Buccaneers New Logo Revealed Last Night

    February 21, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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Yesterday we covered an announcement by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about the team changing their helmets and logo, and last night fans saw the big reveal.

Some may have thought the Buccaneers would have changed their helmet and logo completely, which would have surely caused some sort of debate between the folks who hold on to tradition, and the folks who welcome change and new ideas.

But in actuality the Buccaneers just made a few tweaks and kept the colors and the logo the same, however everything now looks more pronounced.

As most know, the original helmet had a red flag with a skeleton, two swords and a football, and looked like it should of been a flag whipping around on a pirate ship somewhere, and the logo itself only covered a small portion of the helmet.

However, the new logo covers just about the entire helmet and the skull was made about three times bigger, so now, the red flag, the mean looking skeleton dude and everything else stands out much clearer. Plus, it gives the team a much more frightening look.

This is the first time the Buccaneers have changed their logo and helmet since 1996 and team co-chairman Edward Glazer said looking a little more fierce was the whole point of changing the logo, and the facemasks the helmets have will protect the team better.

“This is an exciting day for the entire Buccaneers organization as we begin the process of introducing our new look by revealing an enhanced logo and new helmet design,” said Glazer.

“The enhanced logo is much larger and portrays a more intimidating presence, while the chrome facemask is the first used by an NFL team. This is the first alteration to our logo and helmet since the previous re-design 17 years ago and we believe it sets the stage for our transition in this new, exciting era of Buccaneers football.”

Image via Twitter

  • pcontiman

    chrome…in your face….in the sun….is that a good idea…?

    • Brandon

      Man I hope they get blinded mid game wearing these (temporarily sun blind). That would be awesome. “Coach, I couldn’t see the ball in the air! I was blinded by the chrome!”

  • The fan

    They are still gonna stink. Making your logo bigger than it was doesn’t exactly constitute a new logo–all this hype they put behind it, I want to know if they have made some roster/coaching changes that will ensure a playoff run next season…

  • Should have not Should of

    “…and looked like it should of been a flag whipping around on a pirate ship somewhere….” Should of? Seriously, should OF?

  • http://www.shredderzshop.com Shredderz Skate Shop

    I’m really disappointed in it..it’s the same exact logo! I was really hoping for the old school pirate not a “more menacing” skull! Weak attempt on trying to bring people to the games…epic failure!!!