew more than the sequestered jurors and perhaps that is why they let her off.

      • Carole

        @ Bevery..You are full of crap. God help you if one of your children is ever murdered.

      • Barbara

        Then why did jurors say if they had known what WE knew they would have found her GUILTY! Short memory?

    • Megan

      I totally agree with you. She is a human being and was not found guilty. People need to stop judging and go about their own business.

    • Big D

      Tell this to OJ

    • Rob

      As far as the part about the jury had more information than the rest of us, that is not true. If you followed the case at all you would know that after all was said and done some of the jury members spoke and said that they did not know some things until after the case was over. They also said had they known some of that information they would have made a different decision. Also the jury believed her to be guilty, but felt they were not shown enough evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt so they had to vote not guilty. Obviously I believe she is guilty and just hope she never has another child.

    • kim

      lol are you f-ing stupid??? Sociopaths do NOT feel sorry for ANYONE! If you think she feels any remorse for that baby she would’ve reported a missing child>>> WHEN IT WAS LOST!!! I would like to know why, that if,… It was really drowned in a Pool, how come she didn’t get charged with “Improper Disposal of Human Remains” At the very least. That poor lil baby had THE WORST Lawyers on her side… PS: Sociopaths don’t feel for anyone but them selves… That is why she has NOT came up with the REAL STORY…. & you talk about people wasting their time on talking about it??? You just wrote 20 lines of Garbage about it. What are you? her Buddy????

      • Sharon

        Kim, you are absolutely correct. A sociopath is incapable of feeling anything for anyone except themselves. Kindness and mentoring would never help this sorry excuse for a woman. As for the jury;most people don’t even understand how to be a juror. The jury members are allowed to ask questions,but none ever do,and they don’t have to follow the letter of the law,either(look it up,all you doubters).the worst was that they couldn’t even care enough about little Caylee to convict the harridan of child neglect.This was the most pathetic loss of common sense I’ve ever seen.Her parents don’t get off scott-free in my book,either.

        • kim

          Thanks Sharon :) I totally agree with you too!

  • Beverly

    I think like other people do ,she has made a lot of mistakes and her freedom if you want to call it that is being violated by everyone who keeps the door open by implying and replying to every detail of her life ,me included.Give it a rest ;does nobody have anything to do other than pay attention to what she is doing.Get a life.

    • Darwin

      The old “Do as I say not as I do.” Apparently you have as little of a life as you say everyone else on here has.

  • drey

    GREAT! She has come out of hiding. This is the perfect time for some psycho to kill the witch. Surely someone out there is hearing a voice inside your head to kill Casey Anthony. Kill Casey Anthony. Be a hero and kill the witch! Get justice for little Kaylee. Kill Casey Anthony.

  • Stacy

    I think she needs to find a nice boyfriend who will do to her what she did to her daughter…She will NEVER be free. People will be yelling baby killer for the rest of her life…Karma will catch up with her. She was found not guilty of her babys murder…but then again so was OJ found not guilty and we know where he is sitting now. Karma. She knows she killed her child and so does the world. I hope she sees her babies face everynight when she goes to sleep. I hope the little one is Haunting her.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      she was found not guilty stupid fat ass bitch….

      • drey

        And you believed the verdict. The only fat dumb ass here is you.

      • Carole

        @ Lenny…. 12 idiotic jurors found her not guilty. You ignorant *** are just as much an idiot and just as stupid as they were. She killed Caylee and she will rot in ****!!!!!!

      • Barbara

        Not guilty is NOT the same as INNOCENT. Only stupid people call others names, they lack language skills.

      • sue caskey

        GOD will take care of her. The Ten Comments say thuu shall not kill

      • http://yahoo QEDESHAT

        Hey Lenny, Are you playing with a full deck? You know does
        the elevator go to the top floor with you? Where do you get
        off calling people “fat ass b****”? like you know this person? You deserve the dumb b**** Casey. Two peas in a pod.
        Or don’t you understand? Mr. Smart?

  • Bob

    Leave her be. IF she committed this murder, then she will have a lot worse time answering to God in the afterlife and an eternity in Hell awaits.

  • http://yahoo ThePoster

    She’s getting exactly what she deserves, the same as her daughter…no life! Her own family knows she killed that child.

  • Susan

    Her and her family got away with murder. Grandparents that take care of the grand baby since birth suddenly don’t see her for more than a week would have been alarmed. These grandparents were involved in the baby’s death and they help their daughter cover it up.

  • John Stewart

    She has been out of hiding for quite awhile. Check her out on “lelulove.com”. The belly tatoo gives her away. By the way the site is for “ADULTS-ONLY”

  • Darwin

    I hope Casey has a miserable life being used by everybody that she tries to connnect with….What a heartless/souless person to never show grief for your missing/dead child. The only times in court when she showed emotion was when it concerned ‘her.’
    She seems to be hollow/empty inside….

    • kim

      Well said.. I agreee!!!

  • kim

    Leave GOD out of this you so called do gooders. God wasn’t there when that babies mouth was being duct taped so let the cards fall for her where they may.

  • Melanie

    To bad she wasn’t the one walking down that raining sidewalk in sanford and georgie thought she was skipping around looking high Maybe would be be asking for his autograph right about now.

  • tabi

    At the very least she should be made to take a birth control shot, so this doesn’t happen again. If she got away with it once, it will likely happen again. If she loved that baby at all, she would have put her first in her life, not partying and men. Didn’t she go out partying while her child was “missing”? Any decent parent would have been with the search parties or at home waiting, just in case the child comes back.

    • Wanita Conchita

      WTF are you talking about? Most everyone in this country believes she’s guilty and if you bothered to read the article, you’d know that it’s about how hated she is… and that would lead me to believe it’s also the reason she’s in hiding. You have way too much hate in your heart.

  • http://yahoo. Deja Johnson

    Typical red neck America, when O J Simpson, who had way less concrete evidence against him then poor lily white Casey was acquitted, Lily White America was up in arms, but when poor little white girl has beaucoup (boo coo) evidence proving she’s a guilty creep, lily white America says, Aaaaah, it’s not her fault, have pity on her, she really did nothing wrong even if it’s obvious she’s guilty as sin…There’s more uprising when a Black football player kills HIS DOG THEN WHEN WHITE PIECE OF ASS KILL HER DAUGHTER, OF Course, she’s innocent, and of course Black O J killed his LILY WhITE wIFE, THAT’S lILY WHITE AMERICAN JUSTICE FOR YOU…pOOR LITTLE WHITE GIRL, GOT AWAY WITH MURDER, AND THERE’S NO UP ROAR.

    • kim

      Not sure what your Lilly White Garbage was about… But I agree with ya on the Guilty & got away with it….

      • devins

        Are You New?! It was a room of FlorIDIOTS aka Floridians that said she wasn’t Guilty. These people had no news access about the case, and weren’t allowed to speak to family about it, or go see family. They were stuck there for months. They wanted to go home, and by the end of the case gave a Unjust Verdict with absolutely NO Thought behind it. Anyone with a BRAIN knows she did it,and is Guilty. So don’t go making this about Race, looser.

    • devins

      Are You New?! It was a room of FlorIDIOTS aka Floridians that said she wasn’t Guilty. These people had no news access about the case, and weren’t allowed to speak to family about it, or go see family. They were stuck there for months. They wanted to go home, and by the end of the case gave a Unjust Verdict with absolutely NO Thought behind it. Anyone with a BRAIN knows she did it,and is Guilty. So don’t go making this about Race, looser.

    • Jillian

      Are you kidding me? There was just as much uproar over her as there was OJ. How can you claim America is racist when your whole argument is racist. People black or white were outraged by this whole story. Are you that ignorant that you didn’t notice it was the front page story on every newstand throughout America? I think you should check your facts (and your caps lock) before you go calling America “red neck.”

    • Trina

      Your freaken retarded. And a hater of white ppl. There are plenty of us white americans sickened by this animal. You just can’t see past your hate of white ppl. So here’s one for you if you hate whites so bad go back to the shores that your ancesters came from and shut up with the bull crap.

    • peachpoacher

      NO UPROAR? Are you deaf, or is all you can do is shout? There’s been nothing BUT uproar across America since the verdict came out. Might want to come a little further out from under your rock and try listening, instead of belching stupid, inane rot.

    • http://sfcnorris@yahoo.com LNorris

      What. in. the .hell. are. you talking. about???? I don’t know of ANYONE who thought she was innocent. And OJ Simpson DID kill his wife and hell yeah killing, fighting and brutalizing innocent animals is reason for uprising. And what do you mean there was no uproar?? Where do YOU live?? A cave?? OMG you are so blinded by racism you cant see past your nose. “America says its not her fault”? HUH? The only ones who gave her the benefit of a doubt was the 12 people on that jury. WOW.

  • Andrea

    I’m glad she’s coming out. I don’t think anyone will kill her, but I think her life will be hell on earth. I sure hope so. She probably killed “all the family pets” that were buried in the swamp. Maybe she killed Caylees’ birth dad. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to talk about him. If I were her parents, I would be scared. I would be sure she wasn’t in the will and I would make sure that she knew it. She turns my stomach.

  • The Blade

    There is a very compelling argument, especially with the presence of chloroform, that the death of Caylee Anthony involved not only Casey Anthony, but child prostitution gone wrong and some of the most rich and powerful people in the Orlando area.

    I would like to see the pompous and arrogant Nancy Grace actually do some good and turn her investigation in that direction, instead of her chronic carping and whining about a legal court verdict.

    If you believe in the US justice system, you have to respect a court verdict. Whining that Anthony was really guilty won’t do anyone any good.

    However, if it turned out that Anthony was, indeed, prostituting her child out to the wealthy, she could go to jail for enough counts of child prostitution to put her away for life.

    Let’s see Nancy Grace put her money where her mouth is and go after everyone who was involved.

    • Bunny

      Child prostitution rings don’t kill their kids if they can make money of of them thus the point of kidnapping them in the first place! Nancy Grace has and continues to help hundreds of victims. She has for years. You should really know about an entire person’s career before you make such a statement. And she did go after “everyone” involved. Now she is going after other people involved with other crimes. Do you even watch her show? Yeah..I guessed as much. You could not even hold a candle to her as far as helping anyone. What are you doing to make your community safer? Are you voluteering or donating money? Or are you just sitting there making up ficticious prostitution rings in your spare time? If you are doing anything, which I doubt, it would never compare to the scale that Nancy Grace helps people. You have a lot of nerve saying Nancy Grace isn’t helping people when you make no effort to make this world better. Don’t get me wrong, I do not always agree with her but at least she tries! It makes me laugh when people come out with their half baked theories about what really happened with no evidence whatsoever! You sound like you’re completely crazy! But I’m sure that’s not the first time you have heard that. Have a great day in la la land, short bus!

      • http://sfcnorris@yahoo.com LNorris

        Bunny I agree but – little Caylee was beginning to talk… shutting her up would have been the only way to keep their secret.

  • Joseph Blowe

    As ugly as that pathetic bytch is, I wouldn’t let her do me, even if she paid me a thousand bucks to do it! I’m afraid I would catch some bad diseases from that child killer!

  • Vicki

    I think we should just forget she ever existed. Saw previews of a movie about her life and I don’t plan on watching it. I can’t understand why she was found not guilty but we have to accept that. We all want to rage and vent about what happened to Caylee, that precious little girl, the true victim in this case. The only recourse we can take that will show Casey what little value she has is to not make her a celebrity, ignore any news article or any site that posts anything about her. Lets keep Caylee’s memory alive, not her mothers.

  • sue caskey

    I hope she get what her poor little daughter got , If she stays out in the public she will , it’s just a matter of time.

  • Paula

    I am just sitting and waiting till someone with some balls does what she did to that sweet little angel she murdered. Karma is a bitch and in time hers will come due!!!

  • Will

    It doesn’t matter because her being alive is a much more poignant punishment than death…but one day someone is going to kill her. Karma. It’s how it works.

  • dru

    I wonder if she was dining out with that sorry of excuse of a lawyer that was banging her? It must suck to be stuck in a house all day and not be able to go outside!!!

  • Ryan

    This day in age, that’s the best photo you can get? Please ….is this Bigfoot coverage.

  • JEAN

    someone nneds to hang her by the ankles and let her drip dry .

    • Scott Baryo

      we now have come to hanging those not guilty? I hope no one throws you under the bus for something you did not do

      • JANICE

        What rock have you been under?? you must be on the 2%list that still thinks she’s not guilty. Doesn’t take rocket science to know she did it.The jurors even said she did it but prosecutor didn’t show enough strong evidence.If you believe everyone that is found not guilty is not guilty you’re stupid and I feel sorry for you

        • dc

          It doesn’t matter what we think. she was found not guilty. thank God we live in a country where that means something.Thank God the law prevails over speculation and opinion.how many people have been mobbed and killed because of public opinion instead of fact? Jesus the Christ,the slaves, Joseph smith to name a few.We must respect our legal system and support it in its decisions regardless of our personal beliefs because we may find our selves in need of it one day.

          • patrick beety

            everyone seems to be angry at casey anthony and that may be justified but if all of you people want to be angry at someone be angry at the state and the prosecutors and investigators that presented this case to a jury. I personally believe that she did do it but even i wouldnt be able to convict on the evidence they presented at trial. these prosecutors were laughing during the trial, well who’s laughing now. enough said..

      • http://yahoo leon

        I’m so sorry that they had a very weak case against her. But I’m glad that here in the U.S. you are still innocent until (proven) guilty. But God is not mocked. If she is guilty I’m sure she will pay sooner or later. Right now the biggest crime is that idiot who took that blurry picture. Even the cheapest cell phone out there won’t take a blurry picture like that. Maybe he borrowed it from the U.F.O. hunters. They have a patent on blurry pictures.

        • Brenda

          she may not get punished here, but if (& I truly believe she did) she did kill her daughter, she still must face the Greatest Judge of all at the end of her days here on earth and she cannot hide the truth there!

  • James

    Hey Deja,what planet are you living on. I dont know of one person saying poor white girl..Nobody! Where are you getting that from?

  • freejean

    OJ was found not guilty because the jury was anti-LA police and concerned that another riot would break out, although that was probably thier second thought. As the old saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.” Look where OJ is now….me thinks Casey will find herself in prison again.

  • rob truitt

    She is a young white pretty female , does not suprise me that she was aquitted/forgivin. That had been a male , automatic death row.

    • http://yahoo leon

      Pretty???? Maybe after a twelve pack. She is a two bag woman. You put a bag over your head in case her bag breaks.

  • Jessi

    Notice she is hanging out with men, cuz No woman alive would be caught dead with that piece of dog waste. Some guys only care about one thing It don’t matter what she did. I just hope she don’t get pregnant again cuz we all saw what happened last time she had a baby and the guy left her.

  • Vicci

    Casey Anthony belongs in prison. What goes around comes around. She’ll get was she deserves sometime in her life.

  • http://McIntyreConsulting James L. McIntyre

    Nancy Grace is a DISGRACE. Caylee Marie Anthony was kidnapped and Zenaida is an alias. Body found in swamp is a blonde haired baby girl Doe who was murdered by a male athlete between the ages of 18-22 years old. Only baby teeth and clothing indicates an infant. Two baby girls in morgue and both were misidentified by often absent Dr. Garavaglia who will be going to prison for at least five for destruction of evidence i.e. the body in an unrelated homicide case.
    Caylee Marie Anthony now seven years old has been found very much alive. Nancy Grace has also wrongfully accused Patsy Ramsey for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey and that is also incorrect.

    • GrannaSAnne

      Your post is so bogus. There is NOTHING on the internet about Dr. G going to prison for anything. Get your facts straight. Lie after lie after lie…just like Casey Anthony’s lies.

      • John

        You are a complete and total IDIOT.

        • Out and About

          Hey Casey, glad you could stop by this thread!

      • http://yahoo Shady Lady

        A: There was no Nanny
        B: NO ONE waits 31 days to call the cops if their child goes missing. She probably never would have called herself. Her mom made the call.
        This must be a sarcastic post. Seriously…found alive? Who else did they find alive? Elvis and Tu Pac…Biggie Smalls? Get real man!!

      • http://yahoo anne

        james, are you smoking crack or just really stupid/ignorant? really? caylee is alive and well? if she was (bless her heart) it would make national news.

    • Natalie

      Whether or not casey killed her daughter we just don’t know but what we do know is that she didn’t report her daughter missing for 30 days and only got off on misdemeanors. That is a problem right there whether she did it or not.

      • Brenda

        whether or not she murdered that child (we all have our thoughts on it), if they had not asked for the death penalty, I think she would have been found guilty & why was she not charged with child neglect for not reporting her child missing for 31 days? That never made sense to me.

    • http://Yahoo.com Ingrid C. Meizner

      You are a retard too. Why is it that all the men just think she is good looking and give the baby-killer a pass. Are you guys for real? How would you really like to hook up with a sick fuck like she is and have her ruin her life. Just for a good lay? Really? Go for it but you’ll probably have to wait in line behind all of the other whacko men in front of you…

    • http://yahoo leon

      Where do I get some of that wacky weed you’re smoking? That’s real good s$%t.

  • bookster

    OJ ended up in prison. Casey will end up in prison. There is a higher authority.

    • mache

      well said!

  • john

    thats alanis morissette

  • Nancy Williams

    James L. McIntire (above post) is actually Casey Psycho Anthony. Cant you tell?

    • http://yahoo Shady Lady

      How bout they DON’T leave the murdering slut alone and make her life a living hell.

  • Robert Theron

    THIS is a news story? Really? Why don’t you brainluss idiuts leave her alone?

    • nlanterman@yahoo.com

      Are you sleeping with the bitch. She did it and we all know it. Child got in the way for her mother being the tramp she it.He should get the chair.

      • http://Yahoo jean calder

        George killed Cayley but the case didn’t include the family It only pertained to Casey. If you were in the same situation and there were 3 other people who could’ve done it, and you were the 1 who was accused ONLY do you think that it would be fair not to investigate everyone else? I don’t know her but I’, a Libra for Justice. Nancy Grace,Disgrace, everybody listened to her because they were lazy. Nancy never had All the facts, she was making the things up right from the very beginning. Dr Spitz and Casey’s atty knew that George did it but couldn’t say that because it was only to prove Casey Innocent Spitz said Casey wes set up

        • http://yahoo danny

          i agree with you jean.

        • Kkat

          Are you altered? You need to quit the pipe now before it permanently fries what is left of your brain. Quick!

    • Dena

      “brainluss idiut” ??

      • blane

        yes dena, we have a champion speller here in mr. theron.

  • Out and About

    You can take a girl out of the jail but you can’t change the fact that she’s a skanky pants.

  • curtis

    i would tap that shit….she sho is fine fo a baby killer!!!..juss kiddin….dont want that on my papers wenst i gets to heaven!…but what a waste of a fine ass white girlie!..

    • http://yahoo danny

      curtis. you really sound very stupid. stick to your black arses

  • http://yahoo leon

    Umm. looks like a blurry ufo photo to me. With all the cell phones that take great pictures, how do they always come up with these blurry photos.

  • Cathie

    I seen on the news that the investigators failed to check the google chrome search engine and only checked the internet explorer. When they discovered what was on the google chrome, there was no doubt of guilt, but it was too late because the verdict already was issued and the information was found after the fact by a private citizen with Freedom of Information Act. That witch killed her baby.

    • betsy

      Since there is “NEW” evidence (the google chrome search) would it be possible to retry the case?

      • Zoe

        That would be called Double Jeopardy. She was found ‘innocent’ for the first trial. She can’t be Trialed again for the same crime.

  • brandi

    everyone should leave her alone and let her be. Just Please NO ONE get the girl pregnant again!

  • http://yahoo Mark

    I think that if I seen her in a restaurant I would stab her over and over again instead of taking her picture in the name of justice for that little girl. Then I would request the same people for juriors and get aqitted also…

    • http://yahoo danny

      mark you are no better than she

      • watdafuuuu

        Mark is better. She murdered her own innocent and defenseless child – He described attacking a full-grown woman who could defend herself.

    • Linda

      Mark, let me know, I’ll join you…

  • T S

    We all have our opinions about Casey. However, she was acquitted in a court of law. If she intentionally or unintentionally caused her daughter’s death, we may never know. Casey knows. She will have to deal with whatever the truth is for the rest of her life. She has a right to move on with her life because our nation grants that right to her through a trial and judgement by her peers. Stop it already. I hope she can get out of the country and start again, get the counseling and help she needs, and learn from her mistakes. You may not like the verdict, but the verdict is what it is. NOTHING…including the execution of Casey will bring Kaylee back. Let God deal with Casey.

    • http://yahoo Mark

      You are an IDIOT !!!! Duct tape around the little girls wrists and over her mouth… COME ON !!! Get your head out of yor arse. Do you have children?

    • i banged your mom

      Get a life you d-bag. “She’ll have to live.with herself”. Someone should skullfugck your mother.

  • http://facebook eve

    i really dont believe a women who kills her daughter and lies about it has a conscience to even regret or think about what she did i still the justice system sucks badly it just let women all around the world know if your young and pretty a judge wont repramanned you for the murder of your child gosh . thats bitch gets to live while the poor little innocent girl had to loose her life and her loser crazy mother gets to live im pretty sure i voted on the the death peninalty.

  • don

    If you read Jose Baez’ book, the facts are presented forth: the child died in the swimming pool and the father, who had abused casey since age 8, disposed of the body.

    True, they should have simply called the police. There are secrets and mental problems in that family. IT was a bad decision, but casey anthony did not kill that child.

    The duct tape was a “staged” addition. The jury saw this evidence and it was proven.

    Having said this i dont think much of casey anthony, but quite frankly being abused by a parent can destroy a healthy mind and
    cause a reality break.

    She was also a skanky party girl, but hopefully she’s something else now.

    • mache

      It amazes me how many people in this world have no common sense!
      especially if you believe his story, or hers!!!

    • Linda

      Don, if you would have followed the case like many of us did, there would be no doubt in your mind that Casey did kill her baby, that she is a compulsive liar and none of the abuse happened and that this case was a disgrace to Florida law. The prosecutors aimed to high with such little evidence.

    • suesue

      The only justice for caylee is when Casey is found in a trash bag with duct tape over her mouth

      • marcella

        I second that!!

    • Laurie

      You’re as much of an idiot as Casey Anthony! If she didn’t kill her daughter, why were there internet serches on HER computer about “how to suffocate someone”? Why did her OWN MOTHER call the police and report an odor that smelled like a “dead body” coming from Casey’s car trunk? Why was she out partying when her daughter was supposedly missing? Why didn’t she report this to the police? She didn’t want the responsibility of being a parent and she KILLED her daughter!

  • Charlotte

    This skank is GUILTY, and she still looks happy and content, knowing that she killed that beautiful baby. I dont wanna hear how shes messed in the head, etc..cause she knew what she was doing, and she knows what she is doing as of today…so shes just a selfish , party girl, that didnt want the responsibility of a baby…

    • Michae;

      I am with you Charlotte! But what a court room could not do, Karma will take care of; I assure you she has multiple levels of hells to endure. Typical antisocial personality and born without a soul. This is just the beginning of her suffering.

  • Kkat

    My German mother puts it perfectly: God doesn’t pay often, but when he does, he pays good. (Imagine the German accent).

  • james

    What she most likely did was the murder of her own child.I think murder is wrong, but if you go by the worlds standards all she did was abort the child two years late.

    • e

      James your statement is ridiculous! Spend less time in church and more time in the real world. It may do you some good!

      • james

        im sorry if thats offensive that is not the intent she could have stopped life in the womb or stopped it at a later date looks like she chose the later date that simple happens everyday in the real world

  • Goldie

    Trials like hers make you wish it was still the days of the wild west, she would have been hung for all to see, perhaps even her father would have been hung beside her…and hardly a dime spent on the whole process.

  • http://yahoo Ursula Reed

    why do peoble just leave ger alone she is what she is but noone knows furesure if she killed her Baby no jutice has not been served but there might be another Hand in it only God Knows and whar goes arround comes arround we all know tha

  • http://Yahoo.com D. S.

    Please do not judge this woman. You are not God. You should pray that God forgives her and saves her from the fires of hell. You have no idea whether this was an accident or what. This woman will suffer for the rest of her life by what society puts her through. We need to pray that she turns to the Lord and becomes a rehabbed person in society.

    • Bob

      Someone you’d like to hang with? Will you feel that way if she murders again? Will you forgive her if she kills her next child? Wake Up!

    • James Marran

      IF you have the courage of your convictions – hire Casey (or someone with a similar history) to babysit your kids or grandkids.

  • http://josephineshaffer.com Josephine Shaffer

    Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering of her Caylee only if it would sink into those Distric attorney Biaz, and the other 2 head, and as for the juries the wrong people for that trial, and that so called judge Perry too. I still beleive is guilty as sin.

  • Sher

    No one knows for sure, but I can tell you that woman never showed an ounce of sadness, remorse, or anything a parent who had lost or “killed” their child would show!!!!! Nothing!!!

  • Bob

    I hope they puked, pissed, shit, and cleaned the floor with her food before serving. Bon Appetit!!!!! Amy, may you rot in hell

    • Charlotte


    • Ozzy

      Who’s Amy?

  • Charlotte

    Casey is an ugly horse . She should have her head sculpted to be a frontyard Gnome.

  • Becky

    Forty years ago my mother left me alone to die in the woods. She was forced to go get me before our family called the police on her. My older brother apparently died from SIDS. Later I was adopted by my loving grandparents and moved far away from her. This witch worked for the state of Washington where she later retired. I asked her if she left me in the woods she never denied it. I wanted to vomit when she celebrated Casey’s verdict. Lucky for me I have finally accepted she was never a mother. I am grateful to be alive. I do give her thanks for my life but I was born in 1972 one year before Roe vs. Wade.

    • mah

      kind of makes one wonder how your brother really died and what eles she’s done

  • Larry

    Her time will come, when she meets her maker. I hope real soon.

    • Were you there

      Larry, Leave Casey Anthony alone since you were not there at the time of the death/murder, you all can can not really say what happened. the only thing thats evident is that her parents were more connected to her child and because she was not responsible because she was always partying. But that does not mean she is involved in the death of the child. The child could have drown accidentally under the parents care, and the mother covered it up, since she is a nurse. But knew that it would be blamed on Casey because of her reputation, although they knew it could never be proven that Casey did it. Remember they were only looking at Casey no one else, she is not that smart, only selfish, I feel sorry for her. The world could be judging her for the wrong reason.

      • Joy Ann

        What child drowns and then has duck tape placed over their mouth. You must be one whom served on her jury panel.

        • Tiffany

          I think she will get hers eventually. To the persons who say you were not there is must be family members or friends of the Juror or Defense Attorney. Its too bad we have a system is designed to fail our. God for bid she has another child, and shame on the man who will give her one. Hopefully she will get caught doing something like OJ Simpson did and get life! She can only not do well in society cuz she is human less and has no reguards for human life. Only God can judge now.

      • Chris Crocker

        Leave Casey Anthony alone right now and I mean it. She’s a human! All you people want is more, more more! Leave Casey alone. Anyone who has a problem with her, you deal with me. Leave Casey Anthony alone!!!

        • sarah

          you are a stupid piece of shit. the bitch KILLED HER BABY. i say BITCH SHOULD FUCKING DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • pinkbetsy

          oh wow, we have a casey Anthony fan. your sick!!!!!

        • mah

          sounds like someone is making threats here

  • betty

    Please do not give this person any press. You might think that would be giving her what she wants – that would be true if she were a normal person. But, since she isn’t, any attention is always welcome.

  • http://yahoo betty

    Please do not give this terrible woman any press! It is disgusting to have to see her.

  • Leslie

    She’s very brave to be out and about. I hope she gets what should come to her. Shame, shame, shame, on her for what she got away with. May her daughter rest in peace.

  • Atom

    That fucking bitch better go BACK into hiding! She doesn’t deserve a life!

  • donna raider

    I believe she killed her daughter. But she was not found guilty. She will stand in front of God someday. God knows. Then he will make the final judgement. So all I can say, it’s in God’s court now.

    • God

      My child, do not pass judgment among those who I have not judged yet.

  • Were you there

    Leave Casey Anthony alone since you were not there at the time of the death/murder, you all can can not really say say what happened. the only thing thats evident is that her parents were more connected to her child and because she was not responsible because she was always partying. But that does not mean she is involved in the death of the child. The child coukd have drown accidentally under the parents care, and the mother covered it up, since she is a nurse. But knew that it would be blamed on Casey because of her reputation, although they knew it could never be proven that Casey did it. Remember they were only looking at Casey no one else, she is not that smart, only selfish, I feel sorry for her. The world could be judging her for the wrong reason.

    • martha washington

      Were you there – Caylee is dead because enablers like you and her parents allowed her to grow up selfish and covered her mistakes. Shame on you. Whether she did it or not, she is still an unfit person, she needs to never have children again. She can’t take care of herself because everyone was doing it for her. Pathetic.

      • zara

        martha washington, I think you are the pathetic one. wipe the shame off your face before you start judging me as well. I meerly stated an opinion.Get a life and stop obsessing about people and things you dont know anthing about. Because when you meet God you will have to give an account. Yes I agree she had some serious issues, but that (may not) equate to murder, learn to read before you become anal.

    • Susan

      How do you know, Were you there? why did she tell some many lie’s. hard to forget about so many lie’s in regards to her child.

      • Susan

        I just don’t understand why would she tell some many lie’s every time her mouth would open she is telling a lie. I don’t know why she would wait so long to let and body know that her baby was missing. I don’t by the THE Story about the baby sitter.It’s to bad Casey had to drag ever body Down with her threw the bull crap and lies. I Hope you Rest in peace Baby caylee.

    • anthony burns

      Are you smoking banana peels??? Guilty people act guilty. She acted as guilty as Jerry Sandusky at a boyscout conference. Where do you people spawn from with your need to justify the murder of an innocent. She was SOOOO shocked when they called her innocent. Not even remotely confident. And she partied for a month when her daughter was at risk. GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!

  • Summer

    Two male companions? She trying to have another baby so she can murder it, too?

    I hope the next person to spot her is an armed vigilante.

  • christi

    what do i think? i think webpronews should get better editors…murder is written twice in one sentence…psssh gimme a break :/ ha!… Casey is my hero

  • http://orientalwishes.blogspot.com Cha Cha

    What brand of potato was used to take that picture? Seriously, everyone has a phone capable of better quality than that. I call BS.