Bruce Springsteen Mocks "Bridgegate" On Fallon

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Bruce Springsteen is often the celebrity one thinks of when New Jersey comes to mind; he's made the state famous over the years with his anthems, and Governor Chris Christie really digs him. So much so that he's been called "weirdly obsessed" when it comes to The Boss. Unfortunately for Christie, the "Bridgegate" scandal has reached his idol.

Springsteen appeared on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday and did a performance of "Born To Run" that had some alternate lyrics.

"Man, I really gotta take a leak/But I can't/ Because I'm stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam," Springsteen sang.

Christie has been at the center of at least two scandals since last week, when emails from one of his staffers were released showing she had arranged for several lanes of traffic to be closed down between the George Washington Bridge and the town of Fort Lee last September as revenge on the mayor for not backing Christie for re-election. The aide, Bridget Anne Kelly, was promptly fired once news got out, and Christie maintains he had no knowledge of the lane closings. The traffic headaches the closings caused were just the beginning; it was reported that at least four medical emergencies were impacted due to traffic jams, and one 91-year old woman died when EMS crews couldn't reach her in time.

Christie's involvement has been under close scrutiny, especially since the beginning of this week, when a photo was leaked that showed him standing with David Wildstein--an appointee for the Port Authority who would have been in charge of closing the lanes--on the anniversary of 9/11 after he said he'd had no interaction with Wildstein since long before that.

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