Cancer Treatment Kevetrin Begins Clinical Trials

    October 8, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Today the Cellceutix Corporation announced that its new anti-cancer drug candidate Kevetrin will soon be entering clinical trials at the Harvard Cancer Center’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Cellceutix is a biopharmaceutical company focused on small molecule drugs for the treatment of “unmet” medical conditions, such as drug-resistant cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Kevetrin is Cellceutix’s name for the compound Thioureidobutyronitrile. The Cellceutix website states that the drug activates the “guardian angel gene” p53, which plays a role in controlling cell mutations. P53, in more than 50% of all human carcinomas, is limited in its ability to fight tumors by mutations. The company states that animal model experiments in drug-resistant cancers have been “excellent.”

The Harvard Cancer Center is now ready to begin recruiting patients who have refractory solid tumors for the trial. The trial is a Phase I trial, meaning testing is at a very early stage. These clinical trials wil look at pharmacokinetics (what the human body does with the drug), pharmacodynamics (what the drug does to the body), tolerance, safety, and the maximum tolerated dose for the drug. About 40 patients will be enrolled for the “dose escalation” part of the study, with the possibility of up to 12 more being recruited for dosage saftey and pharmacodynamics testing.

  • Abdullah

    My brother is having braintumer it was operated on 17 of march after 3 month he recive radiothreapy 31 session compleated know he is taking chemo stelll there is inhancement the tumer is medulablastoma is any other treatment please informe me my family become upset

    • http://yahoo Mark

      Addullah, do some searching on Dr.Berzinski in TX. He’s NOT cheap but he’s curing people in his private clinic.

  • Destin

    I wish I still had my grandpa. He died from liver cancer 3 weeks ago… :(

    • http://yahoo Mark

      I’m so sorry Destin. Damn that’s sad. My condolences.

  • Luke

    So even if this works we still have to wait years and years for it to become available? This does nothing for the people that need it right now.

  • watchitgo

    I have to vent as our extended family has lost an amazing person to Non-Hodkins Lymphoma! After treatments for 4 years, remissions and out of remission, from one coast to the other, our family member passed this weekend. NHL is supposed to be the “better one to have” if you have cancer. We watched and waited through chemo, radiation, stem cells twice, and a new trial treatment with sibling stem cells. We all know that trillions of dollars are spent every year on research and testing, trials and then human trials. I don’t understand with technology and the brilliant scientists, etc. Why are there not better outcomes? Our family member was healthy before, active, no smoking or excess alchol, mid 30’s and should have been able to fight it off, but not so. I am quite sure there are millions of families that been struck by this terror. The money is there, why is it not bringing us results?

  • Ted

    No, when this works this can be fast tracked to be used without a phase II/III. This is it.