Candy Crowley Takes Heat For Fact-Checking

By: Amanda Crum - October 17, 2012

Candy Crowley, the second female moderator in the presidential debates, is taking some fire for becoming “an active part of the debate”, as alleged by New Hampshire governor John Sununu. Her comment to Governor Romney during the tense back-and-forth over the Libya attacks–in which she asserted that President Obama did, in fact, call it an act of terror the next day rather than two weeks later, as Romney insisted–has garnered disdain from the Republicans, who seem to think she was choosing sides.

“Both the moderator and the president were dead wrong on the Libya question,” Sununu said. “Candy was wrong. Candy had no business doing that … I think Candy Crowley decided she wanted to be an active part of the debate.”

However, Crowley was simply fact-checking, and did actually acknowledge to Romney that it did take fourteen days for some of the facts to come to light about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, which killed four people. Crowley says she was just doing her job, however.

“I was trying to move the conversation along. They got stuck on this,” she said. And on the topic of the Republicans who take issue with the way she moderated, she said, “I’m sorry they’re upset, but tomorrow they’ll be upset about something else, as will the Democrats.”

Indeed, both Romney and Obama barreled over one another several times during the debate, especially during heated topics. They both went over their given time limits and both talked over Crowley, who refused to be ignored. Often, she had to gently but firmly push them into the next topic or onto the next question from town hall audience members, reminding them several times that there was still a lot to be discussed. She says that she was unaware of a memo stating that “the moderator will not ask follow-up questions or comment on either the questions asked by the audience or the answers of the candidates” and says she was simply trying to move things along. Interjecting a fact-check was her way of putting an end to an escalating argument which was going nowhere.

The subject of Libya caused things to get especially tense on the floor. Obama said he “took offense” at Romney’s accusations that he hadn’t done everything in his power to keep the safety of his employees a top priority, especially considering he was close to those who lost their lives and mourned with their families after news of the attacks broke. However, Crowley says she didn’t feel the tension.

“There was a territorial imperative thing going on,” Crowley says. “But I didn’t feel the tension that everyone else seemed to feel.”

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  • pj durkin

    how dare candy crowley involve herself like she did, i am disgusted . I will never ever listen to a word this biased bitch says

    • Michael

      Your tears are delicious, some cheese with your whine?

      • JPO

        I like you; you make me raff. Obama is actually going to carry less than ten states and only because they are hard core liberals…like you. I feel kind of bad for you guys because your side is trying to keep up your morale and so they are not telling you about the Jimmy Carteresque size election disaster you are in for. You libs are not going to know what hit you come election night because no one warned you. They are kind of going to leave you holding the bag with egg on your faces. Romney will get around 400 or more electoral votes as well as a firm 50%+ majority of the popular vote. Obama may have made the libe feel good for a few hours but he failed miserably at his objective and they know it. The voters that mattered saw all they needed to see and that will spell landslide for Romney. So, you enjoy these last days, but you had better hang on to that cheese cause you are going to need it.

  • Steve

    She was dead wrong and admitted that she was completely incorrect and that the president was lying after the cameras were off.

  • Barry Dogeater

    Quick fact checks produce BAD political analysis. Crowley should be fired for participating in the debate as a biased party instead of being labled a “fat checker.”

    • yolanda

      Love it! I was upset of her too but you made me laugh. Thank you…it’s really funny.

  • Michael

    Lol, you know your guy lost when you attack the moderator. Obama ate Romney’s lunch. Glad your side has that disgusting slug Sununu working for you, you deserve him.

    • Casey

      It is sad when the moderator has to lie about facts to help one candidate. One candidate stands tall on his own and the other stands with the help of others or on others.

    • pkkenncor

      Oh Michael Michael Michael I don’t really care for either party but I can say this Obambam is a Muslim slug who is turning this country into a sespool… I only care about the last four years and he has to take credit for his own mistakes and he doesn’t know how……Sick of the “BLAIME” game….