Call of Duty Elite Not Working? Hey, Here’s a Free Month of Premium

Elite team blames server overload, promises speedy fix

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Call of Duty Elite Not Working?  Hey, Here’s a Free Month of Premium
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UPDATE: Elite service still seems to be intermittent for many users, who are reporting a wide variety of problems. They are taking to Elite’s Twitter account to post their issues.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Modern Warfare 3 has been out for a few days now, and it looks like, for the most part – so far so good. It’s received nearly unanimous acclaim from critics and has broken all kinds of sales records by taking in $400 million on launch day. So apart from Battlefield players spamming review sites with negative reviews, it looks like Modern Warfare 3 is going to be one in a long line of commercial successes for the Call of Duty franchise.

The only problem is with the Modern Warfare 3 companion service, Call of Duty Elite. The service, which is basically a social network for COD gamers, allows players to track stats, share recorded match videos, and find players with their interests and skill level for matchmaking.

But if you’ve tried to access the service over the past few days, you know that it’s not really working. And the users that are able to register their accounts are finding that there are some serious flaws with the stat tracking and other services.

Personally, I’ve been unable to connect at all. The one time that I was able to register my account and link my gamertag, I was instructed to log back in and Elite said that my username did not exist. Since that time, I’ve been unable to sign in at all.

Apparently I’m not alone in having issues, and the Elite team posted an explanation to the Elite status page:

At launch, our registration and login systems were crushed by gamers trying to enter the Elite site at the same time. We have now fixed the registration and login systems, but we have found that the greater than expected demand is crashing servers. We’re immediately deploying multiple additional servers to beef up the system. We are also going to temporarily limit access to Elite services on both the console applications and website while we build additional capacity and scale. We’ll look to increase access to greater numbers of users as soon as possible.

They also promise premium subscribers an additional month of the service free of charge, and they will extend the “founder eligibility” where new members can sign up for premium by one month.

As of right now, the service indicator reports intermittent service.

Have you been having problems with Call of Duty Elite? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s the full statement:

Since Tuesday’s launch, Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer has been working great. In fact, the amount of players online is even higher than what it was this time last year for Black Ops. Have fun — we hope you continue to enjoy MW3 to the fullest.

However, on Call of Duty Elite, we are having trouble scaling the service to meet demand. Many of you are trying to get in and unfortunately, you can’t right now. You’re frustrated, we know it, and we know we need to fix it. Our teams have been working non-stop to identify issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. Again, these issues have no impact on the performance of the game.

We want to share with you what we know at this time and what we are doing:

At launch, our registration and login systems were crushed by gamers trying to enter the Elite site at the same time. We have now fixed the registration and login systems, but we have found that the greater than expected demand is crashing servers. We’re immediately deploying multiple additional servers to beef up the system. We are also going to temporarily limit access to Elite services on both the console applications and website while we build additional capacity and scale. We’ll look to increase access to greater numbers of users as soon as possible.

As more users log into the Elite system, you may find that the wait to get into Elite is longer than you expect. We know how frustrating that is and we appreciate your patience. Many of you are now able to see your player card and stats, but if you don’t see all your recent matches or career summary, don’t worry — your gameplay data for your entire careers in both Black Ops and MW3 is safely stored, and it will all be available to you once these issues are resolved.

And for our premium members who are Founders, know that granting your status and delivering your in-game benefits in MW3 is a priority. Also, to ensure that every premium member receives their full money’s worth, we are immediately and automatically extending your membership to Call of Duty Elite by 30 days at no additional cost. If you’re still considering becoming a premium member, we’re going to extend Founder eligibility until the end of the month, and you will also receive the additional 30 days of access.

Call of Duty Elite Not Working? Hey, Here’s a Free Month of Premium
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  • Jeremy Angelo

    hey mine keeps saying servors are down need to reconnect

  • Travis Stoner

    I put the code in for prepaid 1yr subscription of call of duty elite. it says on xbox.com i have call of duty elite premium but on callofduty.com it says i need to upgrade for $50. i linked my account and it still says to upgrade me xbox live account.

    • EKaufee

      same here!

    • Mummeboy

      me too but im on ps3

  • http://na Rob Allen

    I bought the Hardened edition, and I have to say, although the game is good, I don’t think the benefits are justified in the cost, from £45 to £89??? The fact that I’ve not been able to get onto Elite is not helping matters since I don’t really know what I’m missing out on!!

    I’m getting a bit sick these days of developers releasing games onto disc without them actually being finnished yet, I don’t think enough research has went into preparing for the amount of users on Elite. To be honest I am easily addicted to Call of Duty, but I think technically BF3 is the better game. Call of duty is always the more expensive of the two and they must be raking it in, yet EA have online servers. It seems that a game of Call of Duty online is too easily swayed by any of the internet connections of the people who play it, games drop, they try to find a new host, it’s appalling really. With all that in mind, I’m the idiot who bought the hardened edition.

    • ryan mofukin paez

      fkn right my fault for buying but just like with other things im “addicted” to you just get a bad batch sometimes

    • green

      How is this game not finished yet ? It says above their server’s have been overloaded because so many people have been trying to login to elite. We’re getting an extra month free how can people moan about this it’s like a weeks delay to the service and your being compensated for their mistake.

      Also only after the 12 months will you know if you have got your moneys worth, it’s like buying a membership to a jym it’s only worth it if you use the facilities/content on offer.

      • Mohair Wooly

        If i purchase a gym membership, i expect the place to be open so that i may benefit from money spent.

        • green

          Yeah so would I but unexpected things happen in life. So if a company can’t provide a service for what ever reason ( technical issues, power cut, building work, natural disaster ect) then the only thing they can do is compinsate the customers which COD have done with an extra free month. So I don’t really see the problem your gona get what you paid for it’s just gona take a bit longer thats all.

  • joshua esparza

    Good afternoon,
    I understand that service is intermittent, however; when I try to gain access the only thing that pops up is “Error” is this the same meaning as the service being “intermittent”

  • matt

    So when exactly are we going to be able to get our founder gun camo etc.?

  • Ben

    I better not run into any issues when this matter is resolved. I just purchased my Elite (49.99) for the year and am very pissed that this issues is still not fixed!


    I purchased elite through the playstation store after I purchased the game on PS3. Little did I know about it not working. I was never able to register or log in, I simply didn’t even know if I purchased it or not. There was no confirmation or anything but they did w/drawl the $49.99 already out of my bank. This sucks

  • Connor

    It says im not even eligible

  • john

    how do iget my free mounth and when will the problem be fixed

  • http://www.tcgamefest.com Matt McMillan

    I have had the opportunity to Beta test CoD Elite. I was totally blown away by how integrated it was with CoD. While I am a little annoyed myself at not being able to log in right away, I am happy to be patient as I will be able to confirm my Founder status thanks to the extension to to the deadline.

    Also, while it is annoying for us users you have to look at two positive things going for them: 1) They apologized right away and offered a remedy, and 2) if there are this many users, you know that they are going to create an even better platform for us. I can assure those of you who haven’t had a chance to check it out, Elite is fantastic!

  • Ryan

    I did something and was able to get some access, so this may help these people who aren’t sure if they have been registered or not
    -try to log in on internet on www.callofduty.com/elite (top right corner)
    -white screen came up and said ‘error’ in corner
    -go back on to callofduty.com/elite
    -and in top corner it looked like i was logged in so clicked on ‘profile’ and got me o an overview of my acc with stats on how far completed i had done MW3

    • nw

      does work but doesn’t show a whole lot

  • http://n/a jonathan

    i am jonathan and i am 18 going on 19. i have recently registered my cod elite account and linked my xbox gt and when i go onto elite my account is not elegable. if you know anything about this can you email me as soon as possiblae about this please. there are many other people this happens to as well.

  • TeqTonic

    i carnt get premium i have the code but i carnt upgrade when i click it it dies nothing

  • Jordan

    I pre-ordered the Hardend edition of MW3 and got the Premium code with all the “Founder” extras. I went on the website and linked my GT and could not access Elite and when i try to access Elite through my xbox it says “This account is not eligible to sign up for Call of Duty Elite” Its getting annoying and ive been trying everyday hopeing it will finally work…But still nothing.

  • stuart

    I have purchased call of duty mw3 and bought elite off of the playstation network installed the console app and registered my account but it just seems like i have paid £35 for an application.
    There is nothing to suggesst or confirm even via email that i have founder status or have it activated.

    Is anyone else having issues?
    I have nothing to support saying if i have it all activated properly.
    PLease can anyone help?


  • Marli Mcinerney

    I Need Help?
    I have purchased Call Of Duty MW3 Hardened Edition and Activated the founders one year membership, but when I try access it on both the internet and Xbox I’m having trouble with it, saying my account is not eligible.

    If you could answer me problem I’d be very happy, because at this moment and time I feel I have been robbed for my money and I am not get the full experience that was promised.

  • Hallzee

    I bought the game and service yesterday for the PS3 platform. I have not been able to get the elite service to work either on the console application and or the website. I am frustrated that they did not expect the massive usage that occurred. To me, it is just a sign of trying to take the cheap way out and not beefing up servers and or systems to prepare for the real event.

  • nw

    what a crock from activision. I mean We’re SORRY we only made 400 MILLION on launch day but we cant be prepared for all of you! I am still receiving an error code to activate my Elite account. I am missing out on my double points (you know a large majority of XP points are achieved at the beginning of playing) A free month and an extension on founder status is not very much. How bout if it is still recording or progress take the best 2 hours of in game XP that we have had and add it to out account and still allow us the 2 hour bonus XP play time. Or use some of that 400 Million and design us founders a lil extra mini game that is only exclusive to us (don’t offer for purchase to standard members). Get your ACT together ACTivision.

  • http://www.ladieshandbagheaven.com/ ken

    The service, which is basically a social network for COD gamers, allows players to track stats, share recorded match videos, and find players with their interests and skill level for matchmaking. Yeah, it is of good services.

  • Nick Harper

    i bought the Call of Duty Elite DLC at GameStop the other day and i came home and redeemed my code on my playstation and i downloaded the Elite application and i got on it and i cant create a clan or anything . it says im not a premium member .

    • Jose

      Im having that same problem, i bought the hardened edition for ps3, entered the card number, downloaded the app and was able to log in but show a red skull instead of green, & wen i logged in on my pc it said to upggrade for premium. So my question is do i have to purchase premiuim evn tho i bought the hardened edt??

  • OptimistRhyme

    Its so frustrating. I paid £70 for the hardened edition and then for Elite to not even work is crazy. They’re obviously absolute idiots, Activision can estimate the amount of users from pre-orders and previous sales figures and there still unable to prepare enough servers to allow the community you use the service.

  • Tyler

    OptimistRyhme you’re retarded. Have you not read that they are giving an extra month out? And yes they knew the preorders, but you cant estimate how people will buy it that morning.

    • HR

      Yes you can by history, science, and maths.

      evidently humans cannot have a team coexistingly working on the companies marketing & internet services.

      absolutely ludicris.

      if you walked into a pub and the barmen said “sorry we cannot serve you tonight as we had too many people in and all the barrels have emptied” you wouldn’t stand for it? if another night passes and you walk in to that same pub and still no drink…what is a man like yourself to do? drink from the well?

      same agenda here. MW3 > elite service > users. they all have to work to create service. Basic psychics.

      • CremeEgg

        Take this from someone that both has prior experience in the MMO/Gaming Industry and is a Data Centre Consultant.

        It is almost impossible to correctly scale services to meet demand for 90% of titles launched, regardless of the history of the franchise, the number of pre-orders or beta testing of the service/systems.

        If you look historically at almost every MMORPG (WoW, LotR, GW, Conan etc), they have always had capacity problems on launch of the game or even at lauch of expansions. WoW for example struggles at the launch of any expansion, yet they have the last 7 years worth of concurrency figures and peak/average usage, server loads etc etc etc.

        Now that also leads on to an interesting point because Blizzard and Activision are kind of one and the same, there was some kind of merger back some time ago. So not only do they have the history of previous CoD titles, they have the experience of the entire WoW teams to fall back on if needed. This just shows how hard it is to design a system or systems that will scale linearly with concurrent numbers of users.

        It can’t be done right first time or you would always end up over capacity, the initial spike of interest mostly dies down over the first few weeks and then you can work out a steady workload and fine tune the systems.

        As for it being fit for purpose, I think you’ll find almost all online services are exempt from those types of acts/laws due to the unpredictable nature of technology and the internet. By rights they don’t even have to give out the extra free month, so I’d quit moaning.

  • HR

    “we are having trouble scaling the service to meet demand.”

    This is why humans will never enter anything technologically new rationally. They never think of all the possibilities.

    Now I was crap at science at school, you learn shit there anyway. However, even I could work out that servers need to be dedicated for a start, big enough for the bandwidth you will take in and i could also speculate the numbers of online users and cod elite users just by their history.

    Why didn’t someone do this?

    simple maths > possibilty > probability > rational equations.

    2.5million users bought mw2 on launch day, 800,000 users played online
    3.1 million users bought black ops, 1.5 million users played online

    A new title on this franchise might project an increase amount of users.

    It is probable that users will reach 3million online on first day.


    So to combat this you need to meet demand.

    That quote is a sad excuse. Why don’t humans think of every possibility?

    Now, I have bought a 79.99 game with free year service of elite. Of which you can predict at least 3.5 million people will use (out of the 25million user fanbase). It is unusable. So now its a con and under the legal act of ‘misuse and descriptions’ act 1973 in uk.

    Thus, i can sue activision, theroretically and get a piece of that 400million dollars they fraudly put upon us.

    • D

      No dumbass you cannot sue, if the servers for multiplayer went down permanetly you could do nothing about it not even get your money back

  • jexter

    well they can stick this elite crap and microsoft can just give me back my 4000 microsoft points. if i buy a car for £4000 i dont want to get down the road find iv got no breaks and as for a free month how about a weeks bouble Xp……

  • Nick

    Well Im just glad I havent shelled out the money for this yet. And wont do until I’m 100% sure it works effectively. Its a great idea though, but surely they could have predicted how big this game would be, COD has attracted SO many new players since MW2 so its not rocket science.

    Sure I havent paid for the service yet (thankfully) and I guess that means i shouldnt moan, but when they advertise something and plug it so much, for it then not to work is just poor.

    For the record I got in via the Xbox app a couple of times, but it didnt have anything, no stats, clans etc. Today I have tried getting in via my PC and it says the site is too busy, try again later.


  • chase cooney

    I want elite but no.I hate it so I think make your own clan we can make a contest to show how much elite is robbing us or maybe just me so i want awnsers.we put them in the dirt they got nothing the elite is making frustrated

  • Malcolm

    Hey sup people, i bought elite & have the app on my ps3 my situation is a bit different, everytime i try to log-on it gives me the stupid agreement thing over & over. Then once in awhile it says error and retry. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Jose

      Yea i experienced that a couple times, but eventually i was able to log in… This is all due to the same issue

  • Krawler

    I think that if this isn’t resolved that we should be able to ask for a refund on our credit card , points or bank account .if you bought something at a store and was defective I would return it and look for something else. It is bullshit that after what happened in the spring with playstation network that Sony would make sure that every company affiliated with them could deliver a service paid by their users. Utter garbage on Sony and activation part.

  • Krawler

    I don’t care about a free month either . When I pay for a service I should be able to use it. Give me back my money . Elite looked like a great compliment to the game but it isn’t worth paying for and I regret paying for it now. I Want My Money Back

  • dave

    I have had the same problem since beta put in my log in details (correctly mind you) they say that the password or email is wrong so i proceed to get a email sent with me password in it and said email says “forgot your password, these things happen this is your password.. ” and then its blank!

    I feel this is a total slap in the face to any long term cod player who paid for a premium service. I when i buy something i expect it to work on day one not week 2 week 3 etc.

    really would like to see something more then oh we will give you a free month of a service that we cant even seem to run properly.

    how could they not know that the servers would be getting so much use ARE YOU SERIOUS you got 3 million pre orders in Australia alone.

    its becoming ridiculous just how money hungry activition and infinity ward has become. what ever happened to quality and customer service I sat waiting for a customer service rep to via Im for over an hour yesterday and got NO help what so ever.


  • dakota


  • KelISAwesome

    That is true that battlefield players are spamming the hell out of the review websites with bad reviews, but its a good game to the loyal cod player. With that being said, I’ve been able to register and do the email confirmation. They gave me free two hours of Double XP time and an exclusive title and emblem, unfortunately, I havent been able to get onto the elite website to check my stats yet

  • GoldenTrojan99

    im still having trouble logging in at all. i bought premium and am afraid i won’t make it in time as founder status. If this happens, I’ll totally be P-O’d….

  • Josh

    I bought the premium and since launch have tried to get on and error everytime. I want my subscription cancelled and money back! Im not going to make founder status, havent recived any elite extras, nothing. This was a waste of fifty bucks.

  • Robert Mota

    I have been having problems though out the week from signing in into not being able to collect my founder status. When would the site be up and running


    I’ve had a problem i try going to call of duty elite and it says server disconnected were working on it.

  • Josh

    Isn’t it kinda stupid that they know their shit cant handle the traffic and customers are not getting what they pay for, but they continue to advertise and let people pay 49.99 to get access to nothing? At least make sure people know that elite isn’t working, before instead of after they pay for it.

  • aSniperToaT

    I was able to link my gamertag once and since then i haven’t been able to connect at all.. On my 360 or on the COD Elite site.

  • jason

    No mention of the clan buttons missing in elite. How do i register a clan? How do i join a clan if nobody can register a clan? Seriously at the next E3 when some big developer brags about how good their game is going to be, ask them how good is the network that backs the game up….not the game itself…but its foundation….is it solid??? MW3 has a glitzy front but a weak foundation….nobody’s impressed with youre disfunctional package, and the game itself…!!! Well let’s just say the developers made a better black ops and called it mw3. Where’s the feel? where’s the accuracy? where’s the simple-hard-to-hide-maps and sharp gameplay that infinityward displayed was possible with cod4?….gone….spray and pray and no-scopeing bullshit is all that’s left. a real warfare game is what we want.

  • Chris Lo

    You guys are a bunch of effing crybabies specifically Josh, GoldenTrojan99, & Dakota. So what! I paid the week before launch! It’s roughly only 96 cents a week any way! So, what money have you lost if they’re going to give you an extra month!? FYI: You don’t “make” Founders status idiots! It goes by what date you paid and I guess you didn’t read the part about Founders status being extended for a month. Put down the games and pick up a damn book! Get a real life before you complain about the imperfections of a simulated one! You guys sound like kids!

  • jason

    Chris Lo……..would you be happy then if i sold you a brand new car with no steering wheel and other various parts missing? Then when you find out you can’t drive it i compensate you with a free months worth of petrol. happy now?

    • dalton

      buts its not a car….its just a website that you can live without for another week. calm your tits and go rank up in mw3. Go.

      • jason

        I am very calm….and you failed to understand my point….think again.

        • John S

          dont get your panties in a ruffle its just video games

  • Jon Min

    hi i am having massive troubles loggin into this bit of mod 3.

  • bailey

    ya i have same issue

  • mike

    TBH i liked mw1 loved mw2 a little bit dissapointed in mw3 it seems to be a copy and paste job they got guns from mw1 mw2 and for unknown reasons black ops i liked the old way to getting camos for the guns like headshots and i liked putting my skill to the test by ending the game with a very big bang but the highest killstreat is 18 and thats basiclly a chopper gunner witch is 11 on mw2. i think mw2 was nouthing but a pure fluke and ativsion sledgehammer should NEVER have anything to do with this game coz they went and fuking killed it thanks for that (Y) as of elite i dont understand why people pay ? halo does the EXACT same thing with ” halo waypoint yer you cant reg clans on it but thats what MLG.COM is for :P

  • madison (mx439)

    In my opinion, MW3’s multiplayer is the best since COD: 4. Elite however is retarded. I’m 15, I payed my $50 for founder status, I activated my code, and I can’t even get in it. It says “this account is not eligible for Elite.” It basically took my elite, my money, and my founder status all because I’m “not old enough.” Yea. I’m old enough to get the money to buy it. I’m old enough for MW3. But I’m not old enough for Stats. It’s freakin stats. What the heck? I want my refund.

    • will

      Actually being a mature rated game your not old enough to buy the game (18+)

    • Lukynumba7

      Actually, you have to be 17 to buy MW3, but it doesn’t help in your case. You also probably should have read some of the requirements. It’s mostly your fault, sorry to let you know :(

      • madison (mx439)

        I have COD 4, MW2, MW3, Black Ops, and World at War. I’ve been playing M rated games since I was twelve. You can get these games with parent permission. Elite is malevolent for taking my money. I called customer support and they told me “we are sorry for your inconvenience, your age shouldn’t keep you from your Founder Status. Our servers are down. Once we fix the server, we will fix the age problem.” Don’t troll me for being fifteen. I may be fifteen but I am in college. I am not an immature gamer. I am a very sportsmanlike gamer. I don’t talk junk, instead, I call out enemy locations. Don’t troll me. Sorry for ranting.

  • lane

    i keep having the problem where it gives me a server error im just mad that they didn’t expect such a huge flow of traffic for the cod elite website when it launched

  • christopher brown

    i got COD MW3 the campaign mode is to short managed to complete that in over 4 hrs on Veteran that was disappointing !! how ever online multi player seems to be good ( wont go as far as saying GREAT ) due to the ELITE part of it not working i signed up to the ELITE confirmed my account by mail and it says i was unable to play due to server issues i fell like i have been cheated out of 45 GBP as i am unable to do what i paid for :( i fell sad !!!!

  • Mike Daivid

    Lol my error says extremely high user volume

  • John S

    My first time on ELite since confirming my email. Im trying to look for a video of an earlier match. [(Are recordings included in the free elite package?)] Anyways, it froze my whole system so I restarted it. Now it says there’s no MW3 data found with my account. Im quite angered. Rawr

  • John

    I bought the membership at Gamestop and game me the code to redeem it, but when I try to redeem it it says ‘error’ SMH!!

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