Camille Grammer: Most Hated Housewife Calls it Quits

By: Heather Campobello - March 26, 2012

Camille Grammer has decided that she wants to keep her personal life private and is going to give up her reality television lifestyle.

Besides, Camille has already proved that she can be successful as a dancer, model, actress, and producer and writer for Grammnet Productions, which is owned by her soon-to-be ex-husband Kelsey.

Camille stands to be awarded over $50million in her divorce. If you were about to get a big payoff would you want to put up with the drama from the obnoxious crones of Beverly Hills?

In the past, Camille hosted a dinner party and dared to point out that she had recognized that one of her guests, Faye Resnick, was a Playboy Playmate. The other housewives felt that their hostess had stepped out of her bounds and criticized her for calling the adult model, “the morally corrupt Resnick.”

It is clear that Camille preferred to stick to her moral high ground and resist associating with people for publicity’s sake. Her pride has also led her to be renowned as the most hated housewife.

Her ex-husband was so classy that he told his wife he wanted a divorce over the phone. No wonder she says she doesn’t love him anymore.

Good luck with your divorce Camille. Hopefully your next beau is a little more sensitive.

Her Twitter fans are also cheering for Camille and her new life:

Congrats to @TheRealCamilleG Seen in a Vegas Nightclub: Dating a younger guy has Camille Grammer acting like a kid… 2 days ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Can we still get cameo from her e-cigarette-smoking psychic friend? MT @vulture
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  • Joanne Salvado

    Too bad Camille. You were becoming one of the most believable housewives on all the “Housewives” shows. Please reconsider!!!!

  • Fran

    She’s so fake. Clearly was fired and is now backpedaling. She’s acting like she wouldn’t expose her boyfriend and children and it’s apparent producers just didn’t want her, which is no surprise given what a crock her behavior was all of season 2 (running away from cameras? LOL).