Cara Delevingne On Runway Walk And Friendship Woes


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Cara Delevingne may be the current "It Girl" of the fashion world, but she has her struggles just like everyone else.

Though it’s part of the job, Cara recently admitted that it wasn’t easy for her to walk the runway in high heels.

Said Delevingne, "It took me so long to learn to walk in high heels it was a joke.”

Her experience has led her to offer some rather unconventional advice for girls struggling to strut.

“Someone told me...I can't remember who it was, 'Walk like you're having sex and like you've had loads of sex.'"

The unique tip sounds like model shorthand for walking with sexiness brought on by a ton of self-confidence.

Though Delevingne feels she’s gotten her trademark walk down to a science, she shared that there is something else that complicates her existence.

Apparently the 22-year-old has a hard time developing friendships with men.

During a recent Allure magazine interview Cara said, "I think it's harder to become friends with guys, because guys just want to have sex with you."

This goes to the heart of the belief that men and women can’t be friends because at some point one person will be sexually attracted to the other.

As such, Delevingne seems to prefers her wide circle of female friends.

She was recently spotted hanging out with rapper Nicki Minaj, and is also said to be close to Rita Ora, Rihanna, and Georgia May Jagger.

One woman who Cara Delevingne was not shy about singling out for guidance is fashion icon Kate Moss.

Delevingne is reported to have spoken to Moss “at length” about her modeling career.

As Kate is a veteran in the fashion world, Cara no doubt hopes to replicate her longevity.

The advice the 40-year-old model allegedly had to offer for sticking it out in fashion is somewhat sound: Stop worrying and enjoy yourself.

The fashion world is fickle and the "It Girls" of today are often the “Who?” girls of tomorrow.

Only through hard work and focus on developing one’s own unique brand can one hope to be popular beyond a few years (if that).

If Delevingne does follows Moss's example, she’ll be a household name for decades to come.